Eken Bar & Matsal in Södermalm

With the road works around Slussen that seem to take like forever, it’s a surprise every time you walk or cycle from Gamla Stan to Södermalm. This time, the summer terrace of Eken Bar & Matsal at the Hilton Hotel near Slussen got my attention. What a top spot to sit down and enjoy the view over Stockholm! During the day you can soak up the sun and in the evening the sunset will be a treat for your eyes.

Eken Bar Matsal

Whiskey cocktail

Although I don’t drink whiskey myself, I was told that you should definitely try their new cocktail Cloud no 07. The cocktail includes Swedish Mackmyra whiskey and honey from the hotel’s own bees! Apparently they keep bees on the roof of the hotel. If you are a whiskey fan and going to Stockholm soon, you know where to be.

Front row for the sunset

Sunset Slussen

From the terrace of Eken Bar & Matsal you can enjoy the beautiful views over the city. In front of the terrace you find steps where anyone can sit on to enjoy the same view. In the evening you are on the first row to watch the sunset. Eken Bar & Matsal is a very popular place and certainly when the sun is shining, you need a bit of luck to find a spot on the terrace!

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