The Big Take me to Sweden Julkalender-contest

A Julkalender (jul=Christmas) is very popular in Sweden. It’s a nice way to count down to Christmas. Every day, for four weeks, they open a door from the Advent Calendar. Behind that door all kinds of things can be hidden: a piece of chocolate, sweets, a toy, a beauty product, …

So many advent calendars, so many possibilities! So why not have an advent calendar contest? I thought it would be appropriate to pamper you, my loyal readers, in this way. For 24 days you can win a nice price that has something to do with Sweden. Nice isn’t it?

Take me to Sweden - Jul calendar - Advent calendar contest

Julkalender contest

On December the 1st at 7 o’clock in the morning, the first part of the Advent Calendar opens and we get to see what the first prize is. Every day from December the 1st till the 24th, I open a door on Facebook at 7am and we see what price is behind it. I have been peeping behind all the doors and I am honestly impressed by the prizes that I can give away! So make sure you already like the Facebook page so that you are immediately informed when the new door opens.

Disclaimer: some prices are in Dutch only (like books,…) and I won’t be translating all days into English. My apologies for this.

To win, it is sufficient to respond to the question of the day in the Facebook post. You can participate every day until midnight. The next morning, the jury selects the winner. The winner will be notified on Facebook by private message. A summary of all prizes, sponsors and winners will follow at the bottom of this page. The contest rules can be consulted by simple demand.

Some tips

Like the Facebook page of Take me to Sweden! It is not mandatory to like or share the page to participate in the competition but it is useful to be aware of when a new window opens and to know what prize is behind it!

Of course it’s nice if you do share but this is not a condition to participate. The prizes are so lovely that your friends will appreciate for sure if you point them to this advent calendar contest 😉

You’re the winner of the day? Be sure to check your private messages on Facebook (Note, sometimes these may end up in the ‘Other’ folder …) where you will find instructions on how to receive your prize. You have 7 days to claim your prize via email. If this does not happen, the jury chooses a new winner. The price behind the first hatch is an exception. Without revealing what it is: due to the nature of the price, a response is required before December the 3rd at noon.

Good luck!

Design July calendar: Lelo Designs