Lagom – The Swedish secret of living well (Lola A. Åkerström)

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Forget about ‘hygge’, lagom is the new buzzword. Never heard of ‘lagom’? Then start by reading this article. This summer I received 2 new books about lagom in just 2 weeks time. You can find the book review about the first book here. Now that the second book is read, it’s about time to also write a review about “Lagom, the Swedish secret of living well” by Lola A. Åkerström too.

Lagom Lola Akerstrom

Loyal readers know that I’m into lagom. JI believe lagom is the key to a life in balance. I read both books  and it was almost inevitable to start comparing both books while reading.

Strikingly, the size of both books is almost the same! This book from Lola also has a hardcover and has a size that fits your handbag. Personally, I’m a little more a fan of the layout and texts of Linnea Dunne’s book. The text in Lola Åkerström’s book is a bit more comprehensive. I do have to say, I read the translated book in Dutch so it could just be a translator-thing.

Another striking difference between both books: Linnea, the author of the first book is a Swede who now lives as an expat in Ireland, while Lola Åkerström lives as an expat in Stockholm. Both of them offer a glance from a different perspective.

Which book to choose?

I am glad that I have read both books. Of course there is a lot of overlap between the books, but at the same time they are written from another point of view. I would recommend Linnea’s book to Sweden-beginners. While Lola’s might be more suitable for the die-hards who don’t mind all the Swedish words.

Whichever book you choose, you will learn a lot about Swedish culture and how to build some Swedish habits in your own life.

LagomThe bookLagom – The Swedish Secret of Living Well‘ costs 14,99 euro. 



Disclaimer: they sent me a book for a press review but all the opinions are mine.

29 September 2017
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  • Reply max

    thanks for sharing. how can i get those books?

    31 October 2017 at 16:20
    • Reply Heidi

      Hey Max, you can order them online or find them in the local book shop.

      31 October 2017 at 18:09

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