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Corona & travelling to Sweden – update 1/4/22

Corona travel restrictions sweden

Are you planning to travel to Sweden or are you in Sweden? Are you allowed to travel to Sweden while the world is still dealing with the corona virus? In this article you can find all you need to know about the corona travel restrictions for traveling to and in Sweden.

Click here for the official website of the Public Health Agency of Sweden.

Disclaimer: I try to keep this article updated but things can change quickly. I always link to the official resources so you easily can find the latest and official information.

Please note that the situation can change at any time (both ways), even when you are already in Sweden. As a traveler you have a great responsibility in stopping the spread of the virus. Stay home when you have symptoms and follow all corona rules.

Can you travel to Sweden during corona? – Travel restrictions

This depends on a lot of things. You have to check the travel restrictions of your country of residence and the restrictions/measurements from Sweden.

Are you living inside the EU? Or travelling from outside the EU?

  • To travel to Sweden as a foreign visitor you no longer need a covid certificate, negative test or recovery certificate.

How does corona affect life in Sweden?

In Sweden, the emergency number 1177 applies to those who show symptoms or are concerned that they may be infected.

From February 9, 2022, the following recommendations apply in Sweden:


  • Stay at home if you have symptoms and avoid close contacts with others.
  • If you’re not vaccinated you should be extra careful and avoid crowded environments, especially indoors.

The corona situation in Sweden

Recent figures can be found here (in Swedish)

Corona virus in the other Scandinavian countries

Check the website of the EU to see what the current status for travelling in the Nordics is.

General advice in the fight against corona

  • Travelers can spread the virus faster. Take your responsibility and stay at home.
  • Wash your hands, during at least 40 seconds and as often as possible. If you use your hand gel, make sure that it contains at least 70% alcohol.
  • Don’t touch your face (eyes, mouth, nose, …).
  • Cover your mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing and wash your hands carefully afterwards.
  • Avoid contact with other persons as much as possible to limit further spread.

Bring Sweden to your home

Learn Swedish or try some Swedish recipes!

Disclaimer: always check the latest advice at official sources. I do my best to keep this page as up to date as possible. If you have any additions, please send me an email!
Original post: March 14, 2020 – Last update: April 1, 2022.

1 December 2021

Tipping in Sweden

Fooi geven in Zweden

Even in my own country, I always find it a difficult issue. Should you tip and if so, how much should you tip? If you yourself have worked in the hospitality industry (like I myself as a student) then you know that a tip is very much appreciated. And not just in the hospitality industry! What are the expectations regarding tipping in Sweden? Do you have to tip in Sweden? And if so, to whom and how much?

To be straight to the point, tipping is not common in Sweden. You can certainly give a tip, but it is usually not expected. You can assume that in most cases the tip has already been included in the grand total.

How much to tip in Sweden?

In general, the tip in Sweden for service is already included in the price. Sometimes it can even seem rude if you insist that they take your tip.

Since in Sweden you mainly pay by card, the threshold for tipping is even higher. Sometimes you can enter the amount you want to pay yourself. In exceptional cases I have seen a box for tips on the counter. Your contribution is fully up to you.

Round up

You can also assume that the service cost is included in the restaurant. If you still want to tip, you can use 5 to 10% as a guideline. Even though tipping is not common in Sweden, many locals will simply round up the bill at a restaurant.

What about hotels?

Servants do not expect any extra. They can therefore generally count on a good wage in Sweden. So it’s not like in the United States where tips are an important part of wages.

You can leave a little money in the room for the cleaning staff of the hotel, but this is not necessary. If you travel with a lot of luggage, you can give the bellhop a little something for his extra effort, but even this is not common in Sweden. Equality is very important in Sweden and tipping could create a hierarchy.

And the taxi driver or the guide?

Porters and taxi drivers sometimes count on a small bonus. Rounding up the amount of the account is sufficient. The guide does not normally expect a tip, unless stated otherwise. This does not apply, for example, to city guides that show you around ‘for free’ but you are actually expected to give an amount of your choice.

In summary: tipping is not customary in Sweden. If you still want to tip at a restaurant or in the taxi: round up.

What do you do? Do you tip?

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Tipping in Sweden
4 July 2021

Corona proof travelling to Sweden

The eager to go to Sweden is sometimes stronger than the concern about the coronavirus. I myself prefer to stay at home at the moment, at least until I got my second vaccine. Sweden is not going anywhere and will still be there after all of this. But if you do want to travel to Sweden, it is best to do it as corona proof as possible.

Sweden is perfectly suited for a corona-safe trip. The Swedes naturally keep their distance, you have all the options to go out into nature (friluftsliv) and not see other people for days on end.

Tips for a corona safe trip to Sweden

In Sweden, it is advisable to follow both the local rules and the rules of your home country regarding corona. Play it safe and always opt for the strictest rules.

  • Wear a face mask on public transport, on the ferry and certainly on the plane.
  • Avoid crowds at all times. Swedes naturally keep their distance, but pay extra attention to respect the social distance.
  • Opt for outdoor activities as much as possible. Friluftsliv!
  • In Sweden you pay by card as much as possible (many things are already cashless) and preferably contactless.
  • Adhere to the applicable quarantine regulations upon return. If it is recommended, do it!
  • Keep in mind that the situation can change anytime. Maybe you have return early or unexpectedly extend your stay, … Check your travel insurance!
  • Register before departure with your Foreign Office.

Corona proof packing list for Sweden

Don’t forget to add these extra items to your (carry-on) luggage.

  • Are you traveling by car? Then take extra food and drink with you so you don’t have to stop in a highway restaurant too often.
  • Bring enough masks for the whole family.
  • Alcohol gel of at least 70% is indispensable. Note: do not leave the gel in the car on a sunny day! And remember that for the plane you will need to bring a mini version of less than 100ml, packed in a clear plastic bag.
  • Don’t forget to bring paper tissues and possibly also a fever thermometer.

Hope this helps for a corona proof trip to Sweden. Take care! Don’t forget to check the latest travel recommendations.

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corona proof trip to Sweden
3 July 2021