Staying at Hotel Esplanade in Stockholm

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Hotel Esplanade Stockholm

When I look for a hotel in Stockholm, I mainly look at the location. Since I usually do everything on foot, a hotel that is centrally located in the city is the easiest. I’m happy to pay a little extra for that. If that hotel is also facing the water, I feel very lucky. When I traveled to Stockholm in December 2019, Hotel Esplanade caught my eye. Despite what you might expect from a hotel on Strandvägen, it was still quite affordable.

It was a bit further away from the Central Station than the hotels around Brunkebergstorg (At Six, Hobo, Downtown Camper) where I also like to stay, but it was a bit closer to Djurgården.

As soon as I walked in, I felt like a princess. They immediately live up to their slogan ‘a personal boutique hotel’. The welcoming was very warm. Apparently it is a hotel where guests like to stay for a longer period of time and I completely agree with that. I had a chat with the lady at the reception, she gave me some extra tips for my stay and I took the old wooden stairs to my room.

From the salons you have a beautiful view over the water, Nybroviken. Such a lovely sitting area! You’ll find the high ceilings everywhere, including in the rooms. Another feature that you see (or should I say, hear) everywhere is the creaky wooden floors. It has its charm (and I can’t remember being bothered by the noise in my room).

Hotel Esplanade Stockholm

Hotel Esplanade, a hotel with a history

I previously slept in Best Western Bentleys Hotel in Drottninggatan. The style of both hotels is a bit similar. Hotel Esplanade is located in a beautiful ‘jugendhus’ from 1910 and has 34 rooms. When the hotel opened, it was under the name Grand Pensionat Dehn. Most of the furniture is still original. The interior is mainly from Svenskt Tenn and NK. There are both single and double rooms, from basic to deluxe. The rooms face either the courtyard, Hovstallet or Nybroviken waters. Coffee, tea and biscuits are available in the lounges throughout the day. Breakfast is served in the beautifully decorated breakfast room. My favorite at the breakfast buffet was the skagenröra.

Hotel Esplanade is a popular location for TV and film shooting and fashion magazines also like to come to the hotel for photo shoots.

Hotel Esplanade Stockholm


How do you get to Hotel Esplanade? 

Hotel Esplanade Strandvägen

I walked from Centralen to Hotel Esplanade (a 20 minute walk) but you can also take public transport or a taxi. Take the metro (tunnelbana) to Nybroplan. From here it is a 2 minute walk.

The hotel itself has no parking. The nearest (paid) parking spaces can be found a little further along Strandvägen.

Address: Strandvägen 7a, Stockholm

Book your room at Hotel Esplanade

Would you like to stay at Hotel Esplanade yourself? Book your overnight stay here!

Other hotels nearby


  • Svenskt Tenn
  • Dramaten
  • Nybroviken with ferries to the archipelago and cruises

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5 January 2022

Important dates and (school) holidays in Sweden 2022

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Important holidays & festive days in Sweden

A new year, a new empty agenda! My agenda is never empty for very long as I begin to mark all the long weekends and vacations. Knowing when the holidays and vacations fall is so handy when planning a trip. That’s why I set up a list for you with the dates of the holidays in Sweden. This way you can not only avoid finding out many things closed during your stay, but you can also choose your travel dates in function of certain festivities.

Important! Be sure to check the travel advice of your government before traveling. Latest update on corona in Sweden can be found here.

Swedish Holidays 2022

The official Swedish holidays are röda dagen (red days) in Sweden. These are the days when most of Sweden do not have to work. I put them bold in the list below. Midsummer Eve and Christmas Eve are in bold and italic. Although no official holidays in Sweden, most of the Swedish take the day off or stop working earlier.

1 JanuaryNyårsdagenNew year
6 JanuaryTrettondedag Jul 
13 JanuaryTjugondedag Jul (Knutsdagen) 
16 FebruaryFettisdagen 
14 FebruaryAlla Hjärtans dagValentine’s day
14 AprilSkärtorsdagen 
15 AprilLångfredagen 
17 AprilPåskdagenEaster
18 AprilAnnandag PåskEaster monday
30 AprilValborgsmässoaftonWalpurgis
1 MayFörsta Maj 
26 MayKristi Himmelfärds dag 
29 MayMors dagMother’s day
6 JuneSveriges nationaldagNational holiday
5 JunePingstdagen 
6 June Annandag Pingst 
24 JuneMidsommaraftonMidsummer eve
25 JuneMidsommarenMidsummer
5 NovemberAlla Helgons dagAll Saints
13 NovemberFars dagFather’s day
13 DecemberLuciadagenSt Lucia
24 DecemberJulaftonChristmas eve
25 DecemberJuldagen (Jul)Christmas
26 DecemberAnnandag Jul Boxing Day

Swedish school holidays 2022

The Swedish school holidays are sometimes spread, depending on the region.

