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The lockers of Stockholm Centralen

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Centralen, the central station in Stockholm, is a real hub. Buses, trains, metro, taxi, … everything leaves and arrives here. It can be a bit overwhelming if you are there for the first time. Fortunately, most signs in the station are also indicated in English. So if you are looking for the lockers, you will find them quite easily.

 Lockers Stockholm Centralen

Lockers at Stockholm station

You’ve probably experienced it before: you’re on city trip and your hotel is not right in the center or you can not check in right now and you’re looking for a place where you can safely leave your luggage. Good news: you do not have to drag your luggage all the time because in Stockholm Centralen you will find different places where they have lockers. For just a few euros you can leave your luggage there for 4 hours. You can store your luggage for up to 24 hours for barely 1 euro more. There are 2 sizes: little ones that fit a hand-luggage box (36cm x 44cm x 60cm) and larger ones for larger suitcases (46cm x 60cm x 85cm).

 Lockers Stockholm Centralen

Pay by card

The system is really simple. There are step-by-step explanations in English on the screens. In short: you choose an empty locker, put your luggage in it, close the locker and keep the closure down for 3 seconds and you pay by card. Keep track of your ‘kvittot’ or your receipt. This is where the code you need to reopen your locker is printed.

I always take a picture of the receipt. In case I lose the note, I can still get my luggage.

 Lockers Stockholm Centralen

There are several places in the station where you can find lockers. Remember which ones you used! The station in Stockholm has several levels and a lot of corridors. It’s easy to get lost. Because I usually travel to the airport with Flygbussarna , I always take the lockers just at Cityterminalen (take the escalator upstairs). Especially when returning, I lose a minimum of time and can max my time in Stockholm.

 Lockers Stockholm Centralen

Looking for other lockers in Stockholm?

Usually you can have your luggage stored at the hotel (for free). If your hotel is centrally located, this might be easiest.

You can also find (paying) lockers at Moderna Museet. If you know other places in Stockholm where you can leave your luggage in lockers, let us know something in the comments!

Where does the Stockholm syndrome come from?

Have you ever heard of the Stockholm syndrome? And did you know that this syndrome also really originated in the Swedish capital? In fact, the Stockholm syndrome arose in the Kreditbanken at Norrmalmstorg. In 1973, this square, in the heart of Stockholm, was on the international news for days. The office of Kreditbanken was the setting for a hostage during 6 days.


Norrmalmstorg - Stockholm

Norrmalmstorg is a cozy square in the heart of Stockholm. It is here, in one of the former office buildings (on the corner of Norrmalmstorggatan with Hamngatan), where you can find the origin of the Stockholm Syndrome.

The story of a hostage

On August 23, Janne Olsson, who just came out of jail, tried to rob the Kreditbank at Norrmalmstorg. His robbery failed and he hijacked some of the bank’s employees. He demanded that his companion be released from prison and taken to Kreditbanken.

Stockholm syndrome

The hostage eventually lasted 6 days. The hostages had in retrospect much criticism of the police’s actions and showed sympathy for the hostage-takers. This phenomenon had never been seen before and drew the attention of the Swedish criminologist and psychiatrist Nils Bejerot. He gave this psychological phenomenon the name Norrmalmstorg syndrome. This syndrome was later called ‘Stockholm syndrome’.

Best Western Bentleys Hotel in Stockholm

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 Hotel Bentleys in Stockholm

If you are looking for a budget friendly hotel in Stockholm that is centrally located, then the classically designed Best Western Bentleys might be what you are looking for. Hotel Bentleys is located at the quieter end of Drottninggatan, Stockholm’s main shopping street.

Both the reception and the breakfast room are located in the covered courtyard. The hotel exudes a certain grandeur. Although it is a fairly old building, it is well maintained and you have all the comfort you need.

Elevator from 1910

 Hotel Bentleys in Stockholm - elevator

The hotel has 2 elevators. The old elevator dates back to 1910 and was still in use during my visit. A second elevator can be found in the courtyard and is added 100 years later, in 2010. The hotel and rooms are richly decorated and completely in style of the Gustavian building.


Breakfast is served in the covered courtyard. A wonderful location to start the day! The breakfast buffet was very good with a large choice of fresh bread and viennoisserie. There was also a lot of fresh fruit. I was surprised by the breakfast and could hardly believe they could serve such a breakfast buffet for the room rate.

Book your room at Hotel Bentleys

Hotel Bentleys was not on my wish list of hotels in Stockholm where I wanted to spend the night, if I’m honest. When I was looking for a room to spend the night, somewhat last minute, I looked for a cheap option. I was lucky. Via I could book a 1 book a room at a nice last minute price.

I was pleasantly surprised by the hotel and can definitely recommend the hotel (wonderful Viking beds, fantastic breakfast, atmosphere, …). If you are looking for a classic atmosphere, central location and want to spend the night in a historic building, you are at the right address.

 Hotel Bentleys in Stockholm - room

Hotel Bentleys practical

How do you reach Hotel Bentleys?

Hotel Bentleys is a 10-minute walk from Stockholm Station. This is probably the easiest way to get to the hotel. If you have a lot of luggage, you may want to consider a taxi. The hotel is located in Drottninggatan, which is the busiest shopping street in Stockholm but slightly more to the north (and therefore slightly uphill) where it is a lot quieter.

Address: Drottninggatan 77, Stockholm

In the neighborhood

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