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Since I know Max, I don’t want Mc Donalds anymore! Not that I used to be a fan of Mc Do and other fast food chains, but sometimes a girl just wants some fastfood. Every time I had some Mc Donalds, I regretted straight afterwards. Not so with Max Burgare. This Swedish hamburger chain does it completely differently, and everytime I see the first Max Burgare from the bus from the Bromma airport to Centralen, I already start thinking about what burger I will choose this time.

Max hamburgare

5 x veggie

Yes, at Max even I as a vegetarian have several options! Max Burgare has no less than 5 vegetarian options. Some burgers are even eligible for vegans. Occasionally, there is also a special version so that I can try a new burger every time. The halloumi burger is for the time being my favorite.
I also eat fish and I can really recommend the fishburger too. Whoever wants to eat a salad is not limited to the classic Ceasar salad at Max Burgare. They offer more than 10 salads, including vegetarian options. The Max’s sauces are so popular that you can find them in supermarkets (including ICA)!

Swedish sustainability

However, Max Burgare is also known for its tasty hamburgers with Swedish meat. For all the products they use, they take into account the impact on the environment and choose for sustainability. For example, the new Max Burgare restaurants are completely energy-neutral!
In 1968, the first Max Hamburger Restaurant came in Gällivare, in Lapland. In the meantime, the Swedish hamburger chain has more than 100 restaurants. Most of them are in Sweden, but also in Norway, Denmark and even the Arab Emirates you can find Max. I discovered Max Burgare in Copenhagen. Did you know that they even have their own radio channel with music by Swedish artists?

Please, Max, come to Belgium!

Are there no minuses at Max? Unfortunately there are. The restaurants in the big cities are not always neat. And once, I even got cold fries (was take away and there was maybe 5 minutes between picking up the food at the hamburger restaurant and the place of eating) but I already brought a lot of foreign friends and acquaintances to Max and everyone agrees: we want to have a Max in our home country too!

23 July 2017
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