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Traveling to Sweden with kids

Gullspång - Clive Tompsett/

Sweden is the ideal destination for a family holiday. I don’t have children myself but I do have 3 godchildren and I want to make a trip to Sweden with my family soon. I’m looking at different options: a city trip to Stockholm, a winter holiday so that we hopefully have snow or maybe even a trip to Lapland. In the meantime, I’m already doing some research on traveling to Sweden with kids. If you have any tips about traveling to Sweden with children, let me know!

The route to Sweden, with children

Whether you want to fly, drive by car, take the train or bus or make the crossing by boat, all options and all kinds of combinations are possible, depending from where you are travelling.

By plane

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By boat

Child-friendly accommodation in Sweden

Whether you go (wild) camping, rent a house or go to a hotel in Sweden, the children will feel at home everywhere. In general, there are always facilities for children to be arranged. Below I link to the accommodations in Sweden where I have already stayed and where I would be happy to take my godchildren with me:

Picking berries in Northern Sweden - Kristiina Kontoniemi/Folio/
Kristiina Kontoniemi/Folio/

See & do with children

Nature in Sweden is a great playground for young and old. Actually, there is no real age limit for the activities below. Learned young is done old, right? Below I list some things to visit and do in Sweden with kids that I would have loved as a child. Of course, a lot also depends on how you present it as a parent/guardian. Think about your memories as a child. It doesn’t always have to be great to leave incredible memories.

  • Wild camping: I think it is even possible with very young children, especially if you as a parent have experience with camping.
  • Canoe trip: for older children – it doesn’t have to be a multi-day trek, a round on the lake can also be impressive. Always remember to wear a life jacket!
  • Watching moose and reindeer.
  • Baking bread and sausages over a fire.
  • Stockholm: Skansen, Junibacken, Gröna Lund, Tom Tit’s Experiment but also the Vasa museum
  • Gothenburg: Slottskogen, Liseberg, Volvo Museum, Universeum
  • Skara Sommarland Amusement Park, the largest water park in Scandinavia (24 km from Skövde and 135 km from Gothenburg)
  • The mine of Falun
  • The candy canes of Gränna (in Stockholm you can go to a mini version of it)
  • Astrid Lindgrens Värld at Vimmerby
  • The longest zip line in Northern Europe: Little Rock Lake in Småland (2.5 km long and 52 meters high!)
  • Ales Stenar: the Swedish Stonehenge near Ystad


And don’t forget the playgrounds (in Sweden they are often a bit more special than with us, check e.g. Ivar Los Park on Södermalm or this playground in Lund’s city park), a swimming pool or a boule bar.

In general, all museums and libraries in Sweden also offer activities for children. Always good to keep in mind on rainy days (even though rain is no excuse for the Swedes to stay indoors).

Kinderen op vakantie in Zweden - Gullspång - Clive Tompsett/
Gullspång – Clive Tompsett/

With children at a restaurant in Sweden

In Sweden they are not surprised if you take your children to a restaurant. They are often well equipped!

The tip I give to anyone traveling to Sweden is the concept of dagens rätt or the Swedish version of a daily special. In the afternoon you can sit down in almost every restaurant for the dish (often even a real buffet) of the day. You pay about 10 euros p.p. and usually there also a salad bar, bread & butter, water and even the coffee afterwards is included. If you want to keep your budget within limits but still want to eat out, opt for lunch.

Swedes love hot dogs (korv). You can get these at a stall just about anywhere for a few euros. Or roast your sausages, on a stick, over a fire, like the Swedes do.

Picknick met kinderen op het strand in Zweden - Anna Hålllams/
Haverdal, Halland, Anna Hålllams/


  • Lekplats is Swedish for playground. A handy term to google for the nearest playground as a parent.
  • Barn-
    Barn means child or children. When traveling in Sweden you may see words like barnvagn or pram. You will see such a sign at the place where you can place your pram, eg in an amusement park or in the library.
  • Another handy word: blöjor (diapers).
  • (Free) public toilets – the public toilets in Sweden are very well maintained. Often you can also use it for free. I only remember 1 time when I had to pay to use the toilet and I could then just pay with the card.

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19 June 2021

Corona & travelling to Sweden

Corona travel restrictions sweden

Are you planning to travel to Sweden or are you in Sweden? Are you allowed to travel to Sweden while the world is still fighting the corona virus? In this article you can find all you need to know about the corona travel restrictions for traveling to and in Sweden.

Click here for the official website of the Public Health Agency of Sweden.

Disclaimer: I try to keep this article updated but things can change quickly. I always link to the official resources so you easily can find the latest and official information.

Please note that the situation can change at any time (both ways), even when you are already in Sweden. As a traveler you have a great responsibility in stopping the spread of the virus. Stay home when you have symptoms and follow all corona rules.

