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Staying at Hotel Liseberg Heden

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Hotel Eden Liseberg

When we went to soak up the Christmas atmosphere in Gothenburg in December 2017, a visit to Liseberg, the amusement park of Gothenburg, was high on our list. We also spent a night in the hotel of Liseberg. Be aware, Hotel Liseberg Heden is not located in the amusement park, but a kilometer away from the amusement park. That’s no problem, but good to know before you book. And although the hotel is within walking distance of the center, it’s located very quiet. The inner gardens add to that.

Liseberg Hotel Heden Göteborg

The hotel feels very family-like and the welcome was very warm. There is wifi, you can exercise in the gym or relax in the sauna. There is a restaurant where you can also find vegan dishes. Breakfast is served here too.

It was pleasant to sit in the lobby of Hotel Liseberg Heden. We sat there the first evening to look at the leaflets and to plan the coming days. Handy to have a space, outside the rooms, to spend time with the rest of the group.

Child friendly

Not tested ourselves, but the hotel offers many facilities for families with young children. There is a playground with a slide, you can borrow board games at the reception, the rooms with family loft have an extra TV, …

Comfortable rooms

Hotel Heden - Göteborg

The rooms are simple but clean and comfortable. There are different types of rooms. From 2 people with the possibility to put an extra bed to the family loft for 4 people.

Practical information

Hotel Liseberg Heden is a cash-free hotel. You can therefore only pay by card. Check-in is from 3 pm but we went there earlier to put our luggage and that was no problem.

Nice to know: on Sundays you can sometimes opt for a late check out at 1 pm.

How do you reach Hotel Heden Liseberg?

If you travel by public transport (tram 2 or 13), Scandinavium is the nearest stop.

If you are traveling by car, you can park in the parking lot of the Hotel Heden Liseberg. This cannot be booked in advance, but with 76 places for 179 rooms, there is a good chance that there will be space. Parking costs 180 SEK per day.

Address: Sten Sturegatan 1, Gothenburg

Book your room

Book your room at Hotel Liseberg Heden.

Hotels in the neighborhood

In the neighborhood

  • Liseberg
  • Ullevi
  • Gothia Towers

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Hotel Heden Liseberg Göteborg
27 January 2021

A guide to Djurgården

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It’s a real tradition. When I’m in Stockholm I usually go for a walk on Djurgården on Sundays. I walk along Strandvägen to this island and enjoy the view of the water. On Djurgården I take a different route every time. Somehow I always end up at Rosendals Trädgården. Yes, this is what a perfect Sunday looks like to me!


Djurgården is the second largest of Stockholm’s 14 islands and it is certainly the greenest island. In addition to lots of nature, you can also go here for culture. You will find many museums, ranging from Vasamuseet to the ABBA-museum. Amusement park lovers will enjoy themselves in Gröna Lund and the youngest will have a great time in Junibacken – the Astrid Lindgren museum – and Skansen , the open-air museum with children’s zoo.

Did you know that there are also about 800 people living on the island? A piece of cake compared to the 10 million visitors who come to the island every year. Many buildings, including the Djurgårdsbron, date from the Stockholm World’s Fair (1897).

The name Djurgården

Grasveld in Djurgården met zicht op de Kaknästörnet

In the past (1600) the royal hunting grounds were located here. This is how the island got its name Kungliga Djurgården.

The pronunciation of Djurgården often causes confusion among tourists. You pronounce it as ‘juurgoorden‘ but you hardly pronounce the ‘d’. So it almost sounds like ‘juurgoorn‘ to some people. Literally translated, this means ‘animal garden’.

Officially, the name of the island is Valdemarsön, but except for the derived Waldemarsudde, I had never heard of it before writing this article myself.

Some of the highlights of Djurgården

For me personally, the Vasa Museum and the ABBA Museum are 2 must visits. I have been to both museums several times and each time I was respectively impressed and came out in a good mood. I also visited Skansen several times. This open-air museum always has great events around Sankta Lucia, Christmas, midsummer,… Below I list all museums & attractions and restaurants/eating spots on Djurgården.

Museums & attractions on Djurgården

Wegwijzers op Djurgården

Other-sights-on Djurgården

  • Monument in memory of the victims of the Estonia disaster, a bit hidden behind the Vasa Museum.
  • Galärvarvskyrkogården, a cemetery where, among others, Stig Andersson (manager of ABBA) and Anders Franzén (who located the Vasa) are buried.
  • Villa Ekarne where Stig Andersson lived.
  • Daniel & Victoria’s Kärlekstigen, a walking path that the Crown Princess and her husband were given at their wedding in 2010.
  • Isbladskärret, the ideal place for bird watchers.
  • Walking (or hiking) around Djurgården – a tour of 10 km.
  • Canoeing at Sjöcaféet
Kanoën bij Sjöcaféet

Restaurants on Djurgården

Hotels on Djurgården

Already tested myself:

Other popular Djurgården hotels:

Djurgården practical

How to reach Djurgården?

I prefer to walk via Strandvägen, over Djurgårdsbron to Djurgården. You can also go to the island by bicycle or electric steps. If you prefer public transport, tram 7 is your best option. It is also nice to go by ferry from Slussen. You then also see Stockholm from the water. The transfer is included in the prices of public transport. Finally, the bus is also an option. The nearest metro stop is Karlaplan.

All articles about Djurgården

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Djurgården Stockholm
18 January 2021

Staying at Elite Hotel Mimer in Umeå

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Elite Hotel Mimer Umeå

When I went on a press trip to the north of Sweden in February 2020 to skate at Tavelsjön, the Elite Hotel Mimer in Umeå was our base. The hotel is centrally located, has all facilities and is a very classy place. From the rooms to the breakfast buffet and the restaurant, everything is taken care of. The ideal hotel for a few days in Umeå!


Elite Hotel Mimer is located in a former school building. The building dates from 1897 (which also explains the name of the restaurant arton nittio sju).

The rooms

Elite Hotel Mimer in Umeå

The rooms are spacious and have comfortable beds. My room had a sunrise view. I left the curtain open, there was no vis-à-vis anyway. Wonderful to be awakened by the sun.

Elite Hotel Mimer in Umeå

In the spacious bathroom you will find care products such as shampoo, soap, conditioner, body lotion, … For enthusiasts there is also a wellness and a gym in the hotel. In the hotel there are a total of 139 rooms.


Elite Hotel Mimer in Umeå

The breakfast buffet can be found in the restaurant. There is a wide range of local and international delicacies. People with certain dietary requirements are also catered for. There are different types of homemade bread, cheeses, cold cuts, … There is even skagenröra and gravad lax at the buffet. Also various yoghurts and nuts / power foods. At the warm buffet you will find pancakes, eggs, …

Elite Hotel Mimer in Umeå

The restaurant

In the evening, the breakfast room of Hotel Mimer transforms into a restaurant where you can eat à la carte. We ate there one evening. Yummy! And especially handy that you can go upstairs immediately after dinner, which may be necessary after an active day 🙂

Elite Hotel Mimer in Umeå

Practical information

The hotel is centrally located in Umeå. There is a spacious parking lot in front of the hotel. You will find the bus stops in the street nearby. The hotel is within walking distance of the river and the shops.

Book your room

Considering a citytrip to Umeå? Or stay in Umeå to discover the wider region of Västerbotten? Elite Hotel Mimer is a perfect choice! Book your room here.

In the neighborhood

  • Kyrkbron
  • Strandgatan
  • Guitars The Museum
  • Bildmuseet

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Elite Hotel Mimer in Umeå
4 November 2020