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Stendörren, a nature reserve in Sörmland

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Stendörren Nature Reserve is an hour’s drive from Stockholm. Stendörren is located in Sörmland, along the coast between Nyköping and Trosa. Via a suspension bridge you enter the archipelago where you can fully enjoy nature. The Stendörren area is also a popular destination for sailing boats and pleasure yachts.

Stendörren - Sörmland Nature Reserve

There are several signposted routes in the nature reserve that you can follow, including Sörmlandsleden. A dip in the fresh water is highly recommended during the summer months. Be careful that you can get out of the water easily. I was very excited to jump into the water, but due to the slippery stones, needed some help to get back out of it.

Stendörren - Sörmland Nature Reserve

Stendörren consists of 2 areas. You can visit the first part without a boat via the suspension bridges. The second part, around the fishing port Aspnäset is only accessible by boat. The entire area is just under 1000 hectares, of which more than 70% is water.

Stendörren - Sörmland Nature Reserve


Those who want to learn more about life in the Baltic Sea can visit the museum at Aspnäset. Through various exhibitions you can learn everything about the environment, the fauna & flora and cultural history.

In the nature reserve you will find waste bins, toilets and special fire pits where you can barbecue. You will find a wheelchair-friendly place at Lerviksudden. A grill place is provided here as well.

Stendörren - Sörmland Nature Reserve

Staying the night?

You can’t just put your tent in the nature reserve of Stendörren. But you can go to one of the cottages in the reserve. Camping is only allowed on the parts that are not accessible on foot (but possibly to do so with a canoe).

Stendörren - Sörmland Nature Reserve


If you come by car, follow the E4 to Vagnhärad or Tystberga and continue on route 219 to Studsvik / Stendörren. If you opt for public transport, take bus 554 from the station of Nyköping or Trosa. The bus has a “Stendörren” stop. From there it is still about 4 km.

Stendörren - Sörmland Nature Reserve

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Hornsberg Strand, swim spot in Stockholm

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Anyone who is in Stockholm during the summer months and would like to make a splash in the fresh water certainly has the possibilities. One of the most accessible (and free) places is Hornsberg Strand, in the north of Kungsholmen. On sunny days it can be very busy and difficult to find a place on this beach. My tip: walk as far as possible until you find a pontoon somewhere at the end of the bend. It is usually a bit quieter here. And you also have a staircase here to get in and out of the water.

Hornsberg Strand Stockholm

Hornsberg Strand is a fairly new neighborhood in Stockholm. There used to be factories here and the neighborhood first had to be thoroughly cleaned up. Now it is one of the most popular neighborhoods on real estate sites. The park on the waterfront was designed by architect Bengt Isling who won the Siena prize for best landscape architecture.

Hornsberg Strand Stockholm


Despite what the name suggests, this is not a real beach. It is a promenade along the water where they have laid out terraces in different levels and where the sun-lovers gather. What makes it a beach are the various pontoons, the closed sections of water where no motor boats can come and where you can swim safely, and the many swimming ladders so that you can get out of the water quickly and safely. You don’t have to worry about water quality. There are no rescuers present so use common sense and never go swimming alone.

Hornsberg Strand Stockholm

Watching boats at Hornsberg Strand

Hornsberg Strand is a popular neighborhood where funky addresses and tasty ice cream stalls are opening at a fast pace. It can therefore be quite busy but it still has a calming appearance. You see boats passing by. Hornsberg Strand is also a great place to see the sunset. Even those who just want to walk along the water to relax can come here all year round.

Hornsberg Strand Stockholm


How do you reach Hornsberg Strand?

I do as much as possible on foot. You reach Hornsberg Strand, starting from the town hall , by following the north coast of Kungsholmen along the water, all along Kungsholmen Strand. It is a pleasant walk. Hornsberg Strand is located at the end of Kungsholmen.

Those who prefer to take the bus take line 50. It runs close to the water. You can also take the metro to Kristineberg. Then you go via the Nordenflychtsvägen to the Lindhagensgatan. Then it’s on your left.

In the neighborhood

  • Lily’s Burger
  • Pires
  • Kristinebergs Beach

A guided bike tour in Stockholm

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I’ve been to Stockholm multiple times but so far I only did one bike tour. Stockholm is great for walking and when I recently was given the opportunity to take a guided bike tour through Stockholm, I was curious to try it. It was nice to experience Stockholm by bike and I might do it more often in the future.

Stockholm lenteweekend moederdag (3)

Baja Bikes

Baja Bikes invited my mother and me to a guided cycling tour through Stockholm. In a group of 10-15 people, you cycle past the main sights of the city. It was an ideal introduction to the city for my mother who was there for the first time. And even I who can slowly start saying Stockholm is my second home learned some new things 🙂

Guide Staffan

The guide, Staffan, was a sporty and friendly Swede who was very helpful and during short stops, told us enthusiastically about the sights we passed. At first, I was surprised that we were with a fairly large group but we still managed to stay together. Occasionally the trail was a little uphill so you need to be quite fit.

Stockholm lenteweekend moederdag (4)

In Belgium where we live, it is always flat for cycling. It being uphill a little and a bike that you’re not used to and it was just a little too hard for my mum. Because I know the city quite good, I suggested to skip a hilly part of Djurgården. We had agreed with Staffan to meet up again at the bridge to the island so we could join the group again.

In brief: a bike tour of Stockholm

We left Tegelbacken, near the Central Station. Then we went to the town hall where we held a first short stop. From here we drove to Evert Taube Terraces where you can enjoy beautiful views over Riddarfjärden and Stadshuset (town hall).

Baja Bikes (1)

The next stop was at the Royal Palace and Rikshuset where the Swedish Parliament is housed. Thanks to Staffan, I know now where the Swedish Prime Minister lives. We continued our route to Skeppsholmen and Kastellholmen where we held a slightly longer stop and Staffan explained about the Vasa. We continued along the Opera and Strandvägen to Djurgården. Here mum and I chose a slightly shorter, flatter tour after which we joined the group again. The tour continued along the special monument to commemorate Raoul Wallenberg who, as a diplomat, saved many Jews. From the globe, a track goes to the great synagogue.

Baja Bikes (2)

The bike ride took about 3 hours and showed us the main sights. I would definitely recommend it if you come to town for the first time. You can also rent bikes at Baja Bikes and choose your own route.

Have you ever discovered Stockholm by bike?