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Malmo, gateway to the continent

For those travelling by car from Denmark to Sweden Malmö is the first town after you have crossed the Öresund Bridge from Copenhagen.

Malmö is a city of contrasts. You have the old town with historic buildings and picturesque squares such as Lilla Torg with an excellent range of restaurants and bars. And you have the modern city areas like Västra Hamnen with the Turning Torso and its vibrant waterfront. The district Möllevången provides a multicultural touch to Malmö. Eating falafel is a must when visiting Malmo.

You can find more articles about Malmö at the bottom of this page.

Malmö facts

Malmö is the third largest city of Sweden. The city in Skåne has about 300,000 inhabitants and another 300.000 in the outskirts. There are more than 170 different nationalities in Malmö!

History of Malmö

Malmö has a rich history. The Malmøi name appears for the first time in documents from 1270. The name comes from malm (sand) and Hoghe (ridge).

Till 1658 Malmö belonged to Denmark! After the war against Denmark and the Peace of Roskilde Skåne, Halland and Blekinge were allocated to Sweden.

Malmö has been a major trading center ever since the Viking Age. They exported salted herring. Until 1600 Malmo had a golden business. Wars and epidemics gave the city a hard time. But in the late 19th century the city flourished again, thanks to the reconstruction of the port.

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Modern art in Malmö: Moderna Museet

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Art lovers who are on a city trip in Malmö should not miss Moderna Museet. The little brother of the Museum of Modern Art in Stockholm, offers always changing exhibitions. Always a good reason to walk by. Admission is for free.


Moderna Museet Malmö (2)

The museum is housed in a former generator, dating from 1901 and it opened its doors in 2009. The exhibitions focuses on both Swedish and international art. In addition to the temporary exhibitions, a part of the art collection of Moderna Museet is also shown in Malmö.

Temporary exhibitions

I visited Moderna Museet in Malmö in December 2017 and visited the exhibition Akut from Ulf Rollof. The second exhibition, Public Movement, will run until February 18, 2018. On their website you will find an overview of the upcoming exhibitions.

Moderna Museet Malmö (3)

Moderna Museet Malmö (4)

Moderna Museet Malmö (1)

Moderna Museet Malmö – practical information

Entrance to Moderna Museet is free of charge. So you can easily walk in and out if it should not turn out to be your thing. The museum is closed on Mondays. From Tuesday to Friday it is open from 11 am to 6 pm, in the weekend from 11 am to 5 pm. Every Saturday at 15h there is a guided tour in Swedish through the temporary exhibitions. They also organize special events for families. There is also a (small) museum shop. Be sure to visit the museum café as well where you can go for fika or a light lunch.

Having Nordic dinner in Malmö: Bord 13

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Fans of The Bridge and culinary enthusiasts better be on the edge of their seats because Bord 13 is a highly recommended place for a delicious dinner and I am going to tell you all about my diner experience there! Read till the end for the link with The Bridge!

When I recently spent a few days in Malmö, I went to dinner at Bord 13, after a local told me it was her favourite restaurant. This restaurant is located in Engelbrektsgatan, at walking distance from Lilla Torget. It is one of the better restaurants of Malmö. Sommelier Pontus Elofsson comes from the star restaurant Noma (Copenhagen) and in the kitchen we find chefs Robert Jacobsson and Besnik Gashi.

Bord 13 Malmö (2)

The restaurant  got a mention in the prestigious White Guide and the Michelin guide. The interior could easily feature in a Scandinavian design magazine. There is an open kitchen and you can also take a seat at the bar.

The menu of Bord 13

You can choose different small dishes or choose a menu but then the entire table has to choose a menu. We went for the four-course menu which they adapted without problems for the non-meat eater in the company (that will be me). The dishes on the menu provide surprising flavor combinations and they also serve lesser known products.

