Staying at The Winery Hotel

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A hotel with a rooftop pool always always makes my heart jump. If that hotel is just a stone’s throw away from Stockholm, I am completely head over heels. The Winery Hotel has, as the name suggests, something with wine: they produce wine!

 The Winery Hotel - Solna

Boutique hotel x winery

In Solna, just north of Stockholm, you will find this unique boutique hotel that opened in 2016. With its mix of design and industrial feel, the hotel breathes New York vibes. The Winery Hotel is Sweden’s first (and only) boutique hotel that combines a hotel with a winery. The vineyard is in Terreno (Tuscany) but the grapes are processed in Solna. They produce around 10,000-12,000 bottles of wine every year.

The WInery Hotel - Solna

For wine lovers

In the hotel you can book daily guided tours of the winery (except on Sundays). Check with the hotel for the exact hours.

From Thursday to Saturday, they also organize wine tasting sessions at the hotel. For 350 SEK (about 35 euros) you can taste 4 wines and get a word of explanation from professional sommeliers. Or ask for a personalized package.

The WInery Hotel - Solna

Roof terrace with swimming pool

Don’t forget to bring your bathing suit if you are staying at The Winery Hotel. A stay at the hotel is not complete without a dip in their rooftop pool. Forbes Magazine declared their rooftop to be one of the best in the world! The heated swimming pool (30 ° C) is open all year round and offers a view of the nearby lake and park of Brunnsviken. The bar is only open during the summer months. New is the Italian restaurant on the roof where you can eat pasta and pizza.

The WInery Hotel - Solna

The Winery Hotel – practical

If the purpose of your stay is a city trip in Stockholm, I would rather go for a city center hotel. There is plenty of choice for everyone’s taste and budget. The Winery Hotel seems more suitable for wine lovers who want a short getaway. Or for those who take a road trip through Sweden and want to combine this with a city trip in Stockholm and therefore need affordable parking.

Book your room at The Winery Hotel

The rooms at The Winery Hotel are comfortable, soundproof and completely dark. The breakfast gives you the best start of the day.

Click here for the best price for a stay at The Winery Hotel.

How do you reach The Winery Hotel?

Reaching The Winery Hotel is easiest by car. The hotel has a parking and is therefore ideal for those who come by car.

If you travel by public transport, the best option depends on the time. Download the app from SL to get the best options. The Järva Krog stop is nearby and the easiest. Arlanda’s Flygbussarna also stop here.

Address: Rosenborgsgatan 20, Solna

In the neighborhood

  • Friends Arena
  • Mall of Scandinavia
  • Brunnsviken
  • Haga Parks


Sparreholm Castle in Sörmland

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Sparreholms Slott is one of the most bizarre domains I already visited in Sweden. In addition to an idyllic castle, you’ll find the largest collection of jukeboxes in Europe, an extremely refined private collection of vintage cars, a bicycle museum, a nostalgic café and a horse center. If you find this a somewhat strange combination, then I can tell you that this applies to the collections as well. Something for everyone!

Sparreholms Slott

I visited Sparreholms Slott – Sparreholm Castle in July 2016, along with some other travel bloggers, as part of a press trip to Sörmland. Sparreholm Castle is one of those gems that I might not have visited otherwise. And although vintage cars and bicycles usually don’t appeal to me, I did enjoy this place. Let me introduce you to Sparreholm Castle.

The history of the castle

Sparreholms Slott

Sörmland is just south of Stockholm and is known as Stockholm’s Country Side. It is a region with 400 castles and country houses. Over the years there have been several country houses and castles on the Sparreholm domain. Sparreholm was originally called Hyltingenäs. Around 1580, the domain came into the hands of the Sparre family. In 1643 they changed the name of the domain to Sparreholm. In 1757 the family left the domain. The castle came into the hands of Baron Antoine De Geer’s widow. The castle would change owners several times until the current owner Anna Karinen bought it together with her family in 1996. They completely renovated the castle and now offer a diverse range of activities on the property.

