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Tea at Tehuset in Kungsträdgården

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If you walk from the Royal Palace to Kungsträdgården you will pass by a statue. This is the statue of Karl XII. Just behind it you will find a tea house (Tehuset Kungsträdgården), that is open in the warmer half of the year.

Tehuset Kungsträdgården (2)

A terrace in the King’s garden

The tea house in Kungsträdgården is a popular place for many locals. As soon as the sun rises, they come together on the terrace of this tea house. They offer an extensive tea and coffee selection, serve fika dishes and small snacks. I had fika several times here. Their icetea and homemade lemonade is really tasty.

Tehuset Kungsträdgården (1)

Like a local

You can order at the kiosk. You do will need a portion of patience. Not only because it’s often very busy but because they really take their time for their customers. So, act just like the Swedes, stand neatly and wait patiently. You can use the waiting time to make your choice (if needed, Google Translate can help you because I can not remember that the menu was available in English as well). As almost everywhere in Sweden, you can pay by card.

B.A.R. in Stockholm, for foodies on a budget

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B.A.R. or Blasieholmens Akvarium och Restaurant, as the restaurant is called, was my first culinary introduction to Stockholm. The restaurant is located behind the corner of the Grand Hotel. B.A.R. was recommended in several travel guides as a hotspot for foodies on a budget.

B.A.R. (1)

Open kitchen

B.A.R. is part of the Lux family of top chefs Henrik Norström, Peter Johansson and Daniel Frick. Authenticity and openness here are more than just concepts. Guests can take a look in the open kitchen.

The interior of B.A.R. has an industrial feel and gives a sense of sitting in a canteen. A chic canteen, though. I had heard that it is advised to make reservations but because I was going to eat alone, I hoped to get a seat if I went early enough.

B.A.R (2)

The menu of B.A.R.

Each season the menu changes. In addition to the fixed menu, you can also order specials of the day. On the mirror you can see what dishes are available. The offer is determined by the daily deliveries. So you choose something from the menu or you compile your own dish from the things written on the mirror.

B.A.R (3)

On the menu you will find fish dishes, but vegetarians and meat lovers will find something to their liking too. I myself went for the pasta with seafood and I remember the soft taste of the scallops as if it was yesterday (although it has been a while). The Linguine di Mare had a surprising tomato sauce. Perfectly seasoned. And seafood that you really can call seafood: scampi, mussels and cockles, crabs and, hence, the scallops. Certainly a foodie hotspot I will return too!

Shopping in Stockholm

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I just love Scandinavian design and fashion, so I regularly travel to the Swedish capital with a half-empty suitcase. In particular, I focus on chains like MQ and Gina Tricot, which are not available in Belgium. That Lindex’s maxi dress from last summer is still on my mind. I regret that I didn’t buy it. Because I often get questions on shopping in Stockholm, I prepared this extensive shopping guide for Stockholm.

Where to shop in Stockholm

Stockholm literally counts thousands of shops! So you can shop pretty much everywhere in Stockholm, but I’d like to point you to the best shopping streets. Shopping in Stockholm also often means shopping in pedestrian streets (except at Kungsholmen, Vasastan and in most parts of Södermalm) where no cars are allowed.



The queen of the shopping streets in Stockholm! Here you will find the best-known chains like H&M, Monki, Zara, Gina Tricot, Lindex, Indian, Salt, Cubus,…
The Åhléns department store is also on this street (on the crossing with Hamngatan, near Sergels Torg). In Åhléns I buy a lot of makeup each time I visit Stockholm (usually Bare Minerals or a similar natural Swedish brand like Estelle & Thild). In this supermarket you can find just about anything that you are looking for. Also good to know: under Åhléns Stockholm City you will find a branch of the ICA supermarket chain (open until 23h!).

Sergels Torg


Around Biblioteksgatan you will find the high-end shops like Louis Vuitton, Prada, the Swedish Filippa K and Tiger of Sweden. Also the more expensive sister of H&M, &Other Stories, has a flag ship store here. Mäster Samuelsgatan also has nice boutiques for you. Not to be missed if you like a minimalist style is the Swedish brand Whyred.

Biblioteksgatan (2)

Bibliotekstan is also called the fashion district of Stockholm. Apart from Biblioteksgatan, the side streets Jakobsbergsgatan, Mäster Samuelsgatan and Smålandsgatan also belong to the district, as well as adjacent streets Norrlandsgatan and Birger Jarlsgatan and Norrmalmstorg square. Jakobsbergsgatan is the street for the up-and-coming labels such as Nudie Jeans and Sandqvist.

