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Discover where The Bridge was filmed!

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The fourth season of The Bridge is coming! We must have some patience though. In Sweden, the fourth season will be broadcasted during the spring of 2018. In anticipation, we can discover some film locations of the previous seasons of The Bridge in Malmö and Copenhagen. A fun way to explore the city!

The Bridge of Bron-Broen, as the title originally sounds, is a popular Nordic Noir series that takes place in both Malmö and Copenhagen. The Öresund Bridge is the key location. In the first episode a corpse is found on the bridge, right on the border between Sweden and Denmark. Detectives Saga Norén and Martin Rohde are put on the case.

Why should you watch The Bridge? For the lovely Swedish language (I watched every episode several times for this) and Danish, for the exciting stories and the clever directing and acting!

Actress Sofia Helin is Saga Norén in a unique and sublime way. Saga suffers from Asperger’s syndrome – a form of autism, although this is not mentioned in the series. As a detective, this is one of her strengths, but in everyday life it challenges her. The Swedish police officer drives a Porsche. She seems to be wearing her leather pants and green jacket every day, all year round.

The Bridge: film locations

The Bridge filming locations are mostly in Malmö. For the first season they were filming in Copenhagen as well but for practical and economic reasons they mostly stayed in Skåne. Most interior scenes were shot in the film studios of Ystad. But I love to share some places you can visit yourself in Malmö.

 The Bridge - movie locations in Malmo (8)

Öresundsbron – Oresund Bridge
 The Bridge - movie locations in Malmo (11)

The bridge around everything revolves is also where the story begins. The bridge connects Sweden and Denmark since 2000. Malmö can be reached easiest from Kastrup, Copenhagen Airport. With the Öresundståg (train), it just takes 20 minutes to get to the other side. More about this bridge will follow in a later blogpost.

The bridge plays an important role in the tv series. Remember the last episode of the first series? When Martin, Jens and a young girl Jens took hostage, stand on the bridge and Saga tries to lie when she says Martin’s son is still alive? These scenes are captured in Pepparholm. This is an artificial island where the bridge becomes a tunnel.

When we see Laura sailing with her small boat in the first episode of the second season, we are in the small port of Limhamn. This is close to the Strand Hotel where Saga checks in for a two nights stay and some me-time.

In Limhamn you also could find the old cement factory where the eco-terrorists were found dead in a container in the second season. Currently they are building apartments here. For a good view of the bridge, go to Luftkastellet at Utsiktsvägen.

Further inland, in the district of Hyllie, the construction of Arena Hotel (Hyllie Boulevard 2) was the setting for some scenes of the first episode of the third season. The construction site is where the firstm murder happened.

Västra Hamnen

From Limhamn we continue towards Västra Hamnen. This modern district is one of my favourite places in Malmö. In addition to the Turning Torso which you often get to see in the series, you will also find a few other key locations.

Saga’s apartment

The scenes that take place inside the apartment of Saga are done in a film studio. But the outside is showed as well. The apartment from Saga is located in Ankargatan, at number 9.

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Ribersborgs Kallbadhus
 The Bridge - movie locations in Malmo (9)

I already wrote a blog post about Ribersborgs Kallbadhus . It is a key location in the first season of The Bridge. In one of the final episodes Saga and Martin go to Ribersborg to interrogate the waitress, a friend of Mikeala, the former wife of Jens. It is during this interview, Martin realizes that all events are actually directed against him.

It’s here he confesses to Saga that he was the man Mikeala had met and she would leave Jens for.

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More Västra Hamnen and Universitetsholmen

In the second series a scene is set in the restaurant Årstiderna By The Sea. This restaurant is located in Västra Hamnen (Dockgatan 1) and is known for its New Nordic cuisine with lots of fish and shellfish.

 The Bridge - movie locations in Malmo (4)

In Dockgatan you find the outside of the IT office of Julian from the second season. The indoor scenes of the IT company took place in the office of Ramböll (Skeppsgatan).

Nearby, at Skeppsbron, they filmed the traffic control and their vain attempts to summon the wandering ghost ship in the first episode of the second season.

The place where, in season 2,  the police invades in the hide-out of the eco-terrorists but where they had already left, is Norra Neptunigatan (number 21).