Can you travel to Sweden during corona? – Travel restrictions

This depends on a lot of things. You have to check the travel restrictions of your country of residence and the restrictions/measurements from Sweden.

Are you living inside the EU?

Until October 31, it is recommended to have a corona test done after arrival in Sweden and to avoid contact as much as possible. These recommendations are not necessary for those who received their first vaccination against covid at least 3 weeks ago, who have a certificate of recovery, or for children under 6 years of age.

Until August 31, you can travel to Sweden if you:

  • can present a negative COVID-19 PCR test result that is up to 72 hours old and prepared in English, French, Swedish, Danish or Norwegian.
  • present a vaccination certificate from at least 2 weeks after the first vaccine.
  • can present a certificate of recovery.

Travelling from outside the EU

There is a temporary entry ban for non-essential travels to the EU via Sweden, which is in place until 31 October 2021. There are some exceptions. Check the list and details on the corona travel restrictions for Sweden here.

How does corona affect life in Sweden?

Most restrictions have been lifted as of September 30, 2021.

In Sweden, the emergency number 1177 applies to those who show symptoms or are concerned that they may be infected.

The corona situation in Sweden

Swedish health organizations have set the level of risk of contamination at ‘very high’ since March 10, 2020. At the beginning of June 2021, there were more than 1 million people infected with corona, spread over all Swedish regions. These numbers are an underestimation as not everyone is tested. Those who have symptoms should avoid contact with others until they are symptom-free for at least 2 days. Until June 4, 2021, there have been 14,523 fatal corona victims in Sweden.

Recent figures can be found here (in Swedish)

Corona virus in the other Scandinavian countries

Check the website of the EU to see what the current status for travelling in the Nordics is.

General advice in the fight against corona

  • Travelers can spread the virus faster. Take your responsibility and stay at home.
  • Wash your hands, during at least 40 seconds and as often as possible. If you use your hand gel, make sure that it contains at least 70% alcohol.
  • Don’t touch your face (eyes, mouth, nose, …).
  • Cover your mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing and wash your hands carefully afterwards.
  • Avoid contact with other persons as much as possible to limit further spread.

Bring Sweden to your home

Even if we can’t go to Sweden, Sweden can still come to us. You can still dream of traveling and doing research for future trips. Learn Swedish or try some Swedish recipes!

Disclaimer: always check the latest advice at official sources. I do my best to keep this page as up to date as possible. If you have any additions, please send me an email!
Original post: March 14, 2020 – Last update: September 30, 2021.

7 June 2021

Ice fishing in Sweden

IJsvissen Granö Beckasin

It appeals to my imagination: ice fishing. I don’t have tons of experience but was able to do it twice already and would like to tell you more about it. The first time I went ice fishing was in Finland. It was not a success. The catch was zero. In February 2020 I had the opportunity to go ice fishing in Sweden. Wondering how we did then?

Drilling a hole in the ice

Handboor ijs

I was staying in Granö Beckasin and took part in the snowmobile tour. On the way we stopped on a lake and the tour guide took out a giant drill. I immediately recognized it from that time in Finland and after the tour guide’s demonstration I started drilling my hole in the ice. It seems simple but you do need some muscle power! For those who prefer a bit of laziness (or for even thicker ice, of course), there are motorized drills in addition to the hand drills. After a while I had a hole where I could put my fishing rod in. Now it was mainly about keeping that hole open and ensuring that it could not freeze up again.

Gat maken in het ijs om te ijsvissen in Zweden

Sea fishing vs. ice fishing

You should know, I am a North Sea wreck diver. Time on board, between the tides, was sometimes spent by fishing. I had no talent, but I sometimes caught a few mackerels. Yet you cannot really compare it with this ice fishing. A much smaller fishing rod is used for ice fishing and you don’t need a boat. You always ice fish with a nylon line. It is “waterproof” and will therefore not freeze. As I saw the tour guide doing it, I carefully moved my rod up and down. My patience was tested because the fish didn’t bite.

Gat in het ijs


I was just exchanging my fishing rod (a bit disappointed) for my camera when I heard the other lady of the group shouting that she had caught a fish. The fish just met the minimum size. Obviously, we shouldn’t expect a big fish lunch that day. In the end we caught just enough fish to provide everyone with a small appetizer, haha. Fortunately, the tour guide was prepared and had had taken sandwiches with cheese (and ham – for the non-vegetarians) for us.

Vis gevangen bij ijsvissen

Dress in layers

Because you have to sit still for a long time to go ice fishing, you should dress warmly enough. Make sure you are not sweaty from the activity you did before, because you will get cold quickly that way. Because we combined it with a snowmobile trip, we had received extra warm clothing from the organization. Thick gloves and a hat are also indispensable.

Have you ever gone ice fishing in Sweden? Curious about your experiences!

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Ice fishing in Sweden
28 January 2021