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City jogging in Stockholm: around Riddarfjärden

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Cityjogging Stockholm - hela Riddarfjärden runt

Walking or jogging is a good way to explore a city. In Stockholm I already have a few favorite routes. I like to walk or run around Kungsholmen and I also love to do my jogging tour around Riddarfjärden.

Around Riddarfjärden

The water between Södermalm, Gamla Stan and Kungsholmen is Riddarfjärden. This is a part of Lake Mälaren. The round is about 7 kilometers. With the necessary photography stops, it is a feasible route, even for novice runners. In addition, the route is mainly flat. You can walk the steep parts. Experienced runners can run on the stairs at Rålambshovsparken and even run up the bridge (Västerbron) for some extra training.

I’m starting at Norrmalm, across the street from the Stockholm City Hall. One time I first run towards Gamla Stan and Södermalm, the other time I first run via Kungsholmen. Because you always follow the waterfront, it is a fairly easy route to navigate.

If you walk counterclockwise and thus first via Kungsholmen, you take the waterfront on the south side of the island. This is the side of the town hall. Follow the waterfront until you come to  Rålambshovsparken. On sunny days, Stockholmers gather here to picnic, barbecue, play petanque or just socialize. Here in the park, walk to the right where you will find a staircase that takes you to the Västerbron (bron = bridge in Swedish). I usually walk this steep part 😉 The jogging around Riddarfjärden is tough enough for me. On the bridge you can enjoy a fantastic view over Stockholm. Wonderful!

The second half of the bridge you walk over Långholmen, a small and very green island where you’ll see, among other things, a campsite. At the end of the bridge you can follow the arrows to Söder Mälarstrand. Furthermore, it is also just a matter of following the water until the bridge takes you back to your starting point via Gamla Stan and Riddarholmen.

If you are staying at Kungsholmen, Gamla Stan or Södermalm, you can of course also start your tour around Riddarfjärden in a different place.

You see, it’s not hard to fall head over heels in love with this city!

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City jogging in Stockholm hela Riddarfjärden runt
11 August 2021

City jogging in Stockholm: around Kungsholmen

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Kungsholmen runt

Walking or jogging is a great way to explore a city. In Stockholm I have a few favorite routes. The tour around Kungsholmen was the first run I explored in Stockholm. The tour is about 10 km and because you can follow the water almost all the time, it is also completely flat and easy to navigate. Jogging around Kungsholmen is one of the most popular walking routes in Stockholm.

Jogging round Kungsholmen

I opted for a start at Stadshuset in Stockholm. From here I ran, counterclockwise, around the island. On the north side of the island you follow Kungsholmstranden. A bit further you pass Hornsberg Strand . After that, it’s a little bit more tricky. If you are lucky, there are other runners who follow the same route because a round of Kungsholmen is very popular among the Stockholm joggers. If there is no one to follow, keep to the right.

In practice, this means that you do not walk through the gate on a certain stretch but stay by it as short as possible until you see water again. At Marieberg you have to watch out again. Here you have to run a bit uphill, unless you continue to run on the cliff edge. If in doubt, you can always consult Google Maps.

The last piece is in a straight line to the Town Hall where you pass beautiful gardens on the waterfront. For a change, you can run the opposite direction.

Kungsholmen runt: zicht op Riddarholmen en Södermalm
Kungsholmen runt: zicht op Riddarholmen en Södermalm bij zonsondergang
Kungsholmen runt: zicht op Västerbron

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City jogging Stockholm rond Kungsholmen
29 January 2021

Hornsberg Strand, swim spot in Stockholm

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Hornsberg Strand - Stockholm

Anyone who is in Stockholm during the summer months and would like to swim in the fresh water of Lake Mälaren certainly has the possibilities. One of the most accessible (and free) places is Hornsberg Strand, in the north of Kungsholmen. On sunny days it can be very busy and difficult to find a place on this beach. My tip: walk as far as possible until you find a pontoon somewhere at the end of the bend. There, it is usually a bit quieter. And you also have a staircase to get in and out of the water.

Hornsberg Strand is a fairly new neighborhood in Stockholm. There used to be factories here and the neighborhood first had to be thoroughly cleaned up. Now it is one of the most popular neighborhoods on real estate sites. The park on the waterfront was designed by architect Bengt Isling who won the Siena prize for best landscape architecture.

Hornsberg Strand Stockholm


Despite what the name suggests, this is not a real beach. It is a promenade along the water where they have laid out terraces in different levels and where the sun-lovers gather. What makes it a ‘beach’ are the various pontoons, the closed sections of water where no motor boats can come and where you can swim safely, and the many swimming ladders so that you can get out of the water quickly and safely. You don’t have to worry about water quality. There are no rescuers present so use common sense and never go swimming alone.

Hornsberg Strand Stockholm

Watching boats at Hornsberg Strand

Hornsberg Strand is a popular neighborhood where funky addresses and tasty ice cream stalls are opening at a fast pace. It can therefore be quite busy but it still has a calming appearance. You see boats passing by. Hornsberg Strand is also a great place to see the sunset. Even those who just want to walk along the water to relax can come here all year round.

Hornsberg Strand Stockholm


How do you reach Hornsberg Strand?

I walk as much as possible when I am in Stockholm. You reach Hornsberg Strand, starting from the town hall, by following the north coast of Kungsholmen along the water, all along Kungsholmen Strand. It is a pleasant walk. Hornsberg Strand is located at the end of Kungsholmen.

Those who prefer to take the bus take line 50. It runs close to the water. You can also take the metro to Kristineberg. Then you go via the Nordenflychtsvägen to the Lindhagensgatan. Then it’s on your left.

In the neighborhood

  • Lily’s Burger
  • Pires
  • Kristinebergs Beach

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Swimming near Hornsberg Strand in Stockholm
18 July 2019