God Jul – Christmas vocabulary

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God Jul! First of all, I wish you a merry Christmas. I hope you can make it cozy at home and can spend it with loved ones.

God Jul

I know that some of my loyal readers are also learning Swedish, so I thought I could share some Swedish words around Christmas with you today.

God Jul! Merry Christmas
julkalendern the advents calendar
en kalender a calendar
adventsljusstake advent chandelier
en ljusstake a chandelier
adventsstjärna advent star
en stjärna a star
Luciatåget the Lucia parade
jultomten the Santa Claus
julklappar Christmas presents
julvärd tv-host on Christmas Eve
Kalle anka Donald Duck
Julafton Christmas Eve
juldagen Christmas
annandag jul
mellandagarna the days between Christmas and New Year
Julbord (julbordet) Christmas buffet
Julskinka Christmas ham
en skinka a ham
Janssons frestelse Jansson’s temptation
pepparkakshus gingerbread house
glögg glühwein
julöl Christmas beer
julmust Christmas coke

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24 December 2017
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