2016 in review

Take me to Sweden

The travel blog Take me to Sweden only exists for 3 months and yet I am writing a review of 2016. It’s not very original amongst bloggers these days but it is a good way to put some blogposts in the spotlight again.
I am writing this blog in Dutch and English and it is interesting to see that both languages have other blogposts that are popular. The Dutch speaking community prefers recipes while the English are more often looking for things to do in Malmö.

I am very happy to see that more and more readers discover this website. On Facebook we are even over 700 fans! Do you follow us on Facebook? Please share this website and the Facebookpage amongst other Sweden-lovers!

Best blogposts of 2016

Although a bit less popular in English, the recipes for kladdkaka, gingerbread and kanelbullar made it to this year’s top-10.

With all the fika, you probably wanted to compensate and started reading about the Lidingöloppet as well. For me, it was a great experience and I am really considering joining in 2017 as well. Who’s in?!

Swedish seems like a very popular language. Most of the tips from this article can be used for pretty much any other language as well. This is one I am really proud on. It’s just such an nice experience to be able to talk and understand Swedish. Like it opens up a whole new world for me. Even though all Swedes speak perfect English. In 2017 I want to learn even more words, read even more Swedish books.

Stockholm is a popular citytrip destination. It is my favourite city. Spending 12 hours there is absolutely not enough but a good start and a guarantee that you will want to go back.

Just outside Stockholm you find Gripsholm Castle. I was there on a sunny summer day. Worth a visit! So are those other ‘things to do’: Riberborgs Kallbadhuset in Malmö and Vasa Museum, my favourite museum.

And last but definitely not least: the film locations of The Bridge. If you go before May you might spot the actors as they are now filming the fourth and last season!

How about 2017?

I was lucky enough to spend some days in Stockholm, right before christmas. I am busy writing those articles as we speak. I also have a lot of content waiting to be published from trips to Sweden I made in the past few years. I hope to post a bit more often than once a week in 2017. Hopefully I can return to Sweden soon and discover more of the country. If you have any tips, don’t hesitate to send me a message!
Further on, I am dreaming of organising something offline but you will hear more about this later on. All I still want to add to 2016 is this:

Gott nytt år! Vi ses i 2017 <3