The waterfall of Kvarnbyn Mölndal

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Kvarnbyn Mölndal

Kvarnbyn Mölndal

A waterfall running between houses, it is not your everyday sight. This spot had been on my wish list for a while. When I was in Sweden, visiting the West coast by car in May, this seemed like the perfect moment to drive to this unique place.

Mölndal is a 10-minute drive from the center of Gothenburg. Note: near the waterfall you have to pay to park your car! I found a parking spot quite quickly and let the sound of the waterfall guide me. Do not be fooled by the pictures. The waterfall is a lot smaller than you might think. The picture below – wide-framed – is perhaps more realistic 😉 Now on my wish list: go and watch the waterfall in winter time, when the waterfall is frozen.

Mölndal Kvarnbyn wide-framed


It is thanks to this waterfall in the Mölndal River that the area attracted industry (especially paper industry and weaving mills) and thus employment. We have been using hydropower since the Middle Ages. Just think of windmills and dams. In the past you found many wind and water mills here.

The industrial area is now largely deserted and apart from a unique City Museum that received a prize as the best in Europe and a few cafes, there is not much to do. Still the waterfalls are certainly worth a visit and a short stop if you are in the area.

Mölndal River

3 February 2019
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