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Tram 7 to Djurgården

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tram lijn 7 Djurgården

One of the nicest public transport routes in Stockholm (apart from the ferries) is tram line 7 to Djurgården. The line has recently been extended from the stop Klarabergsgatan at T-Centralen (the central station) to Waldemarsudde, the final stop at Djurgården.

There will be an extension of this line in the future and this in both directions (both to Kungsholmen and to Lidingö).

Lijn 7 Djurgården

Historical trams

The first trams in Stockholm were horse trams (1877). From 1946 most tram lines were replaced by the metro. Currently there are only about 5 tram lines left in the Stockholm area.

In addition to the regular trams that have been running on this line since August 21, 2010, there have also been additional rides with the historic trams between Norrmalmstorg and Waldemarsudde since 1991. This historic line 7N is good for a ride of approximately 3 km.

Historische trams lijn 7 Djurgården

Djurgårdslinjen is in charge of the tram rides with historic trams (line 7N). These trams run on Saturdays and Sundays from the third weekend from April to mid-December. They run daily in July and August.

The oldest tram is from 1910. The most recent is from 1954. You can find an overview of the trams here.

Café tram

Cafétram Djurgården Stockholm

You can also ride the Café tram at special times. In addition to hot and cold drinks, you can also order pastries like kanelbullar on this tram.

Tram 7 practical

During the corona pandemic, people are asked to avoid public transport as much as possible. The historic trams are still running, but you cannot ride along for the time being.

Tram 7 op Djurgården

For line 7, an regular ticket for public transport is sufficient. (Except for special rides). Plan your route and check the current timetable here. At busy times extra services are provided by line 7E.

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Tram 7 Djurgården Stockholm
12 January 2021

Does it snow in Stockholm?

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Sneeuwt het in Stockholm

Does it snow in Stockholm in winter? A question that has no simple answer. Let me put the question differently: does it snow in England in winter? Sometimes yes, sometimes not – I hear you. Well, that’s the way it is in Stockholm. Stockholm is of course a lot more north and the average temperature in the winter months is usually lower than in most of the UK. The lower temperature also increases the chance of snow.

ice skating Vasastaden

Does it snow in Stockholm? Yes, but not always

Yes, it snows in Stockholm in winter, but not always. If you want to be sure to have a winter wonderland covered in snow, it is best to go a lot further north. Snow can fall in Stockholm from the end of October and I also had snow in Stockholm at the end of March / early April. Whether the snow will remain depends on the weather conditions. On this site you can check the weather forecast for Stockholm.


Just like here, it can get quite chaotic in Stockholm (/Sweden) when it has snowed. They do not sprinkle salt when it has frozen but use pebbles. Quite annoying if the small stones get stuck between the grooves of your shoes – but more environmentally friendly. After the last ice night, all pebbles are wiped up again.

Stockholm in winter


Snow in Stockholm is melting quite quickly. It then becomes a big slush, also called ‘slask’. That’s the reason you won’t make it with your sneakers. In the winter months I always bring waterproof shoes, preferably with an anti-slip sole and lined with wool. In my shoes I put a special sole that reflects the heat. Because even if it doesn’t snow, it can be damn cold. I also use those soles at home – I just don’t like cold feet.


“Vinterunderhållas ej”

In Sweden you will regularly see a sign with “Vinterunderhållas ej” on it during winter. This means that that road (sometimes a staircase or a slope) is not cleared of snow, ice, … during the winter. If you see such a sign, be extra careful. Ditto for the sign: “Svag is” at the edge of a pond, for example, which literally translates as “Weak ice”.

Riksdag in snow

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Does it snow in Stockholm?
28 September 2020

How many days for a citytrip to Stockholm?

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How many days do you need for a citytrip to Stockholm?

You ‘ve made the decision: your next city trip will be Stockholm! The planning can begin. How many days should you stay in Stockholm? There is no clear answer to this. Much depends on your interests. Let’s assume that it is your first time in Stockholm. With the tips below we will together find out how many days in Stockholm you should plan when you are visiting the city for the first time.

Stockholm is a relatively small capital, but there is a lot to see. I recommend to visit as much as possible on foot. If you also want to visit some attractions just outside of the city, I would suggest taking public transport. Public transport in Stockholm is well organized. 


How long in Stockholm?

Personally I would recommend going for at least 3 nights so that you have at least 3 full days in Stockholm. 3 days really seem like the minimum to enjoy the various aspects of the city. With 4 full days you will have some extra space to see something of the surroundings or to do everything at a slower pace.

Choose which islands you want to visit and make sure to reserve at least half a day for each neighbourhood, count a few extra hours if you like to visit museums. An absolute must see is the Vasa Museum. Reserve half a day to discover the museum at your leisure. I have been there 4 times myself and am still discovering interesting facts!

Stockholm is one third water and one third green. Nature is never far away. Just wandering around and enjoying Stockholm is the best thing I know. Save time for wandering and relaxing. Laid back is a word that fits nicely with Stockholm. Don’t overfill your program, but make sure you also have time for fika!

That little extra for your city trip in Stockholm

Would you like to make a trip to the archipelago? Then plan a city trip of at least 4 full days. The archipelago of Stockholm has 30,000 islands so plenty of choice. The nearest islands, Fjäderholmarna, are about 20 minutes sailing.

Other interesting trips in the Stockholm area (and for which you would like to plan an extra day) are Skogskyrkogården, Birka, Sigtuna and Drottningholm Castle  (the castle where the Swedish royals live). And if you would like to visit Skansen or Gröna Lund, I would reserve an extra day for that too and thus prolonging your city trip.

Only 1 day in Stockholm?

Do you only have 1 day in Stockholm? No worries! Limit yourself to the highlights. Here you will find an example program if you can only spend 1 day in Stockholm. Bet you would like to return soon?

Let’s face it: a city trip to Stockholm is always a good idea. I have been there so often – of course I have a few favorite addresses that I like to return to but I also try to discover new places all the time.

So, how many days you should spend in Stockholm is not easily to be decided. In 3 days you will have enough time to see the highlights. If you want to see a little more, go for 5 days. You have 10 days? Then you will probably still not even get bored with all the tips on this site.

How many days would you recommend for a city trip to Stockholm?

13 February 2019