Hälsocafet on Södermalm for the health freaks

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In the Hornsgatan at Södermalm (Stockholm) you will find Hälsocafet, a true hotspot for health lovers. If you are looking for light lunches, healthy juices and raw food you are at the right place. Most of their offer is vegan. Of course, they serve coffee (and you can choose vegan milk).

Hälsocafet (3)

Tasty and healthy

Having a lot of fika should of course be compensated and so I went for a healthy smoothie at Hälsocafet. There is a lot of choice and it’s not easy to choose what you want to order. On the menu you will find healthy wraps, fresh salads, freshly squeezed smoothies, chia pudding, acai bowls and healthy banana pancakes. The offer is mostly vegetarian, ecological and without added preservatives or sugars.

Summer terrace & take away

Hälsocafet (1)

Although it looks quite small at first sight, the place is a lot bigger than expected. In the back you will find a lovely sun terrace. If that’s too full, take-away is another option.

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