Malmo Live
 The Bridge - movie locations in Malmo (12)

Journalist Daniel Ferbe of Aftonposten has his office in the new Live Malmo, this hotel and conference center is located just outside Västra Hamnen, on Universitetsholmen. More about this hotel can be read here (a visit to the sky bar on the 25th floor is a must!). The parking opens on Nordenskjöldsgatan. This is the place where Saga and Martin call Daniel who is trapped in his own car with explosives.


In the port they often film. The hotel where Martin lived after his divorce is actually the Scandic Segevang hotel.

Restaurant Saltimporten Canteen (Grimmsbygatan 24) was the place where the crew often had lunch. In the third season they also filmed here.


The Malmö police

The ‘police office’ can be found in Barkgatan near Möllevångstorget and Folketspark. This building is in fact a yoga studio and an administrative center. In the first series they park their cars behind the corner. In the second season it looked like in the picture. Just think the Porsche of Saga stands where the Audi is in the picture. The indoor shooting took place in a film studio.

 The Bridge - movie locations in Malmo (16)

Jala Jala

This kebab restaurant is for real and is still open, it is indeed highly recommended to eat falafel here! Jalla Jalla had a small but notable role in the second series. It is from within this snack bar that Saga is dumped by telephone by her boyfriend and she asks him if they can still have sex. The snackbar is situated near the ‘police station’, on the main road, Bergsgatan 16.

 The Bridge - movie locations in Malmo (15)


Sankt Johanneskyrkan, the church at Kapellgatan plays a role in the third season. If you pass at Möllevångsgatan, have a look at number 42. You’ll recognize the apartment of social worker Stefan who is threatened and kills the man with an iron (first season).

A few streets away you will find the parking where Anja, the girl who ran away from home and ends up at the apartment of one of the truth warriors, is shot in the first season . In reality you’ll find a shopping mall with a decent parking at Norra Skolgatan 23. To see where the poisoned apples were sold (season 2), make a small detour to Simnishamnsgatan.


A little further west, you’ll find Pildammsparken. The place where Claudio in the second season meets his ‘client’ is not in Copenhagen as the director wants us to believe, but near the Margareta Pavilion in Pildammsparken.

 The Bridge - movie locations in Malmo (13)

In the area you will also find the old stadium of Malmö. It is here that Laura is shot in the second season  and where Saga and Martin bring her back in the hope that she would remember something.

 The Bridge - movie locations in Malmo (14)

Copenhagen, Ystad, Lund

The team also filmed in the wider area of Malmö. The studios were located in Ystad. Some outdoor shots were also done there. Furthermore there was a facade in the Klinikgatan in Lund that was used as the building of the forensic expert.

The house where Martin and his family lived in, in the first season was not in Denmark but in Ljunghusen at Falsterbonäset, south of Malmö. The villa of the brokers widow (with the wig) was also in this neighborhood.

On the other side of the Öresundsbridge you can also find some film locations in Copenhagen:

  • Politigården at Polititorvet is the real headquarters of the police in Copenhagen. You can easily spot it if you are in the neighbourhood of Glyptoteket and Tivoli. You can not enter the builing to see the inner court.
  • In Blågårdsgade you’ll find the small grocery store from the first series.
  • Laura from season 2 goes to school at Örestad Gymnasium (Örestads Boulevard 75).

Ett Malmö som inte finns

Until September 2017 you can visit a special The Bridge exhibition in the Tekniska Museet & Sjöfartsmuseet (Malmöhusvägen 7A). The museum is a must visit. The exhibition from The Bridge is rather limited but all the info is also available in English.

You can see the green Porsche from Saga (currently not in display because of the filming for the new series), her leather pants and green cloak and many other props from the series.

 The Bridge - movie locations in Malmo (7)

Of course, the half body from season one, the animal masks from season 2 and gala attire from season 3 is also there. Furthermore, a lot of files, and even the detectives cards are on display.

 The Bridge - movie locations in Malmo (6)

Did you watch The Bridge? Are you a fan of Saga? Let me know if you’re going to Malmö to discover some film locations! Who knows you’ll see the filming for the fourth season (between November 2016 and May 2017, in the studio and on different locations around Malmö)!

PS Don’t forget to pin this article for later reference! Do you know any other The Bridge-fans? I bet they would be happy if you would share it with them 😉