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Staying at Hotel Liseberg Heden

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Hotel Eden Liseberg

When we went to soak up the Christmas atmosphere in Gothenburg in December 2017, a visit to Liseberg, the amusement park of Gothenburg, was high on our list. We also spent a night in the hotel of Liseberg. Be aware, Hotel Liseberg Heden is not located in the amusement park, but a kilometer away from the amusement park. That’s no problem, but good to know before you book. And although the hotel is within walking distance of the center, it’s located very quiet. The inner gardens add to that.

Liseberg Hotel Heden Göteborg

The hotel feels very family-like and the welcome was very warm. There is wifi, you can exercise in the gym or relax in the sauna. There is a restaurant where you can also find vegan dishes. Breakfast is served here too.

It was pleasant to sit in the lobby of Hotel Liseberg Heden. We sat there the first evening to look at the leaflets and to plan the coming days. Handy to have a space, outside the rooms, to spend time with the rest of the group.

Child friendly

Not tested ourselves, but the hotel offers many facilities for families with young children. There is a playground with a slide, you can borrow board games at the reception, the rooms with family loft have an extra TV, …

Comfortable rooms

Hotel Heden - Göteborg

The rooms are simple but clean and comfortable. There are different types of rooms. From 2 people with the possibility to put an extra bed to the family loft for 4 people.

Practical information

Hotel Liseberg Heden is a cash-free hotel. You can therefore only pay by card. Check-in is from 3 pm but we went there earlier to put our luggage and that was no problem.

Nice to know: on Sundays you can sometimes opt for a late check out at 1 pm.

How do you reach Hotel Heden Liseberg?

If you travel by public transport (tram 2 or 13), Scandinavium is the nearest stop.

If you are traveling by car, you can park in the parking lot of the Hotel Heden Liseberg. This cannot be booked in advance, but with 76 places for 179 rooms, there is a good chance that there will be space. Parking costs 180 SEK per day.

Address: Sten Sturegatan 1, Gothenburg

Book your room

Book your room at Hotel Liseberg Heden.

Hotels in the neighborhood

In the neighborhood

  • Liseberg
  • Ullevi
  • Gothia Towers

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Hotel Heden Liseberg Göteborg
27 January 2021

Lindholmen & Eriksberg in winter

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Eriksberg in de winter

A few winters ago (2017) I took a lovely walk, on a sunny day in December, from Lindholmen to Eriksberg and back again. We took Älvsnabben from Lilla Bommen Älvsnabs to “the other side”. Eriksberg in winter, it was a perfect last day of my first city trip to Gothenburg.

Tip: take the boat from Stenpiren to Lindholmspiren, because that part is free!

Gothenburg is not Stockholm. That was pretty much my main thought during the week I was in Gothenburg for the first time. It was here, during my walk on Lindholmen and Eriksberg, that I realized that it was not necessary either. It had snowed lightly and Eriksberg showed its most charming side. The light was really perfect and I went home with an extra dose of vitamin D.

Photo report: Eriksberg in winter

Op de overzetboot naar Eriksberg
Älvsnaben Göteborg
Campus Lindholmen, het rode gebouw aan de overkant springt meteen in het oog - Göteborg
Eriksberg in de winter
Eriksberg in de winter
Kraan van Eriksberg
Kraan van Eriksberg
Zonsondergang Älvsborgbron
Eriksberg in de winter
Terrasjes Eriksberg
Kunst Eriksberg
Zicht op Göteborg met de kranen

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Lindholmen & Eriksberg in de winter  - Göteborg
11 January 2021

The waterfall of Kvarnbyn Mölndal

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Kvarnbyn Mölndal

A waterfall running between houses, it is not your everyday sight. This spot had been on my wish list for a while. When I was in Sweden, visiting the West coast by car in May (2018), this seemed like the perfect moment to drive to this unique place. The Kvarnbyn Mölndal waterfall has potential as an Instagram hotspot!

Mölndal is a 10-minute drive from the center of Gothenburg. Note: near the waterfall you have to pay to park your car! I found a parking spot quite quickly and let the sound of the waterfall guide me. Do not be fooled by the pictures. The waterfall is a lot smaller than you might think. The picture below – wide-framed – is perhaps more realistic 😉 Now on my wish list: go and watch the waterfall in winter time, when the waterfall is frozen.

Mölndal Kvarnbyn wide-framed


It is thanks to this waterfall in the Mölndal River that the area attracted industry (especially paper industry and weaving mills) and thus employment. We have been using hydropower since the Middle Ages. Just think of windmills and dams. In the past you found many wind and water mills here.

The industrial area is now largely deserted and apart from a unique City Museum that received a prize as the best in Europe and a few cafes, there is not much to do. Still the waterfalls are certainly worth a visit and a short stop if you are in the area.

Mölndal River


Kvarn is Swedish for the southern Swedish word möln, meaning ‘mill’. You used to find many wind and water mills here.

Practical information

How do you get to Kvarnbyn Mölndal?

Mölndal is located at 8 km from Gothenburg. It takes about 45 minutes by public transport. This also includes a kilometer of walking from the center of Mölndal to the waterfall.

Personally I found it easiest to travel by car (certainly in combination with Gunnebo Slott). There is a visitor car park nearby. Enter the address below into your GPS. From here it is a few minutes walk.

Tip: Tap on Google Maps ‘Mölndals Kvarnbyn’, otherwise the app will direct you first to an art gallery in the inner city of Mölndal.

Address: Kvarnbygatan 51, Mölndal


  • Gunnebo Slott
  • Mölndal City Museum (Stadsmuseet)
  • Industrimuseet (Industrial Museum)
  • Stensjön

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Waterfall Kvarnbyn Mölndal Gothenburg
3 February 2019