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Staying at Hotel Esplanade in Stockholm

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Hotel Esplanade Stockholm

When I look for a hotel in Stockholm, I mainly look at the location. Since I usually do everything on foot, a hotel that is centrally located in the city is the easiest. I’m happy to pay a little extra for that. If that hotel is also facing the water, I feel very lucky. When I traveled to Stockholm in December 2019, Hotel Esplanade caught my eye. Despite what you might expect from a hotel on Strandvägen, it was still quite affordable.

It was a bit further away from the Central Station than the hotels around Brunkebergstorg (At Six, Hobo, Downtown Camper) where I also like to stay, but it was a bit closer to Djurgården.

As soon as I walked in, I felt like a princess. They immediately live up to their slogan ‘a personal boutique hotel’. The welcoming was very warm. Apparently it is a hotel where guests like to stay for a longer period of time and I completely agree with that. I had a chat with the lady at the reception, she gave me some extra tips for my stay and I took the old wooden stairs to my room.

From the salons you have a beautiful view over the water, Nybroviken. Such a lovely sitting area! You’ll find the high ceilings everywhere, including in the rooms. Another feature that you see (or should I say, hear) everywhere is the creaky wooden floors. It has its charm (and I can’t remember being bothered by the noise in my room).

Hotel Esplanade Stockholm

Hotel Esplanade, a hotel with a history

I previously slept in Best Western Bentleys Hotel in Drottninggatan. The style of both hotels is a bit similar. Hotel Esplanade is located in a beautiful ‘jugendhus’ from 1910 and has 34 rooms. When the hotel opened, it was under the name Grand Pensionat Dehn. Most of the furniture is still original. The interior is mainly from Svenskt Tenn and NK. There are both single and double rooms, from basic to deluxe. The rooms face either the courtyard, Hovstallet or Nybroviken waters. Coffee, tea and biscuits are available in the lounges throughout the day. Breakfast is served in the beautifully decorated breakfast room. My favorite at the breakfast buffet was the skagenröra.

Hotel Esplanade is a popular location for TV and film shooting and fashion magazines also like to come to the hotel for photo shoots.

Hotel Esplanade Stockholm


How do you get to Hotel Esplanade? 

Hotel Esplanade Strandvägen

I walked from Centralen to Hotel Esplanade (a 20 minute walk) but you can also take public transport or a taxi. Take the metro (tunnelbana) to Nybroplan. From here it is a 2 minute walk.

The hotel itself has no parking. The nearest (paid) parking spaces can be found a little further along Strandvägen.

Address: Strandvägen 7a, Stockholm

Book your room at Hotel Esplanade

Would you like to stay at Hotel Esplanade yourself? Book your overnight stay here!

Other hotels nearby


  • Svenskt Tenn
  • Dramaten
  • Nybroviken with ferries to the archipelago and cruises

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5 January 2022

Celebrate Sankta Lucia in Skansen

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Sankta Lucia in Skansen - Solliden

Sankta Lucia is one of my favorite Swedish holidays. When the choir starts Sankta Lucia, I immediately get goosebumps. In recent years I had the pleasure to experience some special Lucia festivities. My first Lucia concert was in the Bosebo church in Kulturen in Lund. Magic! But I will also never forget the morning concert in the hotel. Especially because it was so unexpected and at the same time so authentic. Also Skansen in Stockholm is a fantastic place to celebrate Sankta Lucia. They have been celebrating the light here since 1892.

All high times are true experiences in Skansen and Sankta Lucia is no exception. Skansen celebrates Sankta Lucia for several days. Of course on December 13th, but also often the weekend before or after (depending on what day December 13 falls). For 2021 this will be on December 11, 12 and 13. The nice thing about Sankta Lucia in Skansen is that during the weekend you can combine it with the Christmas market from Skansen. I have very fond memories of the past events in Skansen and look forward to going back every year.

There are several Lucia concerts in Skansen. The concerts in Seglora kyrka and Ordenshuset Brofästet (I didn’t attend the one in this second place myself yet, I hope it works out this year) are for a limited audience and I recommend waiting in line early enough. The concert of Sankta Lucia at Solliden in Skansen is on a large stage (in the same place as where Allsång på Skansen is recorded).

