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Stockholm on a budget: hotels

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Spending the night in Stockholm is not cheap. But in general you can expect excellent price/quality. Yes, you often pay a bit more but you also get spacious rooms, excellent service and a lot of facilities in return. When I traveled to London a few years ago for a weekend trip, I immediately noticed prices of the hotel rooms in London were much higher than those in Stockholm and the comfort was significantly less. Rooms of 200 euros even had a shared bathroom in the hallway in London! My experience is that you get a lot more comfort and luxury for the same price in Stockholm.

 Budget-friendly accommodation in Stockholm

Nevertheless, you can also stay at budget-friendly hotels in Stockholm. Loyal readers know that every time I visit Stockholm, I try to stay at a different hotel so I can give you the best tips for everyone’s budget.

Budget-friendly hotels in Stockholm

  • The hotel I stayed in during my first city trip to Stockholm: Motel L. The design hotel is located just south of Södermalm, half an hour walk from Gamla Stan, but with a tram stop just in front of the door.
  • A hostel with hotel-style: The Generator. You can also book a private room in this hostel. Basic but everything you need. After all, you are in Stockholm to explore the city, not to spend hours in your hotel room.
  • The comfort of the Scandic hotels but a bit more budget-friendly? Then try out Scandic Malmen. This is the cheapest Scandic hotel in the center of Stockholm. Scandic Malmen is located on Södermalm.
  • Comfort Hotel is located near T-Centralen, the main station in Stockholm where the Flygbussarna depart. Here I stayed the night before flying back home with Ryanair and therefore having to get up at an inhuman hour to get the bus to Skavsta.
  • Hotel Tégnerlunden is located in Vasastaden, on a quiet square, yet close to Drottninggatan. From the breakfast room on the top floor you have a beautiful view of the park and the buildings. Nearby is also Hotel Micro. This hotel offers compact budget rooms, mostly without a window.
  • Bentleys is located in Drottninggatan, the most famous shopping street of Stockholm. The old building has been beautifully renovated and throws you back in time for a soft price.
  • You can sleep on water at Mälardrottningen. This ship is located on Riddarholmskajen, with a view of Stockholm City Hall.

Of course there are even more budget-friendly accommodations in Stockholm. Above I only gave these where I stayed myself.

The best price for hotels in Stockholm can be found via this link.

Do you have a tip for a budget-friendly hotel in Stockholm? Then let me know in the comments!


Mälardrottningen, sleeping in a boat hotel in Stockholm

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A third of the Swedish capital consists of water. There are several places in Stockholm where you can sleep on water. Earlier I spent the night at Prince van Orangiën, near Djurgården. In the middle of the city you have another boat hotel, Mälardrottningen (literally: the Queen of Lake Mälaren). 

 Lady Hutton - Mälardrottningen at Stockholm City Hall

The history of Mälardrottningen

The ship was built in 1924 for Mr. C.K.G Billings from New York and was named ‘Vanadis’. At the time it was the largest yacht with a diesel engine. Later, the Woolworth millionaire Frank W. Hutton bought the ship as a birthday present for his 18-year-old daughter, Barbara. Hence the name Lady Hutton at the back of the ship. After she married Gary Crant, she sold the vessel.

After the war the ship ended up in Panama for a short time before going to Norway for a life as a school ship. In the 50s the name of the ship changed into Cort Adeler. It then was a passenger ship between Stockholm and Åbo (Turku, Finland).

In 1980 they converted the ship into the current restaurant and boat hotel. In 1982 the renovations were ready and the ship took her current place in Riddarfjärden near Gamla Stan. She only leaves her place every 3 years for maintenance.

 Mälardrottning Stockholm

Unique place

The boat hotel Mälardrottningen is located at a unique location. Just a few steps away from Gamla Stan, with a view of Stockholm’s City Hall, Norr Mälarstrand, Söders Höjder and Lake Mälaren. It is one of the best views in Stockholm. From the Evert Taube terraces you can see the most beautiful sunsets.

Sleeping in boat hotel Mälardrottningen

 cabin Mälardrottning

The hotel has 61 cabins of different sizes. I stayed in a standard cabin with private bathroom and a view over Riddarfjärden. The rooms are simple and most have bunk beds. There are also a limited number of larger and more luxurious rooms. On board there is free wifi. Mälardrottningen even has a sauna which is free for the hotel guests.

Breakfast is served at the front of the ship. The breakfast was quite simple. You could skip the breakfast on board and try one of the many breakfast spots in town. 

Restaurang Mälardrottningen

Even those who don’t stay at the hotel, can go to the restaurant. During the summer months you can enjoy the sun at Hutton’s Deck Lounge.

 Mälardrottningen Stockholm

Mälardrottningen practical

Do you also want to stay at Mälardrottningen? The boat hotel is well situated to discover Stockholm and is very good in terms of price. The hotel is centrally located, close to the subway stop of Gamla Stan and at the same time super quiet in Lake Mälaren. Book your stay right away.

How do you reach Mälardrottningen?

Boat hotel Mälardrottningen is just a few steps from the Gamla Stan metro station. Even from the central station you can easily reach the ship on foot. Walk via Centralbron to Riddarholmen. This is about 1 km.

Address: Riddarholmskajen 4, Stockholm

In the neighborhood

Best Western Bentleys Hotel in Stockholm

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 Hotel Bentleys in Stockholm

If you are looking for a budget friendly hotel in Stockholm that is centrally located, then the classically designed Best Western Bentleys might be what you are looking for. Hotel Bentleys is located at the quieter end of Drottninggatan, Stockholm’s main shopping street.

Both the reception and the breakfast room are located in the covered courtyard. The hotel exudes a certain grandeur. Although it is a fairly old building, it is well maintained and you have all the comfort you need.

Elevator from 1910

 Hotel Bentleys in Stockholm - elevator

The hotel has 2 elevators. The old elevator dates back to 1910 and was still in use during my visit. A second elevator can be found in the courtyard and is added 100 years later, in 2010. The hotel and rooms are richly decorated and completely in style of the Gustavian building.


Breakfast is served in the covered courtyard. A wonderful location to start the day! The breakfast buffet was very good with a large choice of fresh bread and viennoisserie. There was also a lot of fresh fruit. I was surprised by the breakfast and could hardly believe they could serve such a breakfast buffet for the room rate.

Book your room at Hotel Bentleys

Hotel Bentleys was not on my wish list of hotels in Stockholm where I wanted to spend the night, if I’m honest. When I was looking for a room to spend the night, somewhat last minute, I looked for a cheap option. I was lucky. Via I could book a 1 book a room at a nice last minute price.

I was pleasantly surprised by the hotel and can definitely recommend the hotel (wonderful Viking beds, fantastic breakfast, atmosphere, …). If you are looking for a classic atmosphere, central location and want to spend the night in a historic building, you are at the right address.

 Hotel Bentleys in Stockholm - room

Hotel Bentleys practical

How do you reach Hotel Bentleys?

Hotel Bentleys is a 10-minute walk from Stockholm Station. This is probably the easiest way to get to the hotel. If you have a lot of luggage, you may want to consider a taxi. The hotel is located in Drottninggatan, which is the busiest shopping street in Stockholm but slightly more to the north (and therefore slightly uphill) where it is a lot quieter.

Address: Drottninggatan 77, Stockholm

In the neighborhood

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