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Stockholm i mitt hjärta!

Ever since my first visit in 2015 I have a weak spot for the Swedish capital and many visits later that love is still growing strong. Strolling along the waterfront, visiting museums (tip: Vasa), shopping, have fika, take a boat tour or even take a dip in the water or go skating on the frozen lake, Stockholm has it all! The different districts Gamla Stan (the old town), Norrmalm, Östermalm, Södermalm, Djurgarden and Kungsholmen have very few secrets for me.

Stockholm is a city of contrasts. It is not just a trendy, leading place, the city also has a rich history. It is a cosmopolitan city and still has a very relaxed atmosphere. It is the city where fresh water (Mälaren) meets salt (Baltic Sea).

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Stockholm facts

Stockholm consists of 14 islands that are connected by 57 bridges. The city is very green. One third of the city is water, another third is green and another third of the area are buildings. In Stockholm you never have to take more than 300 steps to be surrounded by nature!

Strandvägen - Stockholm

One side of Stockholm is Lake Mälaren, the third largest lake in Sweden. On the opposite side you have the Baltic Sea with some 24,000 islands that make up the Stockholm archipelago. Other sources speak of 30,000 islands – I have no ambition to recount them ;-)

Stockholm city is home to approximately 850,000 people. In Greater Stockholm there are 2.4 million inhabitants. One fourth of the Swedish population lives in the capital.

History of Stockholm

In 1252 Stockholm shows up in literature for the first time. The city was probably founded by Birger Jarl. Stockholm’s name is a composition of ‘stock’ (piece of wood) and “holm” (island). Birger Jarl would have thrown a piece of wood in the water to see where it would wash up and what the best place would be to build a settlement.

Allsång på Skansen sing-a-long

Since 1935 (with some interruptions) you can go to Allsång på Skansen in Skansen (Stockholm). This music event has also been broadcast on SVT since 1979. Well-known artists do not only bring their own hits, they also sing a song that belongs to the collective Swedish memory. All Swedes know the text by heart. For those who do not know the lyrics, there are lyric-booklets for sale. On TV you get the text at the bottom of your screen.

Allsång på Skansen

Swedish party

Already in the early afternoon the Swedes start to come up for a place close to the stage. A little further from the stage, groups of friends and family pick a picnic spots. A unique experience, although at times – even for me – it was a bit too Swedish.

Allsång på Skansen

Stockholm i mitt hjärta

The show’s starting tune is ‘Stockholm i mitt hjärta’, a true classic. I can really recommend Allsång på Skansen for those who want to master the Swedish language. Because you can sing along and see the text on TV, you learn how the words are spoken. Singing songs is a good method to learn things anyway.

You not only learn the language but you also get a taste of Swedish culture. Thanks to Allsång på Skansen I got to know songs like ‘Var ska vi sova inatt’, ‘En kväll i juni’ and other classics.

Allsång på Skansen

Presentation Allsång på Skansen

Allsång på Skansen in Sweden is one of the best-watched TV programs of the summer. Currently, the presentation is done by Sanna Nielsen, who also took part in the Eurovision Song Contest with ‘Undo’ for Sweden. Eurovision Song Contest winner Måns Zelmerlöw also presented the program.

Electric steps in Stockholm

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Shared mobility conquers Stockholm. Just like in all major and cool cities, you can find electric steps in Stockholm. In addition to the electric steps that are offered by various providers (Lime, Glyde, …), you can also find regular bikes from EU-Bike. The system always works almost the same. You download the app, see where the nearest bikes or steps are, scan the QR code on the bike or scooter and you can take off.

Electric steps in Stockholm

There are of course supporters and opponents. I am a fan myself. It is even more convenient than the bikes that you used to find on fixed spots. A lot of course depends on the users. If everyone were to park their part step neatly on the side, the number of opponents would fall drastically. In my hometown the electric shared scooters have also turned up and I like to use them regularly.