Read more about Sankta Lucia here!

Lucia concert in Seglora kyrka

Sankta Lucia in Skansen - Seglora kyrka

My favorite is the concert in the Seglora church (kyrka in Swedish). This old wooden church from Västergotland dates from 1729 and was moved to Skansen in 1918. During the concert, be sure to look up to the beautiful ceiling paintings. These were painted by the Swedish painter Sven Wernberg (1734–1735).

The doors open 20 minutes before the start of the concert. Everyone took a seat and suddenly it became very quiet. Goosebumps as the choir walked in, with Lucia leading the way. The concert lasted half an hour and the atmosphere in the church was almost magical!

Sankta Lucia on Solliden

I was tipped to stand a bit to the side of the stage when Sankta Lucia is celebrated in Skansen on Solliden. It was a chilly, gray day and the rain was beginning to seep through my coat. Just before that, I had warmed up with some fika and made sure I was back by the podium in time. Suddenly I heard a carriage driving up! The choir and Lucia were driven to the stage in a carriage drawn by horses from the Royal Stables. So nice!

The choir’s voices immediately warmed up the audience. Very nice to see how they celebrate the light. A boost in these dark days and yes, unbelievable but ten days after Sankta Lucia the days are finally getting longer again! The concert lasts about 40 minutes and is a nice end to a day at Skansen in a Christmas atmosphere.

Other Lucia concerts in Skansen

In addition to the above 2 Lucia concerts in Skansen, there is also a Lucia choir in the park. And if you want to know how Sankta Lucia was celebrated a century ago, you can visit Ordenshuset Brofästet in Skansen. Here too, the doors open 20 minutes before the start of the concert. The exact times of the concerts and celebrations can be found on the Skansen website.

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Sankta Lucia in Skansen - Seglora kyrka
Sankta Lucia in Skansen - Solliden
16 November 2021

Skogskyrkogården in autumn

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Skogskyrkogården Stockholm

Skogskyrkogården can literally be translated as forest graveyard. That is actually what it is: a graveyard in a forest. Or rather: forest and cemetery merge seamlessly. A unique place in a suburb of Stockholm!

Skogskyrkogården, een kerkhof in een bos

Skogskyrkogården in Enskede is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Swedish actress Greta Garbo, among others, found her final resting place there. Rumors say that the Swedish DJ Avicii is also buried there, but unlike Greta Garbo’s grave that you even see marked on Google Maps, Avicii’s final resting place is a well-kept secret.

Het graf van Greta Garbo in Skogskyrkogården

Architecture & landscape

The cemetery was created between 1917 and 1920. There are several chapels and prayer rooms. There are few paths, which gives the whole a very naturalistic look.

The architects Gunnar Asplund (himself also buried here) and Sigurd Lewerentz designed the cemetery on an old pine-covered quarry. Nature and the graves are intertwined.

Skogskyrkogården Stockholm

The cemetery is quite expansive. I was surprised that there were cars in the graveyard. Only around All Saints’ Day there is no car traffic allowed in the cemetery. To make it even crazier: there are even buses running around and there is a bus stop.

Skogskyrkogården – practical information

Before your visit, download the dedicated app (android/iOs). This audio guide will give you more information about the various sights in Skogskyrkogården. There is free wifi in the visitor center. There are also free visitor toilets spread throughout the domain.

Audioguide Skogskyrkogården

How to reach Skogskyrkogården?


Take the metro to the Skogskyrkogården stop. From here, the cemetery is indicated by arrows. The metro stop is about 5 kilometers from Slussen, so you can also go on foot. I went by metro but returned on foot.

Bushalte in Skogskyrkogården

Opening hours

Skogskyrkogården is open 24/24, every day of the year. Special celebrations are planned for alla helgons dag.

Remember you are on a cemetery. Even though you are there as a tourist and you may consider the cemetery as a tourist attraction, respect the privacy of the locals who come to commemorate their loved ones.

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9 October 2021