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Malmo, gateway to the continent

For those travelling by car from Denmark to Sweden Malmö is the first town after you have crossed the Öresund Bridge from Copenhagen.

Malmö is a city of contrasts. You have the old town with historic buildings and picturesque squares such as Lilla Torg with an excellent range of restaurants and bars. And you have the modern city areas like Västra Hamnen with the Turning Torso and its vibrant waterfront. The district Möllevången provides a multicultural touch to Malmö. Eating falafel is a must when visiting Malmo.

You can find more articles about Malmö at the bottom of this page.

Malmö facts

Malmö is the third largest city of Sweden. The city in Skåne has about 300,000 inhabitants and another 300.000 in the outskirts. There are more than 170 different nationalities in Malmö!

History of Malmö

Malmö has a rich history. The Malmøi name appears for the first time in documents from 1270. The name comes from malm (sand) and Hoghe (ridge).

Till 1658 Malmö belonged to Denmark! After the war against Denmark and the Peace of Roskilde Skåne, Halland and Blekinge were allocated to Sweden.

Malmö has been a major trading center ever since the Viking Age. They exported salted herring. Until 1600 Malmo had a golden business. Wars and epidemics gave the city a hard time. But in the late 19th century the city flourished again, thanks to the reconstruction of the port.

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VESPA Malmö: pizza with a sunset view

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V.E.S.P.A in Malmö - pizza met zicht op de zonsondergang

When I was in Malmö for the second time (the first time was during the winter), I saw many people with pizza boxes along the water. I soon realized that they got their pizza from V.E.S.P.A.. V.E.S.P.A stands for Vin, Espresso, Salami, Pizza and Anguria. With over 30 years of experience, the Italian Riccardo himself has developed different concepts: C.A.S.A, G.R.A.N.D.E and F.A.S.T.. A few years ago, his son Eduardo also joined the business.

Pizza van VESPA in Malmö, met zicht op de zonsondergang

In the establishments that received the Casa stamp, they serve Italian classics in a homely interior. The Grande concept stands for innovative gastronomy and Fast, as the name suggests, is for those who opt for take away. The V.E.S.P.A of Västra Hamnen in Malmö is a Grande. You eat delicious antipasta, pasta and pizzas on the spot. The employees are happy to help you choose a matching wine. You can also pick up pizzas.

On the VESPA menu

In addition to pasta and pizza, you can also eat antipasta, Italian fish and meat dishes, salads and desserts. The portions are quite large. The anti-paste costs between 60 and 180 kronor (roughly divide by 10 parts to find out the price in euros). For the main courses you pay between 140 and 250 SEK and for a dessert they charge about 85 kronor. The pizzas cost between SEK 135 and 185. The take-away pizzas are a bit cheaper. Water is always included in the price. In terms of beer and wines, they only serve Italian brands.

Vegetarian and gluten-free options

The pizzas can also be made with a wholemeal or gluten-free crust and there are also plenty of options for vegetarians.

Takeaway pizza and sunset

In Stockholm, I do it every time: pick up pizza and find somewhere to enjoy the sunset and the pizza. In Malmö you will certainly find a spot along the water with a view of the sunset. Add a pizza from VESPA and really enjoy it!

Pizza van VESPA in Malmö, met zicht op de zonsondergang

If it is for take-out, you can order at the bar. You pay and they let you know when you can come for the pizza. You can also order online and pick up your pizza box at the specified time.

Pizza is eaten with your hands, just like the real Italians, so you don’t need cutlery. (I always bring a set of reusable cutlery when traveling so that I don’t have to use disposable cutlery. It’s a small effort!) And of course you put the pizza box neatly in the trash afterwards so that it cannot blow into the sea!

Practical information

Good to know, the V.E.S.P.A branches are “kontantfritt“, which means that you cannot pay with cash but only by card. This is the case in more and more places in Sweden. You really don’t need cash in Sweden.

Where can you find VESPA Malmö?

There are several Vespa branches: in Lund, Bjärred, Höllviken and 3 in Malmö. The Vespa I visited is located in Västra Hamnen, Malmö’s newest district. They also have a branch in Limhamn and Kanalgatan.

Address: Sundspromenaden 7, Malmö
The addresses of the other locations can be found on the V.E.S.P.A. website.

Opening hours

V.E.S.P.A Västra Hamnen is open every day. During the week you can join as early as 11:30 am. During the weekend they open half an hour later and start at noon. No closing time is indicated and they are generally open until late at night.