Bord 13 is known for fresh, local products with a lot of attention for organic origin. They combine a restaurant with wine bar. With the dishes you can always order suitable wines. For a menu you have to count on 50-60 euros per person, for the matching wines it is about the same amount. Not a cheap dinner but you definitely get value for money!

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The Bridge

In Belgium we have to wait a little longer for the fourth and last season of the popular Scandic noir-series Bron/Broen/The Bridge but Bord 13 was tipped to me as an (important) location in the new season! So soon I can add Bord 13 to this list.

Room with a view: Story Hotel Studio Malmö

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I know the Story Hotels from Stockholm. Last year a Story Hotel also opened in Malmö. In terms of rooms with a view the Story Hotel is a great competitor of Clarion Hotel Malmö Live where I stayed 2 summers ago. I chose the most expensive room, the large ocean, with a view of the Öresund Bridge (from the bed!) and the sea.

Story Hotel Malmö Studio (4)

Room with a view

Story Hotel Malmö Studio (8)

It does not happen often that I leave the curtains of my hotel room open. This was the case for the second time in Malmö. I chose this hotel (and especially this room) because of the view. The Large Ocean offers a 180 ° view of the sea, Västra Hamnen with the Turning Torso and another piece of Malmö. Awesome! I moved the big TV on the first day so that I also had a view of the Öresund Bridge from the bed. I stayed at Studio Malmö in December, and the pillars of the Öresund Bridge served  as candles on the Advent calendar for the first time. What a great idea (although not that easy to photograph with a smartphone, from my room)!

Story Hotel Malmö Studio (5)

There are different types of rooms in Story Hotel Studio Malmö so you can choose a room that suits you best: budget-friendly options, rooms with luxurious rain showers, rooms with a view of the city and rooms with a view of the water. The hotel rooms are located on the upper floors of an office building and in Malmö there aren’t a lot of tall buildings, so you actually look above the city anyway.

Facilities at Story Hotel Studio Malmö

Story Hotel Malmö Studio (3)

Story Hotel thinks of everything. The rooms are conveniently furnished and equipped with nice extras. There are many power outlets so you always have a socket near your laptop or to charge your cell phone. USB chargers are also provided on the bedside tables. There is a mini-bar, filled with (free) products from Vitamin Well. Zlatan is the link here. This football hero is from Malmö and he is ambassador for these fresh vitamin drinks.

Story Hotel Malmö Studio (2)

In the bathroom you will find bath products of the house brand. There were robes and slippers. In my bathroom there was a bath and a rain shower. You can not lose your key at Story Hotels. They work with codes. Handy!

The hotel is just a 5-minute walk from Malmö Central Station. If you come outside the main exit, you will see a small lighthouse on your right. Walk in that direction and you will soon see the hotel!

Story Hotel Studio Malmö

Lucia, a story

At twenty past eight I was putting my make-up on. My mascara was already on my one eye. My hair had already been brushed but I was still in my pajama short. Suddenly I heard the fire alarm. Now you should know that I had some problems with my Achilles tendon during the last few days. I hesitated for a moment. Would there be a real fire? It did not seem like a good timing to hold a fire exercise in a hotel.

I decided not to take any risks, quickly put on my winter coat and started walking down 12 floors. In the stairwell I came across a few other hotel guests who looked at my hotel slippers, short shorts and half-make-uped face. In retrospect, it must have been hilarious.

When I was on the second floor, the office workers from the floors below the hotel came up again. It turned out, fortunately, that it was a false alarm. It was December the 13th and some colleagues were too enthusiastic about lighting the candles for the feast of light. But I can confirm that the fire alarm is working properly!

Breakfast on the 14nd floor

Story Hotel Malmö Studio (6)

Do you want to opt for a cheaper room with less spectacular views? No worries! Breakfast is served in the sky bar on the 14th floor. In the summer you can also take a seat on the terrace. Breakfast is buffet style and with Lucia they also served lussekatter, the famous saffron rolls.

Story Hotel Malmö Studio (7)

What is your favourite hotel in Malmö?