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The Nobel Museum (Nobelmuseet) in Stockholm opened in 2001, on the centenary of the Nobel Prize, and is currently located in the building of the former Börshuset (Stock Exchange) on Stortorget (Gamla Stan). The Nobel Library and the Swedish Academy are housed here as well. In 2018, the Nobel Museum will be moving to a still to be built and already controversial Nobel Center.

Nobelmuseet Stockholm

At the Nobel Museum you can join guided tours. These daily tours are given in Swedish and English. The tours are included in the admission fee (100 SEK). If you have a Stockholm Card, admission to Nobel Museum is included.

Nobelmuseet (2)

The Nobel Museum offers you a look on the life of Alfred Nobel . You’ll learn all about his inventions and about the Nobel Prize. At the ceiling the 900 laureates pass on a rail. These are mainly men. Only 49 women won a Nobel Prize so far. 26 times an organization (like the Red Cross) received the Nobel Prize.

Bistro Nobel
Nobel ice

Make sure to, after your visit to the museum, visit Bistro Nobel, the cafeteria of the museum. Here you can order the official Nobel ice. This ice cream is specially made for Bistro Nobel and is only available here. It’s the same ice cream that was served at the Nobel Banquet between 1976 and 1998. If you would like to taste a complete Nobel menu, you can make dinner reservations at Stadshuskällaren .

Don’t forget to turn your chair upside down before you leave Bisto Nobel. Each chair is signed by one of the winners of the Nobel Prize. Can you find the chair with the signature of President Obama?

Nobelmuseet (3)

Nobel Museum Karlskoga

In Karlskoga in Värmland (western Sweden) you can also visit a Nobel Museum. This museum is named Alfred Nobel’s Björkborn and is housed in the summer residence of Alfred Nobel on Manor Björkborn. He spent the last three years of his life here. This museum includes a reconstruction of his laboratory.

10 December 2016
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