In the neighborhood

More tasty pizza addresses in Sweden?

  • At Pizzeria Vezzo in Östersund you can taste the best pizza in Sweden. Literally because they serve an award winning pizza!
  • In this list you will find my favorite Italian restaurants in Stockholm.

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Pizza van VESPA in Malmö, met zicht op de zonsondergang

30 March 2021

Stortorget, the main square of Malmö

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Stortorget Malmö

Stortorget is the heart of Malmö. Dating back to 1540, this large square is Malmö’s oldest square. The square is 2000 m² and was the largest in Northern Europe at the time. Now a large part of the square is parking.

Stortorget was built on the site of the Heligands Monastery. During excavations in 2005, they found remains of the monastery. Peace talks took place in this monastery in 1524 between the Swedish King Gustav Vasa and the Danish King Frederick I.

On the Eastern side of this square, you will find the City Hall (Rådhuset). This building dates from 1547. However, the facade is more recent (1860). Another special feature on this square is Apoteket Lejonet.

On this square you’ll find a Max Burgare and I can’t resist going here every time I am in Malmö. Personally, I prefer the atmosphere of Lilla Torg, but you should definitely not miss the sights of Stortorget on a city trip to Malmö.

Stortorget Malmö

King Karl X Gustav

In the center of the square you will find a statue of a man on his horse. This is not just any man on a horse but it is a statue of King Karl X Gustav who conquered the landscapes of Skåne, Blekinge and Halland (former Danish provinces) and added these to the Sweden Empire by the Peace of Roskilde in 1658. Karl X Gustav was Queen Kristina’s cousin. The statue dates from 1896 and is by John Börjeson.

In the neighborhood of Stortorget Malmö

  • Lilla Torg
  • Apoteket Lejonet (located on Stortorget)
  • Jörgen Kocks hus

Spend the night in Malmö

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Stortorget Malmö
29 March 2021

Turning Torso in Malmö

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Malmö - Turning Torso

As soon as you cross the Öresund Bridge, you can see the skyscraper on the horizon. It is a clear landmark in the city. The Turning Torso is an architectural gem. The most famous building in Malmö seems to revolve around its own axis.

Turning Torso Malmö

Unique architecture

The architect Santiago Calatrava based the design of the Turning Torso on an earlier creation of a twisted spine. Turning Torso is 190 meters high and was the tallest building in Scandinavia and the second tallest apartment building in Europe when it was completed in 2005. The construction took 4 years.

Turning Torso verticaal

Living in the Turning Torso

The tower has 54 floors. It houses 149 luxury apartments. There are also office spaces, a party room and a conference room. Via an underground corridor you reach the garages that are housed in a building next to the Turning Torso. Each apartment also has its own wine cellar.

Wijnkelder Turning Torso

Buying an apartment in the building is not possible, the flats are only offered for rent. The rent is quite high, but it includes a lot of extra services. There is a gym and a wellness area that you can rent. There is also an apartment where your guests can stay. Super handy, right? That way, you don’t need a spare room in your apartment that is empty almost all the time. If you do have guests, they can still stay overnight. There are several rooms and there is even a living room.

Malmö - Turning Torso

Conference room

Vergaderzaal Turning Torso

Those looking for a unique location for an event, a meeting or a congress can also contact the Turning Torso. They have different areas with breathtaking views. Different formulas are possible. All info can be found at Sky High Meetings.

Conferentiezaal Turning Torso

Visit Turning Torso

Zicht vanuit Turning Torso

I was given a personal tour of the Turning Torso, but normally the building is not accessible just like that. For those who would like to visit this unique building, I have good news: every year in the summer there are guided tours of the Turning Torso. During the tours you can enjoy the beautiful view from about 180 meters above sea level. Malmö looks like very small from here! The guides will be happy to tell you some anecdotes and fun facts about the Turning Torso. A unique opportunity!

Zicht vanuit Turning Torso

In 2018, the guided tours took place in weeks 28, 29, 30 and 31. Counting in weeks is something typically Swedish. Week 28 is the week of July 9. The guided tours are on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10am, 1pm and 3pm and on Sundays at 1 pm and 3 pm. The cost is 195 SEK (approximately 20 euros). You pay with the card on the spot. Reservations via +46 40 17 45 00 are highly recommended as the tours fill up quickly.

Practical information

Turning Torso ingang

Here you can follow a virtual tour of the Turning Torso.

In the neigbourhood

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Turning Torso Malmö
24 November 2020