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Wild camping in Sweden

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It is deafeningly silent when I wake up. My tent is in the middle of nowhere. No water, no electricity. Back to basics. I left with my backpack and tent to go wild camping in Sweden. Go as I want and every night picking a nice place to spend the night. You can’t get much closer to nature (and yourself).

In Sweden, wild camping is allowed thanks to allemansrätten, provided that you follow some rules. You have to respect nature and the environment to the maximum and you have to stay away from fenced grounds and stay out of sight of houses.

Wild camping in Sweden: what’s allowed?

  • You can place your tent for 24 hours in a place that is on a non-enclosed site, out of sight of houses and where there is no prohibition sign for wild camping. In certain national parks it is not allowed. This is indicated by a sign at the entrance.
  • Respect nature: you must not destroy, disturb or leave waste behind.
  • Picking berries and mushrooms is permitted. Make sure you know which fruits are edible!

Tips for wild camping

Wild camping for the first time?

Build up slowly. Start with 1 or 2 nights of wild camping and combine with a stay at a campsite or even a few nights at a hotel or in an airbnb. And if the weather suddenly changes completely, you can still continue your holiday with more comfortable hotel stays. Die hards will of course continue to wild camp. Sweden is a good place to go if you’re wild camping for the first time!

Pick the right spot

Look on the map where you can find a nice place. This can be near a lake, along the water, … It is advisable to install your tent when it is still light. In Sweden during the summer months this is not a problem as it does not really gets dark.

Wild camping next to a waterfall may seem idyllic but the water keeps flowing at night too so good ear plugs will be a must. A place close to the water also seems like a dream, but in the summer season that will mean more mosquitoes, especially if you go a little later in the summer season. It’s better to place your tent a few hundred meters away from the water.

Electricity and water

Wild camping is really back to basics. Make sure you are provided with everything. A good backup for essential things is not a bad idea. Do not only rely on Google Maps or a GPS for navigation, but bring a compass and a detailed map. You wouldn’t be the first to suddenly fall out of battery or have no range. Of course it is best to also take an extra external battery with you!

If you go wild camping in Sweden, you normally don’t have running water. The toilet can be found behind a tree. You can wash in a lake. Biodegradable, ecological soap is a must if you don’t want to do without soap for a few days. You will find special products in the specialized store that you can use both as a shampoo and for washing dishes. Do not use more than necessary. It is even better not to use any soap at all since even ecological soap still has an impact on the environment!

Take enough water with you. The lakes in Sweden are generally pure enough to drink from. With a water filter like the life straw you’re safe.

Light your fire

Do you want to light a fire to warm up, cook food, …? Make sure you know whether there is a ‘eldningsförbud’ or prohibition of open fires or not. Don’t make a fire on bare rocks anyway, they could burst. Choose a substrate of sand or gravel. Make sure the place is refractory and extinguish the fire completely before you move on.

Bears and other animals

The chances are rather small to see and meet bears or wolverines but it is possible. In general, making a lot of noise is sufficient to keep them at a distance. Also make sure that you always put away the food properly. You can also come across snakes in Sweden.

Wild camping by car?

Keep in mind that the distances in Sweden to help, a gas station, supermarkets, … can be greater than expected. Make sure you always fill up well on time, stock up on a sufficiently large supply of food and drinks, …

It is less easy to reach unique places by car. It may be more comfortable to be able to take your things with you in the car, but vehicles may not just go everywhere or park anywhere. Allemansrätten doesn’t apply to cars, campers and caravans.

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wild camping in Sweden

Staying at Blique by Nobis – Stockholm

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Stockholm has (another) a new hotel: Blique by Nobis. The hotel is located in Vasastaden (on the border with the Haga district) and is located in a former Philips warehouse. After a thorough renovation, it is now a modern boutique hotel with 249 rooms, a rooftop terrace and a courtyard with a resident food truck.

 Designhotel Stockholm - Blique by Nobis


The hotel’s designer is the renowned Swedish architect Gert Wingårdh. For those who sometimes watch Husdrömmar on SVT, Gert is the male half of the presenters’ duo.