Electric step in Stockholm

The concept is the same: you download the app, create an account (and link your credit card to your account). If you want to use a step, check the app to see where the nearest step is. In most apps you can also see the status of the battery. You scan the QR code on the step and you can go. Just like with a normal scooter, you first do 3 kicks and the scooter starts moving. Check before you leave how to accelerate and how the brake works. That can to be different per scooter. When you have arrived at your destination, park the scooter neatly on the side and end your ride in the app. Wearing a helmet is mandatory. Adjust your speed. And of course you should not endanger the safety of other road users.

I saw a lot of steps from Lime and Voi, so I first downloaded these 2 apps but then I only saw steps from the other providers. Finally I downloaded all apps: Lime (also active in Belgium and other Swedish cities such as Gothenburg, Malmö and Uppsala), Voi , Glyde , Moow, UFO & Tier (also in Lund, Malmö and Gothenburg). If you don’t want to download all the different apps, it may be good to have a look at this app (article in Swedish) that collects all providers.

EU Bike in Stockholm

EU- BIKE in Stockholm

Ok, perhaps even easier than the steps are the regular bikes from EU-Bike that you see everywhere in Stockholm. There are around 1500 bikes scattered around the city. If you have never used an electric step before, renting an EU-BIKE will probably be a lot easier and comfortable. To use an EU-Bike you pay 5 SEK per 30 minutes. If you advertise them on social media you also get 10 times for free (I didn’t succeed to use it – maybe because I don’t have the Facebook app).

EU Bike Stockholm - how to

Overview costs per trip

I am making an overview of all prices. Whoever has additions can certainly let me know!

ProviderStart-up cost per ridePrice
EU-Bike 5 SEK / 30 min.
Glyde5 SEK2.8 SEK / min
Lime variable
TIER10 SEK1.5 SEK / min

A fabulous stay at Hotel Gamla Stan

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At the end of April I was lucky enough to spend a few nights at boutique hotel Hotel Gamla Stan. This 4-star hotel is located in the heart of Stockholm, on Skeppsbron, in 3 buildings dating from the 17th century. It was a delight to be their guest. From reception to breakfast, everything was taken care of to perfection.

I arrived at the hotel before check-in time. As with most hotels this was not a problem. I could already leave my suitcase in the luggage room. It was a beautiful sunny spring day and I could not wait to stroll around in the city. I noticed how friendly and warm the reception was every time.

 Hotel Gamla Stan

Room with a view

My premium room with sea view at Hotel Gamla Stan was very spacious and timelessly furnished. I felt like a princess. The location near the Royal Palace may also have played a role in this. I immediately felt at home.

There are a total of 81 rooms in this boutique hotel. Despite the historic building, there is a small elevator, so you don’t have to drag your bags up the stairs.

The breathtaking view was the greatest asset. The room overlooked the Baltic Sea, Skeppsholmen and Djurgården. A hotel in Stockholm can hardly have a better location. Breakfast is served in the medieval cellar.

 Hotel Gamla Stan - view of the Baltic Sea

The history of Hotel Gamla Stan

The city walls used to be on the site of the hotel. Some authentic and antique murals that can still be seen in the hotel refer to this historical fact.

The building where the hotel is located is The Hobelin House. Sometimes it is also called the Sundströms house. The house was built in 1670 for the trader Johan Paul Hobelin. In 1767, the merchant Eric Osterman had the building renovated and adapted to the style of the 18th century. A few more adjustments followed. In 1924 the building got its current appearance. The rich history of the building determines the atmosphere of the hotel. Added value seekers will certainly appreciate this grandeur.

Hotel Gamla Stan – practical

Book a room at Hotel Gamla Stan

Are you eager to discover this hotel yourself? Then quickly book a room and start dreaming away.

How do you reach Hotel Gamla Stan?

The hotel is a ten minute walk from Stockholm Central Station where the Flygbussarna and the Arlanda Express arrives. You can also take the metro to Gamla Stan. Walk along the water to Skeppsbron. The hotel is located between the alleys, Skottgränd and Stora Hopare Gränd. 

Address: Skeppsbron 22, Gamla Stan (Stockholm)

In the neighborhood

  • The Royal Palace
  • Nobel Museum
  • Grillska Huset
  • Under Kastanjen
  • Chokladkoppen

Special thanks to Hotel Gamla Stan