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Celebrate Sankta Lucia in Skansen

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Sankta Lucia in Skansen - Solliden

Sankta Lucia is one of my favorite Swedish holidays. When the choir starts Sankta Lucia, I immediately get goosebumps. In recent years I had the pleasure to experience some special Lucia festivities. My first Lucia concert was in the Bosebo church in Kulturen in Lund. Magic! But I will also never forget the morning concert in the hotel. Especially because it was so unexpected and at the same time so authentic. Also Skansen in Stockholm is a fantastic place to celebrate Sankta Lucia. They have been celebrating the light here since 1892.

All high times are true experiences in Skansen and Sankta Lucia is no exception. Skansen celebrates Sankta Lucia for several days. Of course on December 13th, but also often the weekend before or after (depending on what day December 13 falls). For 2021 this will be on December 11, 12 and 13. The nice thing about Sankta Lucia in Skansen is that during the weekend you can combine it with the Christmas market from Skansen. I have very fond memories of the past events in Skansen and look forward to going back every year.

There are several Lucia concerts in Skansen. The concerts in Seglora kyrka and Ordenshuset Brofästet (I didn’t attend the one in this second place myself yet, I hope it works out this year) are for a limited audience and I recommend waiting in line early enough. The concert of Sankta Lucia at Solliden in Skansen is on a large stage (in the same place as where Allsång på Skansen is recorded).

Read more about Sankta Lucia here!

Lucia concert in Seglora kyrka

Sankta Lucia in Skansen - Seglora kyrka

My favorite is the concert in the Seglora church (kyrka in Swedish). This old wooden church from Västergotland dates from 1729 and was moved to Skansen in 1918. During the concert, be sure to look up to the beautiful ceiling paintings. These were painted by the Swedish painter Sven Wernberg (1734–1735).

The doors open 20 minutes before the start of the concert. Everyone took a seat and suddenly it became very quiet. Goosebumps as the choir walked in, with Lucia leading the way. The concert lasted half an hour and the atmosphere in the church was almost magical!

Sankta Lucia on Solliden

I was tipped to stand a bit to the side of the stage when Sankta Lucia is celebrated in Skansen on Solliden. It was a chilly, gray day and the rain was beginning to seep through my coat. Just before that, I had warmed up with some fika and made sure I was back by the podium in time. Suddenly I heard a carriage driving up! The choir and Lucia were driven to the stage in a carriage drawn by horses from the Royal Stables. So nice!

The choir’s voices immediately warmed up the audience. Very nice to see how they celebrate the light. A boost in these dark days and yes, unbelievable but ten days after Sankta Lucia the days are finally getting longer again! The concert lasts about 40 minutes and is a nice end to a day at Skansen in a Christmas atmosphere.

Other Lucia concerts in Skansen

In addition to the above 2 Lucia concerts in Skansen, there is also a Lucia choir in the park. And if you want to know how Sankta Lucia was celebrated a century ago, you can visit Ordenshuset Brofästet in Skansen. Here too, the doors open 20 minutes before the start of the concert. The exact times of the concerts and celebrations can be found on the Skansen website.

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Sankta Lucia in Skansen - Seglora kyrka
Sankta Lucia in Skansen - Solliden
16 November 2021

Villa Ekarne on Djurgården

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Villa Ekarne

ABBA lovers will certainly visit Djurgården during their city trip to Stockholm. The ABBA-museum was the ultimate push for me to finally book that city trip to Stockholm. The rest is history… 😉 Besides the ABBA museum there are more places of interest for the ABBA-fans on the island. For example, Stig Anderson, the manager of ABBA, lived in Villa Ekarne on Djurgården.

Villa Ekarne or Laurinska villa as the building is also called, was designed by the Swedish architect Ragnar Östberg. The building dates from 1907. The first owner was the publisher and art collector Torsten Laurin. He had one of the largest art collections in Sweden at the time! A large painting by artist Carl Larsson is said to still be in the hall: De Mina.

Villa Ekarne

More recently, the German embassy was located in Villa Ekarne. You can’t do much more than glance through the fence, but you see that this house has a specific architecture. On the Swedish wikipedia they say the following (free translation):

The style of the house is characterized by National Romanticism and also has clear Anglo-Saxon characteristics from the Arts and Crafts movement. Villa Ekarne has been designed in such a way that it merges inextricably with nature on the high and mountainous plot. The villa, like Östberg’s later Villa Mullberget, is clad in dark brown wood shavings and was originally glazed with colored vitriol to achieve a grayish tint. The plinth and the terrace are made of granite, while the roof is covered with glazed green roof tiles.

Practical information

How to reach Villa Ekarne?

If you walk from Skansen or ABBA – The Museum via Djurgårdsvägen towards Rosendals Trädgård, you will pass the villa on your left.

Address: Singelbacken 21, Djurgården (Stockholm)


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Villa Ekarne in Stockholm
26 July 2021

Discover Swedish history at Nordiska Museet

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Nordiska Museet

One of Djurgården’s most impressive buildings is the Renaissance-style Nordiska Museet building. This museum houses several exhibition spaces where you can discover everything about Swedish culture from the Middle Ages to the present.

It was Artur Hazelius who was also the founder of the nearby Skansen, who took the initiative for Nordiska Museet. The current slogan of the museum ‘Känn dig själv‘ is also from the same Hazelius. The collection also contains more than 8,000 objects with a link to the history of the Sami. Furthermore, Nordiska Museet has a large collection of clothing, jewelry and design objects that illustrate Swedish culture over the years.

In addition to the exhibition spaces, Nordiska Museet also has a cozy cafeteria, an extensive library and a play area for children. During the Christmas season they put up a big Christmas tree in Nordiska. Definitely worth checking out!

Knutsdagen - Julgransplundring

The building

The main hall is, after Globen, the largest non-denominational space in Sweden. It is 126.5 meters long and 24 meters high. The project was originally supposed to be 4 times as large, but due to a lack of money they had to adjust this.

Deze afbeelding heeft een leeg alt-attribuut; de bestandsnaam is Nordiska-museet-2-1024x576.jpg

Practical information

Nordiska Museet is open daily. On Tuesdays between October and May, admission is free between 1 pm and 5 pm. Otherwise, a ticket costs 140 kroner (about 14 euros) for adults. Up to the age of 18 there is free access. Entrance is also included with the Go City Stockholm Card.

The most recent info can be found on their website.

Address: Djurgårdsvägen 6-16, Stockholm

Tips nearby

Tip: Nordiska also has a satellite, an hour’s drive from Stockholm: Julita Manor.

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Deze afbeelding heeft een leeg alt-attribuut; de bestandsnaam is Nordiska-Museet-683x1024.png
17 July 2021