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Small shop from the old days: Hökeriet Lund

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Hökeriet Lund

Hökeriet in Lund is undoubtedly the most adorable little shop I have ever seen. It is part of Kulturen, which I wrote about earlier.

In Hökeriet you shop as it used to be – around the turn of the century (1900). On the shelves you can see packaging from that period. Nowadays you can buy local juices, jam and “karameller”. You can have a drink on the spot in the former Hökaren office. Definitely worth a visit!

History of Hökeriet in Lund

The yellow house on the corner of Sankt Annegatan and Tomegapsgatan was built around 1815. In 1898 Elisabeth and Jöns Larsson opened their shop E.H. Larsson Win- & Diverseaffär. The billboard is still hanging above the entrance of Hökeriet in Lund. Part of the current shop layout is also original from the Larssons. This was supplemented with items from another “hökeri” from Lund, namely this one from Anna Perssons in Norrtull.

In a hökeri you could mainly find food, but they also had sewing thread and snus in their offer. Some hökerier also sold home made meals that were especially popular with single men and students. A hökeri was also a little newsagent and you could have a drink there too.

In 1962 Kulturen bought the shop in Lund and brought Hökeriet back to the turn of the last century.

What can you see and do in Hökeriet today?

Nowadays you buy local products such as juice, jam and honey in Hökeriet. Popular there are the candies that they still pack in a kind of cone bag like in the old days.

You can also go for fika on the spot: the coffee is always waiting for you! As a sweet treat they serve waffles with whipped cream and jam and they also have a limited range of fikabröd.

Practical information

How to reach Hökeriet in Lund?

Hökeriet is within walking distance of Lund station. You will find the shop around the corner from Kulturen.

Address: S: t Annegatan 9, Lund

Opening hours

The shop is usually open on Saturdays and Sundays. Limited opening hours and deviations are possible. Volunteers keep Hökeriet open. Just like any other shop, admission is free, but buying something small or having a drink is certainly appreciated.

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Hökeriet Lund
11 April 2021

Sergels Torg, the beating heart of Stockholm

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Sergels Torg - Stockholm

“För vi ska bada nakna på Sergels Torg å leva livet utan sorg…” It was Samir & Viktor’s song in Melodifestivalen that first drew my attention to Sergels Torg. Especially because my godchild (at the time less than a year old) reacted quite enthusiastically to the song.

Going naked in the fountains of Sergels Torg was not an option in recent years. The square (torget in Swedish) underwent a thorough renovation. In my archives I found a photo of what it looked like before the works. When I was in Stockholm in January 2018, I saw the monument illuminated again for the first time. Opinions about the pillar are divided, but I am a fan. It is a recognizable point and Samir & Viktor and their “Bada Nakna” will probably also have something to do with it.

All roads lead to Sergels Torg

For a long time there were road works around Sergels Torg. Sergels Torg is a busy crossroad where major Stockholm roads converge. It can be a chaotic square and even as a pedestrian it sometimes takes a while, especially during the works, to orientate yourself. On one side, the square has 2 floors with a lot of shops (Sergelarkaden) downstairs where you can shop covered from the rain. On the other side is Kulturhuset, a gigantic cultural center.

Plattan - Sergels Torg

This square and especially Plattan, the part that you can see in the photo above with the white / black triangles, is the heart of Stockholm. After the attacks of April 7, 2017, people gathered here to commemorate the victims. Even after Avicii’s sudden death, Sergels Torg was the place where everyone gathered to commemorate Tim Bergling. Sergels Torg is also a gathering place at joyful moments. There often are open-air manifestations and events.

The monument of Sergels Torg

On the other side of the square you can see a huge fountain with the artwork Kristall, vertikal accent i glas och stål in the middle by Edvin Öhrström. The renovations took more than 2 years. The tower is 37.5 m high. LED lights have been incorporated into the artwork so it is beautifully lit at night. I only saw the orange and purple versions for now and was told that they can adjust the colors according to the seasons.

