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Hej, welcome to Take me to Sweden! I am Heidi Vandenbussche and the writer and content creator behind this inspiring & informative travel guide. This travel blog is the result of my love for Sweden and the Swedish language. Here you will find practical information, real hidden gems and the coolest hotspots in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö and other parts of Sweden. If you are looking for travel tips, tricks and recommendations for travelling to Sweden, you’re in the right place.


Stockholm i mitt hjärta

“Although I live in Belgium, Sweden feels like home. I learned the language in three months and I like to immerse myself in the Swedish culture. As often as I can, I plan a trip to the north. It already starts at the airport: when I hear my fellow passengers speak Swedish, a big smile appears on my face! After several trips to Stockholm and others parts of Sweden, more and more people referred to me as the Sweden expert. On Take me to Sweden I am happy to share my knowledge and passion for Sweden. And if you speak Dutch, I can also recommend my podcast The Swedest Thing.”

Granö Beckasin

Want to know more about Heidi? She lives in Ostend, at the Belgian coast. Heidi is a freelance PR & communication consultant and writes for several magazines. She also has a travel & lifestyle blog Living by the Sea (in Dutch) and is a scuba instructor. You can follow her on Twitter or Instagram.

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All content on this website (and any derivatives) is written with great care and passion. This takes a lot of hours, much more than you can think of. I do my best to keep all content up-to-date. If you do notice a mistake or have an addition, do not hesitate to contact me!

PS I’m not a native English speaker and although I try hard to avoid it, mistakes in English can happen. Please let me know if you notice grammar or spelling mistakes! 

Midzomer in Mora

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For me, authenticity and transparency to you, my readers, is very important. Each article is written with whole my heart. Most articles come about on my own initiative, sometimes I go on press trips. If you see “Thanks to” or a comparable wording at the bottom of the article, this means that it was possible to write the article thanks to (partial) facilitation of a (tourist) organization or company, is the result of a press trip or review copies that were made available. I would also like to underline that all opinions on this website are mine (unless stated otherwise, for example with a guest blog) and cannot be purchased.


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Eriksberg in de winter

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