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One of the best known addresses for a fika in Stockholm is Vetekatten. Vetekatten is located in Norrmalm, along Kungsgatan on the corner with Klara norra Kyrkogata. It is a fika hotspot with a long tradition (since 1928). You can buy both sweets and sandwiches to take away or sit down to enjoy a full fika experience.

This konditorie was on my ‘must visit’-list for a long time and after my first visit, Vetekatten got a spot on my ‘must-return’-list.

The grandeur of Vetekatten

Upon entering the konditori I was surprised by the size of the establishment. It is very spacious. Something you might not expect from the outside. The interior of Vetekatten has a certain grandeur. I love those modern minimalist coffee bars but the authentic interior of Vetekatten is a lovely change to all those similar looking trendy interiors.

It was Esther Nordhammar who started the konditori. At that time it was quite uncommon for a woman to start a business. Ester consciously chose for high quality. They say that, when she was asked for the name of the konditori she replies: Ja, det vete katten. Or: the cat knows.

Savory and sweet

I went straight to the counter where a tough choice was waiting for me. I had to choose from dozens of different pastries that all looked equally nice! Eventually I chose to take a kanelbulle for later that day, and I ate an ‘ivoire dome’ with white chocolate mousse and a raspberry on top.

 Vete Cats

I chose a quiet spot in one of the armchairs at the side and installed me with my book, the homemade lemonade and my pastry. The ‘ivoire dome’ didn’t only look very appetizing, it really was. I admit, it was not cheap, not even by Scandinavian standards but I enjoyed it intensely. Every bite was an intense experience for my taste buds. I guess I haven’t often enjoyed a pastry so consiously.

Besides the tasty fika you can also enjoy their homemade lemonade and light lunch dishes. Also for breakfast Vetekatten is a must. On Tuesday, they serve their famous afternoon tea, from 15:00. For only  175 kronor you can feast on a sumptuous buffet with sweets, coffee and tea included. Making a reservations is not necessary.

What is your favorite fika-spot in Stockholm? Or what pastry can you advise me for my next visit to Vetekatten?

27 November 2016
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