Swedish Christmas traditions: SVT’s Julkalender

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Since 1960, you can watch a special TV series broadcasted on the Swedish television channel SVT every year during the advent. SVT’s Julkalender or Christmas calendar as the series is called, offers a different story every year. In 2017 it will be a Science Fiction series. On the SVT website you can also view all episodes of previous years.

Foto BERTIL S-SON ÅBERG SVT SVT-Julkalender Titteliture



The advent calendar began as part of another program, but it is now a complete program on its own that is very popular with children. An episode of SVT’s Christmas calendar takes about a quarter of an hour. The first series in 1960 was Titteliture. Some years are even released on DVD. SVT’s Christmas calendar is something that is very popular. The Swedish looks forward to announcing the title and the cast for the coming year. Viewer audiences of 2 millions and more are no exception (with only 10 million Swedes, that’s really a lot), mostly children but secretly, adults are looking forward to it too. It’s nostalgia, and Swedes also likes their Christmas traditions. SVT’s Christmas calendar is not the only thing around Christmas that gets most of Sweden in front of the television. Their Christmas Eve each year begins with Kalle Anka.

Here you learn more about Swedish Christmas traditions.

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