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Having Nordic dinner in Malmö: Bord 13

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Fans of The Bridge and culinary enthusiasts better be on the edge of their seats because Bord 13 is a highly recommended place for a delicious dinner and I am going to tell you all about my diner experience there! Read till the end for the link with The Bridge!

When I recently spent a few days in Malmö, I went to dinner at Bord 13, after a local told me it was her favourite restaurant. This restaurant is located in Engelbrektsgatan, at walking distance from Lilla Torget. It is one of the better restaurants of Malmö. Sommelier Pontus Elofsson comes from the star restaurant Noma (Copenhagen) and in the kitchen we find chefs Robert Jacobsson and Besnik Gashi.

Bord 13 Malmö (2)

The restaurant  got a mention in the prestigious White Guide and the Michelin guide. The interior could easily feature in a Scandinavian design magazine. There is an open kitchen and you can also take a seat at the bar.

The menu of Bord 13

You can choose different small dishes or choose a menu but then the entire table has to choose a menu. We went for the four-course menu which they adapted without problems for the non-meat eater in the company (that will be me). The dishes on the menu provide surprising flavor combinations and they also serve lesser known products.

Bord 13 is known for fresh, local products with a lot of attention for organic origin. They combine a restaurant with wine bar. With the dishes you can always order suitable wines. For a menu you have to count on 50-60 euros per person, for the matching wines it is about the same amount. Not a cheap dinner but you definitely get value for money!

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The Bridge

In Belgium we have to wait a little longer for the fourth and last season of the popular Scandic noir-series Bron/Broen/The Bridge but Bord 13 was tipped to me as an (important) location in the new season! So soon I can add Bord 13 to this list.

Tössebageriet in Östermalm (Stockholm)

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Speaking of tasty fika addresses in Stockholm, Tössebageriet certainly can not be missed. This authentic bakery in Östermalm is a real m’as-tu vu place along Karlavägen. It is one of Stockholm’s oldest and most authentic patisseries.



If you’ve ever heard of semmelwrappen, the wrap variant of the tasty semla pastries, you may already know Tössebageriet. It was this bakery that began with the hyped alternative version of semlor (in 2015). Tössebageriet can best be described as a classic Swedish bakery with tea-room that likes to remake a modern version of classics. The semmelwrap knew a huge success: at last there was a semla that you could eat without fuss.

Since 1920

Tössebageriet is one of Stockholm’s oldest bakeries. They have been at the same address since 1920. Helga Södermark began the bakery. She named the bakery after the village in Dalsland where they grew up.

You can go to Tössebageriet for breakfast, lunch and tasty treats for the fika hour. The sandwiches are fresh and with a lot of ingredients. The choice of fig bread is gigantic! I already tried their world-famous semla, their cardemum roll and the popular princess pie.

It’s a fairly small establishment so you need some luck to find a free spot. As soon as the sun is out, you can also sit on their terrace. The bakery is open every day of the week. If you are in Stockholm during the summer months, check out their opening hours because, like many other Swedish companies, they will close about one month during the summer holiday (often just after midsummer).

Bagel Street Café – fika and bagels

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I had been wandering through Södermalm all day when my attention was triggered by the feeling of hunger to a cozy building in Hornsgatan. It looked like a nice place and I was hungry. Bagel Street Café turned out to be the perfect place for a quick fika stop!

Bagel Street Café (2)

Bagels or fika?

Despite the name I did not choose a bagel but went for a hot chocolate milk (it was late March) and a cake with cocos. The girl behind the counter was very friendly and helpful. Also nice: there is free wifi. Bagel Street Café is also a good place if you want to get some work done.

The menu card contains many different types of bagels. There are options with meat, chicken, fish. Vegetarians and vegans can also find something to their like in Bagel Street Café. They also have a bagel of the month for which visitors can make suggestions themselves. At the Hornstull branch you can also order vegan bagels (4 different ones!).

7 x Bagel Street Café in STHLM, 1x in Malmö

In Stockholm you can find different locations from Bagel Street Café. I went to Hornsgatan but there are already 7 branches spread over Stockholm. Also in Malmö they opened a Bagel Street Café. The offer may be somewhat different per location. To check opening hours, have a look on  their website.

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