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A guided bike tour in Stockholm

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I’ve been to Stockholm multiple times but so far I only did one bike tour. Stockholm is great for walking and when I recently was given the opportunity to take a guided bike tour through Stockholm, I was curious to try it. It was nice to experience Stockholm by bike and I might do it more often in the future.

Stockholm lenteweekend moederdag (3)

Baja Bikes

Baja Bikes invited my mother and me to a guided cycling tour through Stockholm. In a group of 10-15 people, you cycle past the main sights of the city. It was an ideal introduction to the city for my mother who was there for the first time. And even I who can slowly start saying Stockholm is my second home learned some new things 🙂

Guide Staffan

The guide, Staffan, was a sporty and friendly Swede who was very helpful and during short stops, told us enthusiastically about the sights we passed. At first, I was surprised that we were with a fairly large group but we still managed to stay together. Occasionally the trail was a little uphill so you need to be quite fit.

Stockholm lenteweekend moederdag (4)

In Belgium where we live, it is always flat for cycling. It being uphill a little and a bike that you’re not used to and it was just a little too hard for my mum. Because I know the city quite good, I suggested to skip a hilly part of Djurgården. We had agreed with Staffan to meet up again at the bridge to the island so we could join the group again.

In brief: a bike tour of Stockholm

We left Tegelbacken, near the Central Station. Then we went to the town hall where we held a first short stop. From here we drove to Evert Taube Terraces where you can enjoy beautiful views over Riddarfjärden and Stadshuset (town hall).

Baja Bikes (1)

The next stop was at the Royal Palace and Rikshuset where the Swedish Parliament is housed. Thanks to Staffan, I know now where the Swedish Prime Minister lives. We continued our route to Skeppsholmen and Kastellholmen where we held a slightly longer stop and Staffan explained about the Vasa. We continued along the Opera and Strandvägen to Djurgården. Here mum and I chose a slightly shorter, flatter tour after which we joined the group again. The tour continued along the special monument to commemorate Raoul Wallenberg who, as a diplomat, saved many Jews. From the globe, a track goes to the great synagogue.

Baja Bikes (2)

The bike ride took about 3 hours and showed us the main sights. I would definitely recommend it if you come to town for the first time. You can also rent bikes at Baja Bikes and choose your own route.

Have you ever discovered Stockholm by bike?

Lidingöloppet, cross country racing in Stockholm!

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At first it was not my intention to participate in the Lidingöloppet but I was thinking of running the Middernatslop on Södermalm, mid-August. But I already spent 3 weeks in Stockholm in July and it seemed crazy to go back already in August. Anyway, I hesitated just a little too long because when I wanted to enroll, the Middernatslop was already sold out.

Lidingöloppet, the largest cross country race

Not much later Lidingöloppet caught my attention. This run is the biggest cross country race in the world. 30,000 people are participating. Lidingöloppet is part of En Svensk Klassiker (will write more on that later). There are different categories including various races for children, 10 km, 15 km and the famous 30 km.

I’m happy to share some practical information on Lidingöloppet for those who want to participate in the future and tell a little about how I experienced this great running event.

Lidingöloppet (1)

Lidingö is an island near Stockholm. You can go by boat but there is also a fixed bridge, Lidingöbron. A lot of commuters are living in Lindingo. The last weekend of September, the whole island is busy with Lidingöloppet. The local children have a lemonade stand and sell all kinds of sweets. There are food stalls and there is a lot of atmosphere. The whole island seems to be celebrating and welcoming the event!

Lidingöloppet (3)

Even though 30,000 participants are joining, Lidingöloppet is by far the best organized running event in which I participated already! Nowhere I had to wait or queue, everything was marked clearly, and the runners are really pampered.

With more than 50 euro entry fee, it is not a cheap race. But which other running race offers you kanelbullar at the supplies and at the finish? 😉

Free buses

Free buses between bus and subway station Ropsten and Lidingövallen are offered during the whole weekend of Lidingöloppet. They recommend to pick up your bib number already on Friday. So I took the late afternoon bus from Ropsten to Lidingövallen.

You can stay for free at one of the three schools on Lidingö. Individual runners get a spot in the sports hall, groups can reserve their own classroom. There are only a few hotels in Lidingö and this weekend is always fully booked long in advance, so this is a great and inexpensive solution.

Sleeping at the gym

You register on arrival at the sports hall. Typical Swedish: at the door you take off your shoes! Then you pick yourself a spot. Tip: be on time, then you have more choice. In the hall where I stayed you could sleep on the tribune stand as well which gave a little more privacy. Others took advantage of the gymnastics equipment to sleep extra soft or make a small bedroom. There were also showers and toilets available.