Old Town

Shoppingstraat Gamla Stan

In addition to the many tourist shops in Gamla Stan, you will also find a lot of design and craft shops. Krabat and Kaleidoscope are two nice shops where you can definitely find wooden toys or a nice gift for the kids. Västerlånggatan and Österlånggatan are the most popular streets, but you can also discover a lot of gems in the side streets.

Södermalm – Sofo

Södermalm, also known as the hottest district of Europe, is famous for its vintage and design shops. Streets with many shops are Götgatan and Bondegatan. The neighbourhood Sofo (south of Folkungagatan) also has a lot of hip shops. Popular shops are Fire Stations, Grandpa, Twist & Tango, Weekday, L:A Bruket, Stutterheim, …


Kungsholmen is not immediately known for their shopping offer but there is also something for everyone on this island. The big chains are located near Fridhemsplan, in Västermalmsgallerian. Here too, you will find a department of Åhléns. Walk through the narrower side streets and you will find a location of the popular Grandpa and Granit. At Kungsholmen I also found a shop that only sells black and white items.

Department Stores

MOOD Stockholm

This small shopping mall is located between Drottninggatan and Bibliotekstan. You will find a lot of Scandinavian brands like Samsøe & Samsøe, STHLM BLVD,… . There is a lot to experience at MOOD and you can even go and shop with a personal shopper!


Shoppen in Stockholm - Nordiska Kompagniet

Nordiska Kompagniet or in short NK, is the Harrods of Stockholm. This shopping mall has 4 floors with mainly luxury goods ranging from clothing and shoes (especially Scandinavian designers but also many international brands), cosmetics, design, …
Although you probably would not recognize them, many Swedish celebrities are also shopping here. NK even has the Swedish royal family among its regular customers. Nordiska Kompagniet opened in 1915. The windows are always a blast for the eye. Around Christmas, it’s a trick to catch a glimpse of the thematized windows! Even when the Eurovision Song Contest  was organized in Stockholm, the showrooms of NK were in Eurovision theme and very popular!

More shopping malls


Also Gallerian, Stockholm’s first shopping mall, and Sturegallerian are in the center and have a spacious offer of shops, often complemented by catering and other services.

Mall of Scandinavia

Close to Solna, 7 minutes from central Stockholm, shoppers can get their hearts full at Mall of Scandinavia . The shops in this shopping center are open every day from 10 am to 9 pm, also on Sundays. For Christmas shopping, they will even stay open until 22:00!


Ikea Kungens Kurva

Of course, Ikea should not be missing in this list! Every hour there is a free bus from Vasagatan (not far from Centralen, Stockholm Central Station) which brings you to Ikea Kungens Kurva in 20 minutes. On the hour the bus travels to Ikea, on the half hour the Ikea bus returns to the center. Kungens Kurva is the largest Ikea in the world and worth a visit.

Outlet shopping

Stockholm Quality Outlet

Stockholm Quality Outlet is a giant shopping mall with a comprehensive offer. This shopping center is half an hour (metro + bus) from Stockholm Central Station. Go to and enter ‘Barkarby Handelsplats’ for the current travel information. On working days the mall is open from 10 am to 8 pm, on weekends from 10 am to 6 pm.

Acne Archive

Looking for an Acne jeans for a low price? In Acne Archive in Torsgatan 53 (Vasastan) you will find the collections of previous years.

Opening hours of the stores in Stockholm

Although most supermarkets have quite ample opening hours in Stockholm (some even 6 am to 6 pm), I think the opening hours of eg clothing stores are quite “limited” for a metropolis like Stockholm. Most shops are open from 10 am to 6 pm on weekdays. Some shops until 20h. On Saturday they often close at 17:00.

Open on Sunday?

Even though Stockholm is a big city, it doesn’t mean all shops are open on Sundays. Stores that are open on Sundays often have shorter opening hours, eg 12 am to 4 pm or 11 am to 5 pm. So shopping in Stockholm on Sundays is limited. If you have the option, you might want to choose another day to go shopping.

Closed on midsummer and christmas

Most shops close on midsummer and christmas. Usually both on midsummer eve and christmas eve and the day itself. The shops that are open on the eve of mid summer or Christmas close already at noon. These different opening hours are often listed in advance on the website of the respective shops and shopping centers. Other opening hours may also vary from the regular opening hours.


If you see the word ‘Rea’ then there are bargains to do. The sales start somewhat earlier than in Belgium. In mid-June I already saw the “rea” signs everywhere. There appears to be no fixed start date for summer sales, as it differs from region to region and product to product, but most of the stores start with the sales the week before or after midsummer. Immediately after Christmas there are sales in Sweden. Furthermore, there are often also mid-season bargains to find.