There are different types of rooms, from budget-friendly single rooms to luxurious suites and rooms with kitchenettes. Some of the rooms got the ‘sleep tight’ or ‘sleep deeper’ label. There are no windows in these rooms. I had not really paid attention when booking, so I had a room without windows. Although I usually prefer a nice view, it doesn’t really bother me if there are no windows. Especially in the summer months when the nights never really get dark, a dark room can be a plus. In the end you are only in your hotel room to sleep. The money that you save is a nice extra for some more shopping or to spend on fika.

 Designhotel Stockholm - Blique by Nobis

In the bathroom you’re spoiled with products from the Swedish brand Byredo. A special mention for the breakfast and especially for the extensive choice of smoothies. Talking about a colorful start of the day! In the basement there is a mini cinema for private screenings (max. 20 people) and a sauna. The hotel regularly organizes parties and events.


There is a rooftop bar / restaurant with a view over the city. The restaurant has already become very popular in a short time, so it is best to reserve your table in advance. On the menu you will find cocktails and Scandinavian-Asian inspired dishes.

Blique by Nobis, practical information

How do you reach Blique by Nobis?

The hotel is located in the north of Stockholm. The immediate vicinity of the hotel is less touristy, but with the metro (T-bana or Tunnelbana) you can easily reach the heart of the city. Download the SL app to view the local and fastest timetables on site. Personally, I found the stop at Torsplan the easiest.

Address: Gävlegatan 18, Stockholm

Book your room at Blique by Nobis

Book your overnight stay at the Blique by Nobis design hotel.

In the neighborhood

  • Karolinska Institutet
  • Lilla Ego
  • Haga Park


Staying at The Winery Hotel

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A hotel with a rooftop pool always always makes my heart jump. If that hotel is just a stone’s throw away from Stockholm, I am completely head over heels. The Winery Hotel has, as the name suggests, something with wine: they produce wine!

 The Winery Hotel - Solna

Boutique hotel x winery

In Solna, just north of Stockholm, you will find this unique boutique hotel that opened in 2016. With its mix of design and industrial feel, the hotel breathes New York vibes. The Winery Hotel is Sweden’s first (and only) boutique hotel that combines a hotel with a winery. The vineyard is in Terreno (Tuscany) but the grapes are processed in Solna. They produce around 10,000-12,000 bottles of wine every year.

The WInery Hotel - Solna

For wine lovers

In the hotel you can book daily guided tours of the winery (except on Sundays). Check with the hotel for the exact hours.

From Thursday to Saturday, they also organize wine tasting sessions at the hotel. For 350 SEK (about 35 euros) you can taste 4 wines and get a word of explanation from professional sommeliers. Or ask for a personalized package.

The WInery Hotel - Solna

Roof terrace with swimming pool

Don’t forget to bring your bathing suit if you are staying at The Winery Hotel. A stay at the hotel is not complete without a dip in their rooftop pool. Forbes Magazine declared their rooftop to be one of the best in the world! The heated swimming pool (30 ° C) is open all year round and offers a view of the nearby lake and park of Brunnsviken. The bar is only open during the summer months. New is the Italian restaurant on the roof where you can eat pasta and pizza.

The WInery Hotel - Solna

The Winery Hotel – practical

If the purpose of your stay is a city trip in Stockholm, I would rather go for a city center hotel. There is plenty of choice for everyone’s taste and budget. The Winery Hotel seems more suitable for wine lovers who want a short getaway. Or for those who take a road trip through Sweden and want to combine this with a city trip in Stockholm and therefore need affordable parking.

Book your room at The Winery Hotel

The rooms at The Winery Hotel are comfortable, soundproof and completely dark. The breakfast gives you the best start of the day.

Click here for the best price for a stay at The Winery Hotel.

How do you reach The Winery Hotel?

Reaching The Winery Hotel is easiest by car. The hotel has a parking and is therefore ideal for those who come by car.

If you travel by public transport, the best option depends on the time. Download the app from SL to get the best options. The Järva Krog stop is nearby and the easiest. Arlanda’s Flygbussarna also stop here.

Address: Rosenborgsgatan 20, Solna

In the neighborhood

  • Friends Arena
  • Mall of Scandinavia
  • Brunnsviken
  • Haga Parks