Lidingöloppet (4)

So you should pack your own mattress and sleeping bag. By coincidence the spot where I put my mattras had an outlet so I could easily charge my smartphone but you better bring additional external batteries, just to be sure!

It was no problem to leave your gear at the hall. Obviously you better not leave valuables! Sleeping in the gym is free. Those who want to reserve a private classroom, pays a small fee.

Practical informations

On Friday I explored the start and finish areas. For Lidingöloppet there are three event zones, each with its function. Lidingövallen was the central place where you pick up your number, where you can leave your bag etc. Koltorps Gärde was the starting position for the 15 km race (and also the 30 km run). From Lidingövallen to Koltorps Gärde, it was a tough hike. I knew already then what ‘backen’ means! The finish was on Grönsta Gärde.

Lidingöloppet (8)

You start in different groups. Your start group depends on any previous result or your estimated finish time. The start boxes for the different starting groups are clearly marked. Of course, there is a group warming-up. The whole event is mostly in Swedish but the most important info can also be found in English. Each year, there are in fact more and more international participants. I suspect that the flags of all participating nationalities were hanging out because I even spotted a Belgian flag!

Lidingöloppet (7)

If you come to the start area, you can take off your clothes for the warm up and leave them in a plastic bag with your start number on it. They bring those bags to the finish! Your other bag is to be dropped off at Lidingövallen and you can choose where to pick it up after the run. If you pick it up at Lidingövallen, then it is for free.  For 40 kronor they transport it to the finish. I found this system very practical and very well organized!

Lidingöloppet (1)

Lidingöloppet (11)

Fair enough, 15 km was quite overconfident. I knew that. Last summer I had run a little but hardly ever went beyond 6 km. And now I would do almost 3 x that distance. Ahem. I chose to start quietly anyway. Because I was determined to finish the race!

Lidingöloppet (12)

Soon I found a few other runners who ran about my pace. And who chose to walk the steep hills instead of running up 🙂 Yes, I’ve walked a lot but the flatter pieces I’ve all done running! At each supply I took the time to drink some energy drink and some water. And what a nice surprise it was when they suddenly also offered kanelbullar!

Lidingöloppet (13)

Yes, it was quite a hilly run! But the trail was very varied and I really enjoyed it. Although I was glad I passed the finish line, I found it a pity that it was already over. It was lovely running in the woods and along the water. Certainly worth doing again!

Lidingöloppet (14)

Yes, I did it!

Afterwards, the participants received a medal with a design of the artist Milles. I was obviously boulder-proud of this medal 🙂

Lidingöloppet (15)

The shower afterwards felt so great (cold water and sponsored shower gel – and barely any queues!). I refilled my energy by devouring a veggie burger. Hooray for food stalls where you a) can pay with the card and b) you find veggie burgers. I felt energetic enough to go and sheer for the 30 km runners.

Lidingöloppet (6)

Also on Saturday night I stayed at the sports hall.  I was just too tired to walk around in Stockholm 🙂

Did you already run Lidingöloppet? Or are you planning to participate? What is your favorite running event in Sweden?

Ribersborgs Kallbadhuset in Malmö

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Sauna with ocean views!

Swedes are, just like people in Finland, really fond of their sauna. Actually, I should say: bastu because the Swedes have their own word for a sauna. Near Västra Hamnen in Malmö you find Ribersborgs Park where you can go hiking for hours, swim in the sea, do water sports, … and even relax in the bastu at Ribersborgs Kallbadhuset!

Ribersborgs Kallbadhuset Malmö

Ribersborgs Kallbadhuset is uniquely located at the end of one of the piers. There are 5 bastu in this complex: two for the ladies (a regular one and a quiet one), two for men and one mixed bastu with high humidity. All bastus I visited had a sea view. Some had a view on the Öresundbridge as well.

Swim in the sea

Between sauna sessions you can take a swim in the sea. There are both stairs at the ‘inside’ so you swim in a protected part of the sea, as stairs on the outside so you really can go swimming in the sea.

You go naked in the bastu, no bathing suits allowed. Be sure to bring at least two towels. A towel to sit on in the bastu is obligatory and you will also want to have a towel to dry off after showering. You should also bring your own shower gel and shampoo.

Practical information of Ribersborgs Kallbadhuset

Access to Kallbadhus is 65 kronor. You can pay on the side of the bar in the restaurant. Here you can also book additional beauty treatments or massages if you want to. After paying, you walk through the back, to the changing rooms. You can store your clothes and other belongings in lockers which you can lock. You’ll need a small padlock for that. This can be brought from home or you can buy one there for 40 kronor.

The restaurant of Ribersborg Kallbadhuset is also open for those who are not using the sauna complex. You can go there for lunch, dinner or fika.

More information can be found on their website.