MiaMarias: a great lunch spot in Malmö

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After Stockholm, Malmö is the second place in Sweden where I don’t feel like a tourist anymore but dare to say that I know the city so well that I start to detect the ‘local’ hotspots. MiaMarias is one of them. I was there last summer and I would love to return!

MiaMarias - Malmö

Summer terrace

I discovered this lunch spot by coincident. MiaMarias is a bit tucked away near Högskolan and SVT. The terrace looked cozy and there were a lot of people so I decided to give it a try. Their menu is quite limited but offers something for everyone. There was a dish with meat, a dish with fish and a vegetarian dish to choose from. There were also quite a few desserts. I went for the fish.

You order at the bar and pay immediately. In case you were wondering: you can pay by card (like almost everywhere in Sweden). Then you can go to the salad bar, take your cutlery and napkin and serve yourself with a glass and/or a carafe of water. They bring your main course to your table. I liked the salad bar. It was surprisingly good. The cod was tasty but not the best I ever had, to be honest.

MiaMarias - Malmö

Lunch at MiaMarias

MiaMarias offers lunch, daily between 11am and 14pm. MiaMarias gets good comments on Tripadvisor. I think it’s a hotspot mainly known by locals. The menu is only in Swedish, but Jenny and Johanna are happy to give you some explanation for the dishes. The terrace is really a must in good summer weather and inside it’s cozy too. MiaMarias is also well known for catering. They regularly do the catering for film crews!

MiaMarias - Malmö

Now let’s talk desserts… They all looked so delicious and it was hard to control myself but I haven’t tried them yet. Gives me a good reason to go back, next time I am in Malmö. Let me know if you have tasted the desserts of MiaMarias. Wondering if they are as good as they look!

MiaMarias - Malmö
8 February 2017
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