Jukebox museum

Sparreholms Slott

Above the summer bar you’ll find the jukebox museum. They boast that they have Europe’s largest jukebox collection. The collection ranges from phonographs to gramophones to modern jukeboxes. The collection is simply magic when the lights in the museum are turned off and the space is transformed into a disco.

Sparreholms Slott

Bicycle Museum

Near the jukebox museum is also a unique bicycle museum with dozens of old bicycles. The owners of Sparreholm Castle are clearly collectors. Collectors of just about everything.

Oldtimer collection

Sparreholms Slott

In the car museum you will find vintage cars from 1800 to contemporary cars. It is one of the most exclusive private collections in Europe. They have around 60 classic cars, including a 1936 Mercedes 540K that was once owned by Prince Gustaf Adolf, the father of the current Swedish king. In addition, they also have the Cadillac V8 from King Gustav V who gave the name to Kungens Kurva (= the shopping center near Stockholm where you find one of the largest Ikeas in the world).

Sparreholms Slott

The Horse Center

The horse center is active throughout the year. They also offer weekend trips with riding lessons. This way you can go for classic dressage with their lusitano horses and modern riding techniques.


Sparreholm Castle can only be visited by appointment. Only during the Swedish summer holidays (from midsummer to mid-August) can you visit the domain spontaneously.

Thanks to Visit Sörmland.

How Sweden celebrates midsummer

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Last year I celebrated midsummer in Sweden for the first time. What a wonderful party! In Sweden, midsummer is just as important as Christmas . Girls wear flower crowns in their hair and a lot of people wear traditional costumes. The maypole is straightened together with the entire village, after which children and adults dance around it while they sing about frogs.

Midsommar or midsummer

The Swedes celebrate the start of the summer, the time of the solstice, on the Friday that is closest to June 21 (ie the Friday between June 19 and 25). It is a real holiday: just like at Christmas (almost) everyone is home and almost all shops are closed. On midsommarafton or the eve of the midsummer party, the shops and museums close earlier so that everyone has time to prepare the party. Midsummer is mainly celebrated with family or friends. For many Swedes, midsummer is the start of their summer vacation.

Midsummer in Sweden

If you are in Sweden with midsummer, try to find out in advance where you can attend a traditional midsummer celebration. If you’re lucky, Swedish friends will invite you to this party. I myself was in Mora last year and happened to come by a very authentic midsummer party in one of the neighborhoods. Whoever is in Stockholm may experience the city as ’empty’. Most of them go to their summer house (or that of friends). Yet with midsummer in Stockholm you can also go to Skansen for a traditional celebration.

The maypole

Under loud encouragement from the public, some strong men (and women) set up the maypole (in Swedish: midsommarstång or majstång). The May tree is a cross-shaped pole that is completely decorated with greenery and ribbons and symbolizes the fertility of the earth. The different villages / neighborhoods sometimes outdo each other with the most beautiful or largest maypole.

Små grodorna

Young and old will dance and sing around the maypole. Everyone happily participates. You soon learn the dances. The day before midsummer I had practiced the song Små grodorna on the Inlandsbanan together with some Swedish couples. A moment I will never forget! They taught me the lyrics of the song and the accompanying dance. Imagine: 9 adults who happily jump around like frogs in the aisle of the train. Memorable!

Strawberries and aquavit

Besides the maypole you can also see strawberries (or strawberry cake) popping up everywhere. The Swedes are crazy about these red fruits and eat a lot of them during midsummer. A little later in the evening the aquavit (strong drink) should not be missed. All kinds of traditional Swedish dishes are on the table (lots of vegetables but also potatoes and fish).

Just as traditional as pickled herring and potato salad is the fact that the weather is often less good. The Swedes sometimes laugh that it is just as cold on Christmas as it is on midsummer. A few years ago it was even the reverse and in certain places in the south of Sweden it was warmer at Christmas than on midsummer.