Grand Hotel Saltsjöbaden, a hotel with a history

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This weekend I stayed at the Grand Hotel Saltsjöbaden for a conference on influencer marketing organized by Influencers of Sweden. I was not only tremendously interested in the subject me but I was also wondering if I could manage a whole conference in Swedish. Afterall, I only recently started learning Swedish. The rich history of the Grand Hotel Saltsjöbaden talked to my imagination. So it was no hard decision to make when choosing a place to stay during the conference.

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Saltsjöbaden is located in the archipelago, at about half an hour from Stockholm. The Baggensfjärden where the hotel is located is very quiet (although I can imagine it is a lot busier in the summer). Within walking distance you find Saltsjöbadens Friluftsbad which you can visit from May to September. The adjoining restaurant is also open at some times during the winter. You will also find a lot of boats here. There is a sailing club located in the port. For generations, the Grand Hotel in Stockholm was a sister hotel to the one in Saltsjöbaden, under the same owners.

Grand Hotel Saltsjöbaden

The hotel dates from the 19th century. The Wallenberg family had the hotel built because they wanted to create a kind of a Swedish Riviera at Saltsjöbaden. Over the years, the hotel has received a lot of nobility and film stars.

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The history of the hotel

K. A. Wallenberg, the founder of the hotel,  was at that time one of the most powerful men of Sweden. After visiting Monte Carlo, he decided to build his own Riviera in Sweden. After a long search, he chose Saltsjöbaden. King Oscar II in 1892 laid the foundation stone of the Grand Hotel Saltsjöbaden. The hotel was designed by Swedish architect Erik Josephson and is inspired by the Hotel de Paris in Monte Carlo.

Royal vases in the lobby

King Oscar II was clearly a fan of the hotel. He ordered the whole Swedish fleet to come for a salut at the opening of the hotel. As a gift for the hotel owners he had expensive vases made in porcelain and gold, with the portraits of Queen Sofia and himself on. These vases can still be found in the lobby.

Don’t forget to have a look at the sculpture on the waterfront of the hotel. Thesculpture of a skater refers to the first Winter Olympics which were held in 1924.

The hotel facilities

Grand Hotel Saltsjöbaden - interieur (2)

The Grand Hotel Saltsjöbaden offers every comfort: there are spacious rooms with comfortable beds (really, I was off course very tired but I slept like a rose!), There are two restaurants (Franska Matsalen and Sea Front), there is a renewed Grand Spa (at an extra charge) and there is a library with a billiard table. For guests there is free parking, right outside the door. The extensive breakfast is served in the Franska Matsalen. There is possibility for room service. The hotel recently hirede a top chef and is highly committed to quality cuisine with a focus on allergies and personal preferences.

Grand Hotel Saltsjöbaden - interieur (5)



The Grand Hotel Saltsjöbaden is beautifully located, surrounded by water and greenery. You get there via the Saltsjöbanan. That is a train/tram that runs in both directions, every 20 minutes. It was K. A. Wallenberg who built the railway to make it easier for guests to get to the hotel.

With the construction works at Slussen these days, you have to take a bus to Henriksdalen where you can change to Saltsjöbanan. Tip: download the app from SJ to consult real-time schedules. Google Maps can help you move forward as well. You can also pay through the SJ app or use the SJ-card. The Grand Hotel is on the last stop of Saltsjöbanan. You can’t miss!

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