Christmas Holidays

The Christmas holidays in Sweden run for everyone from December 23, 2022, till January 8, 2023.

Visiting Stockholm during Christmas season? Read this article!

Winter Holidays

In Sweden, the winter holiday is called ‘sportlov‘ or sports holidays. This holiday is spread between weeks 7 and 10, depending on the region. In Göteborg it is week 7, in Malmö week 8 and Stockholm had week 9.

If you would like to book a skiing holiday in Sweden, it may be useful to take these dates into account. Outside these periods, certain slopes can be closed or more (and cheaper) accommodation can be available.

Easter Holidays

Only Stockholm and Central Sweden have a full week of Easter Holidays. The other regions only have an extended Easter weekend.

Summer Holiday

The Summer Holidays in Sweden commence on June 13th and last until August 17, 2022.

Autumn Holiday

The autumn vacation also depend on the region: from 31 October to 4 November 2022.

Good to know when planning your vacation to Sweden

⭐️On the eve of a holiday, shops and museums often close a bit earlier. Midsummer can be compared to Christmas. Just about everything is closed and a lot of Swedes go to their sommarstuga or holiday home. Yes, the day before is often one of the busiest times on the roads!

⭐️ During the corona crisis, the Swedes seemed to have rediscovered their own country. So keep in mind that during the Swedish summer holidays it can be crowded in the popular places. It is best to book overnight stays in touristic regions in advance. Try to travel a little later if you can – in mid-August the Swedish summer holidays are over and things are quieter again. Do check that the addresses you want to visit are still open during the week, for example. Or avoid the more popular spots and explore lesser-known regions.

⭐️ Many holidays are really special to experience in Sweden. I’m thinking of Valborg, midsummer,… Sometimes I really try to plan my trips around those events.

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Important dates and (school) holidays in Sweden
1 January 2022

Corona & travelling to Sweden – update 1/4/22

Corona travel restrictions sweden

Are you planning to travel to Sweden or are you in Sweden? Are you allowed to travel to Sweden while the world is still dealing with the corona virus? In this article you can find all you need to know about the corona travel restrictions for traveling to and in Sweden.

Click here for the official website of the Public Health Agency of Sweden.

Disclaimer: I try to keep this article updated but things can change quickly. I always link to the official resources so you easily can find the latest and official information.

Please note that the situation can change at any time (both ways), even when you are already in Sweden. As a traveler you have a great responsibility in stopping the spread of the virus. Stay home when you have symptoms and follow all corona rules.

Can you travel to Sweden during corona? – Travel restrictions

This depends on a lot of things. You have to check the travel restrictions of your country of residence and the restrictions/measurements from Sweden.

Are you living inside the EU? Or travelling from outside the EU?

  • To travel to Sweden as a foreign visitor you no longer need a covid certificate, negative test or recovery certificate.

How does corona affect life in Sweden?

In Sweden, the emergency number 1177 applies to those who show symptoms or are concerned that they may be infected.

From February 9, 2022, the following recommendations apply in Sweden:


  • Stay at home if you have symptoms and avoid close contacts with others.
  • If you’re not vaccinated you should be extra careful and avoid crowded environments, especially indoors.

The corona situation in Sweden

Recent figures can be found here (in Swedish)

Corona virus in the other Scandinavian countries

Check the website of the EU to see what the current status for travelling in the Nordics is.

General advice in the fight against corona

  • Travelers can spread the virus faster. Take your responsibility and stay at home.
  • Wash your hands, during at least 40 seconds and as often as possible. If you use your hand gel, make sure that it contains at least 70% alcohol.
  • Don’t touch your face (eyes, mouth, nose, …).
  • Cover your mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing and wash your hands carefully afterwards.
  • Avoid contact with other persons as much as possible to limit further spread.

Bring Sweden to your home

Learn Swedish or try some Swedish recipes!

Disclaimer: always check the latest advice at official sources. I do my best to keep this page as up to date as possible. If you have any additions, please send me an email!
Original post: March 14, 2020 – Last update: April 1, 2022.

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