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Malmo, gateway to the continent

For those travelling by car from Denmark to Sweden Malmö is the first town after you have crossed the Öresund Bridge from Copenhagen.

Malmö is a city of contrasts. You have the old town with historic buildings and picturesque squares such as Lilla Torg with an excellent range of restaurants and bars. And you have the modern city areas like Västra Hamnen with the Turning Torso and its vibrant waterfront. The district Möllevången provides a multicultural touch to Malmö. Eating falafel is a must when visiting Malmo.

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Malmö facts

Malmö is the third largest city of Sweden. The city in Skåne has about 300,000 inhabitants and another 300.000 in the outskirts. There are more than 170 different nationalities in Malmö!

History of Malmö

Malmö has a rich history. The Malmøi name appears for the first time in documents from 1270. The name comes from malm (sand) and Hoghe (ridge).

Till 1658 Malmö belonged to Denmark! After the war against Denmark and the Peace of Roskilde Skåne, Halland and Blekinge were allocated to Sweden.

Malmö has been a major trading center ever since the Viking Age. They exported salted herring. Until 1600 Malmo had a golden business. Wars and epidemics gave the city a hard time. But in the late 19th century the city flourished again, thanks to the reconstruction of the port.

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Lifestyle shop AB Småland in Malmö

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If you are planning a trip to Malmö soon, you should definitely go to the lifestyle shop AB Småland. It’s a combination of a shop where you can buy cool lifestyle stuff and a cafe/restaurant where you can fika or lunch. We know that Sweden is both good at fika as in design, and AB Småland combines both.

AB Smaland Malmö (1)


AB Smaland Malmö (3)

Bruno Bergenholtz from Älmhult wanted to share a piece of Småland with the world with this unique concept. He aims at the connection with nature and the forest, creativity and simplicity. In the shop section you will find both cool interior items and clothes for men, women and children. Bruno is always looking for vintage furniture to supplement the offer. In addition to a fantastic design, the products are always ecologically responsible as well. The food sold in the other part of the shop are also chosen from an ecological point of view: mainly local and organic products. There are several smaller rooms, each with their own decor where you can fika or lunch.

AB Smaland Malmö (2)

AB Smaland Malmö (4)

AB Småland: practical

AB Småland is located in Södra förstadsgatan 25-27, in the heart of Malmö. The shop and the cafe are open every day. For the most recent opening hours, have a look on  their website . In addition to the shop and the café there is also a workshop room where  events are organized regularly and which are entirely in line with the philosophy of AB Småland.

Bagel Street Café – fika and bagels

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I had been wandering through Södermalm all day when my attention was triggered by the feeling of hunger to a cozy building in Hornsgatan. It looked like a nice place and I was hungry. Bagel Street Café turned out to be the perfect place for a quick fika stop!

Bagel Street Café (2)

Bagels or fika?

Despite the name I did not choose a bagel but went for a hot chocolate milk (it was late March) and a cake with cocos. The girl behind the counter was very friendly and helpful. Also nice: there is free wifi. Bagel Street Café is also a good place if you want to get some work done.

The menu card contains many different types of bagels. There are options with meat, chicken, fish. Vegetarians and vegans can also find something to their like in Bagel Street Café. They also have a bagel of the month for which visitors can make suggestions themselves. At the Hornstull branch you can also order vegan bagels (4 different ones!).

7 x Bagel Street Café in STHLM, 1x in Malmö

In Stockholm you can find different locations from Bagel Street Café. I went to Hornsgatan but there are already 7 branches spread over Stockholm. Also in Malmö they opened a Bagel Street Café. The offer may be somewhat different per location. To check opening hours, have a look on  their website.

Bagel Street Café (1)

Eating in Malmö: Salt & Brygga

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Västra Hamnen is my favorite area of Malmö. One of the restaurants on the promenade (with a view of the Öresund Bridge) is Salt & Brygga. The restaurant went through some changes last year. They no longer only serve organic but they are now more a kind of a bistro that mainly chooses for seasonal products.

Sallt & Brygga - Malmö

View on The Bridge

The promenade of Västra Hamnen is a wonderful place to be. In the evening you can watch the sun set into the sea and during daytime you enjoy the views of the Öresundburg. Salt & Brygga is located near Riberborgspark. In the summer, I can recommend the sunny terrace.

Best bio

In 2010, Salt & Brygga won the prize for the best eco-restaurant. In 2015 the restaurant changed owner and the new owners (who previously already worked in the restaurant) chose to take a different path. Salt & Brygga is still known for its organic slow food but it is no longer only doing that.

My recommendations

My favorites at Salt & Brygga are the lunches. In the afternoon (on weekdays) you can choose for a daily menu with a budget-friendly price. That daily menu changes weekly. For the vegetarian menu and the menu of meat, you pay about 10 euros. For the daily menu with fish it is around 15 euros.

The quality of the food is very good. In addition, water is always included. I already tasted the vegetarian option and the daily fish menu. Very tasty but rather small portions. Now, with all those fika-stops when I am in Sweden that might not be so bad. In addition to the daily menu, there is also a (limited) card with varying dishes.

The desserts at Salt & Brygga are quite popular. Salt & Brygga recently also started organizing brunches. Something I certainly will add to my list to try next time I am in Malmö. No need to go to the buffet yourself here, as you get everything served at the table.