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Yesterday I told you all about fredagsmys, today we’ll learn all about lördagsgodis. Loyal Ikea visitors may have seen this word on top of the candy rack. Lördagsgodis consists of the Swedish words for Saturday (lördag) and candy (godis).



The term lördagsgodis arose in the 1950s and 1960s when parents and educators decided that children should only eat sweets on Saturdays. By restricting the consumption of sweets, they wanted to include dental care and prevention.

The popularity of lördagsgodis rose even further when the use of pocket money got more customary and the Swedish children could to buy their own candy.

Swedish candy

LördagsgodisIn every supermarket in Sweden you will find a wall with trays of candy. The children can choose their own candies and put them in a bag. You pay by weight.
Marshmellows, snacks and sweets with lakrits (a kind of liquorice) are the Swedish favourites. Bilar (small cars) and Kex (a mix between Leo and Center Waffles) are also very popular.

Kex, Swedish sweets What is your favorite Swedish sweets?
6 March 2019
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