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Visiting the Baltic Sea Science Centre in Skansen

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With Kulturnatten I ended up in Skansen , on Djurgården. Their new attraction, Baltic Sea Science Centre, had just opened. Admission to the Baltic Sea Science Center is included in your Skansen ticket. In this aquarium and scientific center you will learn everything about life in the Baltic Sea.

Baltic Sea Science Center in Skansen

The Baltic Sea

The Baltic Sea is the sea between Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Germany and Denmark. Because the sea has only a limited connection with the Atlantic, it is rather brackish water.

Baltic Sea Science Center in Skansen

The Baltic Sea has a unique but fragile ecosystem. In addition to the aquaria (there is even a large aquarium where you walk underneath in a tunnel), attention is also paid to conservation and the future of the Baltic Sea.

Baltic Sea Science Center in Skansen

Baltic Sea Science Centre

In the new aquarium, the different fragile ecosystems of the Baltic Sea found their place. There are aquaria that represent the shallow rocky coasts and aquaria of the open sea. Among other things, you see cod, herring, lumpfish, flatfish and sturgeons swimming around. Most aquariums are quite large and can be viewed from multiple sides. The showpiece is of course the tunnel tank. Here you literally walk under the fish.

Baltic Sea Science Center in Skansen

In another part of the center you will get more explanation about the fragile ecosystem and the influence of environmental pollution and global warming on the Baltic Sea. The gigantic map where you can step across the Baltic Sea is impressive as well.


Baltic Sea Science Centre is part of Skansen. Admission is included in your Skansen ticket.

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Baltic Sea Science Center Skansen Stockholm


Allsång på Skansen sing-a-long

Since 1935 (with some interruptions) you can go to Allsång på Skansen in Skansen (Stockholm). This music event has also been broadcast on SVT since 1979. Well-known artists do not only bring their own hits, they also sing a song that belongs to the collective Swedish memory. All Swedes know the text by heart. For those who do not know the lyrics, there are lyric-booklets for sale. On TV you get the text at the bottom of your screen.

Allsång på Skansen

Swedish party

Already in the early afternoon the Swedes start to come up for a place close to the stage. A little further from the stage, groups of friends and family pick a picnic spots. A unique experience, although at times – even for me – it was a bit too Swedish.

Allsång på Skansen

Stockholm i mitt hjärta

The show’s starting tune is ‘Stockholm i mitt hjärta’, a true classic. I can really recommend Allsång på Skansen for those who want to master the Swedish language. Because you can sing along and see the text on TV, you learn how the words are spoken. Singing songs is a good method to learn things anyway.

You not only learn the language but you also get a taste of Swedish culture. Thanks to Allsång på Skansen I got to know songs like ‘Var ska vi sova inatt’, ‘En kväll i juni’ and other classics.

Allsång på Skansen

Presentation Allsång på Skansen

Allsång på Skansen in Sweden is one of the best-watched TV programs of the summer. Currently, the presentation is done by Sanna Nielsen, who also took part in the Eurovision Song Contest with ‘Undo’ for Sweden. Eurovision Song Contest winner Måns Zelmerlöw also presented the program.

A culinary experience at Oaxen Krog & Slip

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Stockholm has a lot of culinary hotspots. One that was on my list for a while was Oaxen Krog & Slip on Djurgården. I previously stayed at the Prince van Orangiën, belonging to the same group and across the water of the restaurant.

Oaxen Krog & Slip

Oaxen Krog & Slip has been listed as one of Stockholm’s best restaurants for a few years already. You can have a quick lunch or an extensive dinner. For dinner it is advisable to make reservations. The restaurant is often fully booked long in advance. If you would like to be sure, you can also book for lunch.

A praline of 5 euro

 Oaxen Krog & Slip (2)

Oaxen Krog & Slip serves a limited menu. For lunch there is a weekly changing menu. The serving dishes were just put on the table and you could serve yourself. The portions were spacious and we both liked it a lot.

Oaxen Krog & Slip (1)

Make sure you leave some place for dessert. One of the desserts on the map is the Oaxen praline. Don’t get scared by the price tag. You pay about 5 euros for the praline. As Belgians we were surprised because there is no special stuff at all in it. It’s just a nice piece of chocolate.

Despite the price of this praline, lunch at Oaxen Krog & Slip is quite affordable. The water is served for free and the service is impeccable. You get healthy, fair and tasty dishes and it’s a very beautiful setting with a view over the water.

Have you ever been to Oaxen Krog & Slip? Which other culinary adresses in Stockholm can you recommend?