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I had been wandering through Södermalm all day when my attention was triggered by the feeling of hunger to a cozy building in Hornsgatan. It looked like a nice place and I was hungry. Bagel Street Café turned out to be the perfect place for a quick fika stop!

Bagel Street Café (2)

Bagels or fika?

Despite the name I did not choose a bagel but went for a hot chocolate milk (it was late March) and a cake with cocos. The girl behind the counter was very friendly and helpful. Also nice: there is free wifi. Bagel Street Café is also a good place if you want to get some work done.

The menu card contains many different types of bagels. There are options with meat, chicken, fish. Vegetarians and vegans can also find something to their like in Bagel Street Café. They also have a bagel of the month for which visitors can make suggestions themselves. At the Hornstull branch you can also order vegan bagels (4 different ones!).

7 x Bagel Street Café in STHLM, 1x in Malmö

In Stockholm you can find different locations from Bagel Street Café. I went to Hornsgatan but there are already 7 branches spread over Stockholm. Also in Malmö they opened a Bagel Street Café. The offer may be somewhat different per location. To check opening hours, have a look on  their website.

Bagel Street Café (1)

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