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Visiting Wallander’s appartment in the Film Museum of Ystad

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When Wallander fans hear the name of the town of Ystad, it will immediately ring a bell. This city in Skåne was the place where the popular detective series were filmed. Just outside of the city centre, the studios of Ystad are te be found. Most indoor scenes for Bron/The Bridge were also filmed here. Nearby you will find Cineteket, the Film Museum of Ystad.

Cineteket film museum Ystad

Film museum – Cineteket

The film museum gives you a look behind the scenes of a film production. You can see how movies are made. You will, off course, also spot some attributes of films made here. Like pieces of Wallander and The Bridge, they reveal some movie tricks and you can also try out a few things yourself. There is also a small museum shop where you can buy movie souvenirs.

Cineteket Ystad (4)

Wallander’s appartment

Wallander - Cineteket - Ystad

The showpiece of the museum, and certainly for fans of the detective, is the apartment and office of Wallander. The paper is still in the letter box. You can even sit in the chair of Wallander. There are movie attributes from both the Swedish and English versions of Wallander. You will also find screen boards of several recorded scenes. Take your time to have a look around.

Cineteket Ystad (3)

Cineteket Ystad (1)

Prepare your visit

Cineteket is a 10 minutes walk from the centre of Ystad. In 2016 the admission price was 60 SEK. Children under 6 are admitted free. Children from 6 years till 11 years pay 25 SEK.
During the summer months the museum is open every day from 10 to 16h. During the other months it is closed on Sunday. Also on certain holidays, the museum is closed. You can check the most recent schedule on their website.

Cineteket Ystad (2)

TIP: If you’re in the neighborhood… It is possible to join a guided tour in the studios of Ystad. You have to book in advance and it costs 120 SEK.

2018 – From 2018 on Cineteket will be in Ystad Studios, the film studios of Ystad.

8 March 2017