Sergels Torg by night

Practical information

Watch out for pickpockets and petty crime at the entrance of T-Centralen on Sergels Torg. This is the only place in Stockholm that I prefer to avoid at night. Although extra guards are deployed to keep an eye on the “gangs”, I always tend to walk a bit faster here in the evenings.

How do you reach Sergels Torg?

Sergels Torg is centrally located in Stockholm. If you leave the station via Klarabergsgatan, you will arrive at Sergels Torg, just past the intersection with Drottninggatan. Here on the corner you will also find the T-Centralen metro stop. The (provisional) starting stop of Tram 7 is also located here.

In the neighbourhood

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Sergels Torg Stockholm
22 January 2021

A guide to Djurgården

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It’s a real tradition. When I’m in Stockholm I usually go for a walk on Djurgården on Sundays. I walk along Strandvägen to this island and enjoy the view of the water. On Djurgården I take a different route every time. Somehow I always end up at Rosendals Trädgården. Yes, this is what a perfect Sunday looks like to me!


Djurgården is the second largest of Stockholm’s 14 islands and it is certainly the greenest island. In addition to lots of nature, you can also go here for culture. You will find many museums, ranging from Vasamuseet to the ABBA-museum. Amusement park lovers will enjoy themselves in Gröna Lund and the youngest will have a great time in Junibacken – the Astrid Lindgren museum – and Skansen , the open-air museum with children’s zoo.

Did you know that there are also about 800 people living on the island? A piece of cake compared to the 10 million visitors who come to the island every year. Many buildings, including the Djurgårdsbron, date from the Stockholm World’s Fair (1897).

The name Djurgården

Grasveld in Djurgården met zicht op de Kaknästörnet

In the past (1600) the royal hunting grounds were located here. This is how the island got its name Kungliga Djurgården.

The pronunciation of Djurgården often causes confusion among tourists. You pronounce it as ‘juurgoorden‘ but you hardly pronounce the ‘d’. So it almost sounds like ‘juurgoorn‘ to some people. Literally translated, this means ‘animal garden’.

Officially, the name of the island is Valdemarsön, but except for the derived Waldemarsudde, I had never heard of it before writing this article myself.

Some of the highlights of Djurgården

For me personally, the Vasa Museum and the ABBA Museum are 2 must visits. I have been to both museums several times and each time I was respectively impressed and came out in a good mood. I also visited Skansen several times. This open-air museum always has great events around Sankta Lucia, Christmas, midsummer,… Below I list all museums & attractions and restaurants/eating spots on Djurgården.

Museums & attractions on Djurgården

Wegwijzers op Djurgården

Other-sights-on Djurgården

  • Monument in memory of the victims of the Estonia disaster, a bit hidden behind the Vasa Museum.
  • Galärvarvskyrkogården, a cemetery where, among others, Stig Andersson (manager of ABBA) and Anders Franzén (who located the Vasa) are buried.
  • Villa Ekarne where Stig Andersson lived.
  • Daniel & Victoria’s Kärlekstigen, a walking path that the Crown Princess and her husband were given at their wedding in 2010.
  • Isbladskärret, the ideal place for bird watchers.
  • Walking (or hiking) around Djurgården – a tour of 10 km.
  • Canoeing at Sjöcaféet
Kanoën bij Sjöcaféet

Restaurants on Djurgården

Hotels on Djurgården

Already tested myself:

Other popular Djurgården hotels:

Djurgården practical

How to reach Djurgården?

I prefer to walk via Strandvägen, over Djurgårdsbron to Djurgården. You can also go to the island by bicycle or electric steps. If you prefer public transport, tram 7 is your best option. It is also nice to go by ferry from Slussen. You then also see Stockholm from the water. The transfer is included in the prices of public transport. Finally, the bus is also an option. The nearest metro stop is Karlaplan.

All articles about Djurgården

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Djurgården Stockholm
18 January 2021