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Stockholm’s narrowest alley, Mårten Trotzigs gränd

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Mårten Trotzig gränd Stockholm

When you walk around Gamla Stan, Stockholm’s old town, you often see tourists with a map in their hands looking for the local sights. When they have found the Royal Palace and the great cathedral, Storkyrkan, they flock to Stockholm’s narrowest alley, Mårten Trotzigs gränd.

Mårten Trotzig gränd Stockholm

Mårten Trotzigs gränd

The narrowest alley in the Swedish capital is barely 90 cm wide at its narrowest. So you can easily touch both walls at the same time. Over the years, the alley had different names or nicknames. The current name comes from the German trader Mårten Traubtzich. At the end of the 16th century he bought some houses in this narrow alley and opened a shop there. He became one of the wealthiest residents of Stockholm at the time but was killed in 1617 (not in this alley but on one of his trading journeys).

Mårten Trotzig gränd Stockholm

How to find the narrowest alley in Stockholm?

Walk from Stortorget (the big market) towards Södermalm via Prästgatan. This street is very picturesque with the many colorful houses and cobblestones. Almost at the end of the street you will find the narrowest alley in Stockholm! If you go down the 36 steps and continue through the narrow alley, you will reach the Västerlånggatan. Here you will find a top restaurant with the name Mårten Trotzig.

Mårten Trotzig gränd Stockholm

In the alley you can barely pass with 2 next to each other. Especially when groups are in the alley, it is better to wait. Stockholm’s narrowest alley is literally a hidden spot in the city.

In the neighborhood

  • Sundsberg Konditori
  • Under Kastanjen
  • Chokladkoppen
  • Pubologi
  • Den Gyldene Freden

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Mårten Trotzig gränd Stockholm, het smalste steegje van Stockholm
18 January 2021

Globen in Stockholm

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Globen Stockholm

In the south of Stockholm you will find the largest spherical building in the world. Officially the name is Ericsson Globe but you will usually hear the nickname “Globen”. The sphere is part of a complex with several event halls, a shopping center, a hotel,… It is also one of the places where you can see Stockholm from the air.

Globen en Tele2 Arena vanuit de lucht

National hockey matches are held in Globen. Several teams have already played their home games here. Other indoor sports competitions are also played in Globen. It is also home to concerts of major international artists from The Rolling Stones to Beyoncé. In 2016 the Eurovision Song Contest was held there (and I was there!). Also in 2000, the Eurovision Song Contest took place here.

Eurovisiesongfestival 2016

Fun fact: Globen represents the sun in the solar system that you find, at a scale of 1:20 million in Sweden.

Stockholm Globe City

Building this globe took 2.5 years. When the building opened on February 19, 1989, it was called Stockholm Globe Arena. On February 2, 2009 the name changed to Ericsson Globe.

Tele2 Arena

In addition to Globen, Hovet, Annexet and Tele2 Arena are also part of the complex.

Globen in numbers

  • Height: 85 meters
  • Diameter: 110 meters
  • Volume: 605,000 cubic meters
  • Capacity: 16,000 people for concerts, 13,850 for ice hockey matches
Globen Stockholm

Globen practical information

How do you reach Globen?

Globen is located about 5 km from the center of Stockholm in the Johanneshov district. The easiest way is to take the green metro line to the “Globen” stop. From here you can easily reach the entrance of the event hall.

Address: Globentorget 2, Stockholm

In the neighborhood

  • Quality Hotel Globe
  • Skogskyrkogården

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Globen Stockholm
17 January 2021

Spots on Drottninggatan in Stockholm

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Drottninggatan Stockholm

One of the most famous shopping streets in Stockholm is Drottninggatan (literally: Queen street). You will find well known fashion chains such as H&M, MQ, Monki,…

The street is more than one and a half km long and runs from Riksdagen in Gamla Stan to Observatorielunden, a park in Vasastan. Drottninggatan also passes Sergels Torg (here you will find the large Åhléns store) and Hötorget (with Konserthuset).

The street is a historic street. The name dates back to 1639 and was a tribute to the young Queen Kristina. If you want to learn more about the history of this street, you should definitely check out this Wikipedia page (in Swedish).


At the beginning of Drottninggatan and at most intersections you can see lions standing on the side of the street. These types of sphinxes are intended to keep traffic out of the street. Drottninggatan is a pedestrian zone. It is the Swedish artist Anders Årfelt who designed the lions. The lions have been there since 1995. Since the attack in 2017, there are twice as many lions and also larger ones in the street to keep traffic out.

Strindberg’s Citat

Since 1998, a quote from the Swedish writer August Strindberg has appeared in Drottninggatan, between the house numbers 67 and 85. By the way, at number 85 you can visit the Strindberg Museum. It is also here that the writer lived, during the last years of his life.

In 1994 quotes were written in paint over a greater distance for the first Strindberg Festival. When Drottninggatan became a pedestrian zone in 1998, some of the quotes returned, this time in stainless steel.

Strindbergs Citat, Drottninggatan in Stockholm

Shops not to be missed

I will skip international chains such as H&M and Zara that you find everywhere.

  • Arket (also based in London) offers an answer to disposable fashion. They resolutely choose quality pieces that not only last a long time but are also made durable. They also have a webshop.
  • Afound, an outlet store that I drop by every time. I bought one of my favorite dresses here.
  • Lindex: my personal favorite. My nephews are also fans. Most of their pajamas come from Sweden. The “extended” sizes are ideal for their long legs and arms.
  • Lagerhaus, a design version of our Action.
  • Designtorget where you can buy Scandinavian design and gadgets.
  • Indiska, a chain with Indian-inspired clothing and home accessories. It was Indiska who decorated Drottninggatan was temporarily with colorful umbrellas (in 2020).
  • Stadium: shop with affordable sportswear.
  • Some more shops: Bik Bok, Salt, Intersport, Clas Ohlson, Cubus, Happy Socks, …

Not to miss either

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Spots on Drottninggatan in Stockholm
15 January 2021