B.A.R. in Stockholm, for foodies on a budget

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B.A.R. or Blasieholmens Akvarium och Restaurant, as the restaurant is called, was my first culinary introduction to Stockholm. The restaurant is located behind the corner of the Grand Hotel. B.A.R. was recommended in several travel guides as a hotspot for foodies on a budget.

B.A.R. (1)

Open kitchen

B.A.R. is part of the Lux family of top chefs Henrik Norström, Peter Johansson and Daniel Frick. Authenticity and openness here are more than just concepts. Guests can take a look in the open kitchen.

The interior of B.A.R. has an industrial feel and gives a sense of sitting in a canteen. A chic canteen, though. I had heard that it is advised to make reservations but because I was going to eat alone, I hoped to get a seat if I went early enough.

B.A.R (2)

The menu of B.A.R.

Each season the menu changes. In addition to the fixed menu, you can also order specials of the day. On the mirror you can see what dishes are available. The offer is determined by the daily deliveries. So you choose something from the menu or you compile your own dish from the things written on the mirror.

B.A.R (3)

On the menu you will find fish dishes, but vegetarians and meat lovers will find something to their liking too. I myself went for the pasta with seafood and I remember the soft taste of the scallops as if it was yesterday (although it has been a while). The Linguine di Mare had a surprising tomato sauce. Perfectly seasoned. And seafood that you really can call seafood: scampi, mussels and cockles, crabs and, hence, the scallops. Certainly a foodie hotspot I will return too!

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