Eating in Malmö: Salt & Brygga

Salt och Brygga

Update: unfortunately this restaurant is now closed.

Västra Hamnen is my favorite area of Malmö. One of the restaurants on the promenade (with a view of the Öresund Bridge) is Salt & Brygga, a bistro that mainly serves seasonal products.

View on The Bridge

The promenade of Västra Hamnen is a wonderful place to be. In the evening you can watch the sun set into the sea and during daytime you enjoy the views of the Öresundburg. Salt & Brygga is located near Riberborgspark. In the summer, I can recommend the sunny terrace.

Best bio

In 2010, Salt & Brygga won the prize for the best eco-restaurant. In 2015 the restaurant changed owner and the new owners (who previously already worked in the restaurant) chose to take a different path. Salt & Brygga is still known for its organic slow food but it is no longer only doing that.

My recommendations

My favorites at Salt & Brygga are the lunches. In the afternoon (on weekdays) you can choose for a daily menu with a budget-friendly price. That daily menu changes weekly. For the vegetarian menu and the menu of meat, you pay about 10 euros. For the daily menu with fish it is around 15 euros.

The quality of the food is very good. In addition, water is always included. I already tasted the vegetarian option and the daily fish menu. Very tasty but rather small portions. Now, with all those fika-stops when I am in Sweden that might not be so bad. In addition to the daily menu, there is also a (limited) card with varying dishes.

The desserts at Salt & Brygga are quite popular. Salt & Brygga recently also started organizing brunches. Something I certainly will add to my list to try next time I am in Malmö. No need to go to the buffet yourself here, as you get everything served at the table.