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Swedish media: radio & tv

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Swedish media: radio & tv

After writing the article with Swedish newspapers and magazines, this overview of Swedish media (radio & TV) was just a logical step.

In Sweden, I always enjoy staying at my hotel room in the evenings so I can watch Swedish TV all night. Watching Swedish morning television while I slowly wake up and get ready for breakfast: wonderful! From Belgium the range of TV programs you can watch via SVT Play is rather limited. To my frustration, the “kan inte ses utomlands” message pops up regularly.

Swedish TV


Swedish national television, SVT, has 4 channels (svt1 and svt2, svt24 and a children’s channel “Barnkanalen”). The difference between svt 1 and svt 2 is not as pronounced as with the VRT in Belgium, but the more popular programs such as Melodifestivalen are usually broadcast on svt1.

Commercial TV in Sweden

  • TV3
  • TV4
  • Channel 5
  • TV 6
  • Shuan
  • TV8
  • Channel 9
  • TV10
  • Channel 11
  • TV12
  • Kunskapskanalen – science channel
  • TV4 Fakta
  • C More First
  • C More Hits

You can find a complete overview of all channels and their programming on this website.

Swedish TV in Belgium

From Belgium you can watch a lot of programs via SVT Play. It is mainly the foreign programs and formats that cannot be viewed from outside of Sweden.

My experience is that the C More app from TV4 has fewer programs on offer that you can watch from outside of Sweden. The Swedish offer of Netflix is ​​also more limited from Belgium than if you look in Sweden. Hopefully that will change one day and we will be able to look at more Swedish media.

Swedish radio

The radio channels in Sweden are fairly regionalized. Sveriges Radio is the radio department of SVT. They have P1, P2, P3, P4 and P5. RixFM and MixMegapol are the best known commercial radio stations.

I think they generally talk a lot more on Swedish radio stations. I regularly listen to P3 Star at home via the Sonos app. You can listen to most channels online without any problems.

What is your favorite Swedish TV or radio program?

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Swedish media: radio & tv
24 February 2020

Learning Swedish, after Duolingo

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Learning Swedish after Duolingo

Hurray, you finished Duolingo! But now what? You already have a solid foundation and you can already get off to a good start. Yet there is still a lot to learn, for advanced students as well. Never stop learning. Daily conversations are something completely different than talking to an app. Below I list a few ideas of things you could do to learn more Swedish.

Swedish for advanced students (after Duolingo)

  • Clozemaster
  • Scrabble (online version)
  • Read book + create memory cards / flashcards for the words you do not know yet
  • Crossword puzzles
  • Skype lessons

Do you have any tips? Let me know in the comments!

3 March 2019

Swedish newspapers & magazines

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One of the first things I looked up when I was learning Swedish (and could already read a bit of Swedish) was which newspapers and magazines they have in Sweden. Every time I am in Sweden, I buy a pile of Swedish newspapers and magazines so that I have some reading material and can cover the period until I go back. In the list below you will also find the links so that you can read the news and the articles online. Sometimes you need a subscription. For the time being I have limited myself to the most popular and nationally available editions.

Swedish newspapers magazines

Swedish newspapers

Certainly check out The Local. They offer news on Sweden, in English. Always fun to learn more about Swedish society and Swedish culture.

Swedish magazines

Women’s magazines

  • Amelia
  • Damernas Värld is one of the oldest Swedish magazines. They focus on fashion and beauty.
  • Elle, the Swedish version of the world known magazine.
  • Femina
  • Svensk Damtidning is also a real classic. The magazine was first edited in 1889. There is a lot of royal news in this magazine as well.
  • Tara – my personal favourite at the moment.

Men have their own magazine Café.


  • Hänt – Hänt i veckan – Hänt Extra: very thin gossip newspaper. Short and easy to read but don’t believe everything that’s in it!

Theme magazines

  • Hem Ljuva Hem – an interior magazine with practical tips

Of course there are many design and interior magazines in Sweden. Garden magazines and magazines about health and psychology are also well represented. In my list I have limited myself mainly to the magazines that I sometimes buy.

Is your favourite newspaper or magazine not listed? Share it in the comments! I would love to get to know new Swedish magazines.

18 February 2018